Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes

Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes

Hello, beauties with green eyes! You know you are among those lucky people who have green eyes. And obviously, you have the right to show off your green eyes. Moreover, to make green eyes pop, you must use a suitable eyeshadow color.

If you are not aware of which color can work well for your eyeshadow on green eyes, then be here. Here you will get to know the top eyeshadow colors for green eyes to make them pop.

Should you pick an eyeshadow color according to your eye color?

You may wonder why you have to go with a particular eyeshadow color when you can use any eyeshadow color for green eyes. Then there is no such thing as a descriptive answer for this, because you can practically realize this.

You obviously have used different colors of eyeshadow on your green eyes. But have you seen the results after using those eyeshadows? If you have used red eyeshadow, then definitely you have noticed that your green eye color looks popped. On the other hand, if you have used blue, you can easily notice that green eyes seem to blend with it.

Hence, the color of the eyeshadow matters to make your green eye pop. If you are confused about which color of eyeshadow you should use for your green eyes, don’t worry. We are here to get you out of this trouble.

Factors to consider when choosing eyeshadow for green eyes

For green eyes, you must use colors that can easily complement your eyes and help them to pop. Before choosing eyeshadow colors for your green eyes, you must consider some important factors.

Eye color

One of the most important factors before choosing eyeshadow for any eye is eye color. Whether you have darker green eyes or lighter skin, it matters a lot. For dark green eyes, warmer tones of eyeshadow are perfect. On the other hand, for light green eyes, eyeshadow should be lilac, silver, or taupe.

Undertone or skin tone

Skin tone is the simple color of your skin, while undertone is the shade within the color of your skin. Before choosing eyeshadow colors for green eyes, consider your skin tone and undertone. Therefore, whether you have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone, choose your eyeshadow color according to it.

Hair Color

Whether your green eyes will pop or not also depends on your hair color. For darker hair, you have to use cooler eyeshadow tones. On the other hand, with the person having lighter hair, it is necessary that you use warmer sunglasses so that your green eye pops easily.

The best eyeshadow colors to make green eye pop

For your green eyes, there are no universal colors available to use as eyeshadows. And maybe it is hard for you to get the best eyeshadow color for your green eyes. However, there are different eyeshadow colors available, but not all are for green eyes. Also, you can use any eyeshadow color, as most people do, but it’s not good for your green eye look.

Furthermore, using incompatible colors can make your green eye look just like a normal eye. For this trouble, below we have listed the best eyeshadow colors for green eyes so that you can get a green eye pop look without so much effort. Along with any particular best eyeshadow colors for green eyes, you can also use a combination of eyeshadow colors to make your green eyes pop.

Red Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Most people love the color red. Maybe you’re also a lover of the color red. Moreover, red represents a bold and daring personality. Hence, for your green eyes, red eyeshadow will be a perfect fit. Red eyeshadow will help make your green eyes pop and will also give your eyes a bold look.

Purple Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Purple eyeshadow is the best match for green eyes. If you are so confused about eyeshadow for green eyes, then go with purple eyeshadow without a second thought. There are many brands available that provide eyeshadow in purple and many other colors. You can pick any good brand to get purple eyeshadow for your green eyes.

Silver Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

If you have not used silver before, what did you use? Silver is another great eyeshadow color for green eyes. Moreover, if you are a party lover, then silver eyeshadow will help you become an attraction to people with your green eyes. With its sparkling nature, silver eyeshadow can easily make green eyes pop.

Burgundy Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Nobody can ignore burgundy as an eye shade. Whether you have green eyes, brown eyes, or black eyes, burgundy can fit well with all eye colors. Hence, burgundy-colored eyeshadow will be so helpful for your green eyes to make them pop. On the other hand, you can use glitter with the color to give a shine to the eyeshadow.

Gold Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Just like silver, gold also has a sparkling nature. Then you have a great chance to use gold eyeshadow on your green eyes. Furthermore, gold will be a perfect fit if you are getting ready for a festival or a party. Your green eyes will look more attractive with gold eyeshadow.

Black Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

For all black lovers, it is good to use black color eyeshadow for green eyes. Black is the most aesthetic color, whether it is in clothing or sunglasses. To make green eyes pop, no eyeshadow color can beat black. Therefore, without any confusion, go with the black eyeshadow and enjoy green-popped eyes.

Pink Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

Most of the girl’s favorite colors are pink. Now, pink eyeshadow is the one that can make your green eyes pop so easily. Moreover, you can choose if you want a dark pink or just a light pinkish look from the linked eyeshadows. Consequently, you now have many colors along with the green link eyeshadow for your green eyes.

Yellow Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

One of the best color combinations is green and yellow. Similarly, you can use yellow eyeshadow for your green eyes. And there is no need to describe more about it, as you can simply know how green and yellow look together. Yellow eyeshadow will make green eyes pop so perfectly.

Green Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

If your eye color is green, it doesn’t mean you can never use green eyeshadow. You can, of course. Green eyeshadow, along with your green eye, will make your eye makeup look fabulous and can attract anyone. Moreover, you can use light green if your eyes are dark green, and vice versa.

Neutral Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

For anyone and at any time, neutral eyeshadow tones are perfect. If you are not in the mood to do heavy makeup for your green eyes, then choose neutral eyeshadow. To make your green eyes pop, neutral eyeshadows with warm tones such as dark brown, soft brown, taupe, and tans can work so well.


For your green eyes, there should be a compatible eyeshadow color in your makeup. Your green eyes must pop to get the attention of others. In the market, every eyeshadow color is available; you can get the eyeshadow color for the green eyes of your choice and make them pop.

Here, we have to wrap up. Hopefully, you have found the best eyeshadow color for green eyes. Now it’s your turn. Let us know your opinion on eyeshadow colors for green eyes. And tell us which eyeshadow color you use to pop your green eyes.

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