How to Dress a Flamboyant Natural

How to Dress a Flamboyant Natural

Long story short, a Flamboyant Natural is primarily a Natural (soft Yang) with an undercurrent of Dramatic (intense Yang). It’s improbable that two Flamboyant Naturals will have the same Yin and Yang sections. One may have a voluptuous waist while the other has a straight one. That is to say, just because two women are both Flamboyant Naturals doesn’t mean they have to look alike. Let’s get into how to dress in a flamboyant natural style.

How to Dress a Flamboyant Natural

What do people with a Classic body type look like?

  • Straight and angular body type (broad, not sharp).
  • The arms and legs are prone to the musculature.
  • The bust and hips are usually flat or straight (unless very overweight).
  • The bones have a broad, angular structure with blunt edges. Bones that are broad and square.
  • Shoulders are wide.
  • Arms and legs are long.
  • Hands and feet are large (usually somewhat wide, but may also be narrow, with long fingers and toes).
  • Broad or robust facial bones (nose, cheeks, jawline – blunt, not sharp).
  • Eyes might be quite wide and open, or they can be very narrow and straight.
  • Straight and slightly thin lips.
  • Unless you’re overweight, your cheeks are normally taut.

How to Dress a Flamboyant Natural

How to dress a flamboyant natural body?

Keep in mind that the following suggestions are only suggestions, not rules. They’ll provide you with examples, but you can bend or break them as long as you respect the Yin-Yang balance of a Flamboyant Natural (primarily Natural (soft Yang) with Dramatic (hard Yang) (extreme Yang undercurrent).

Focus on the overall aesthetic of the ensemble rather than individual pieces. Here are some most important rules and suggestions you need to follow while picking styles for a flamboyant natural body.

Your clothing lines should have lengthy, unconstructed shapes and loose, unstructured outlines to compliment this body type’s natural contours.

  • In your clothing, use dramatic, sweeping lines that are extended and straight (no waist distinction).
  • Wide pants, big jackets and cardigans, and long scarves that dangle off the body are also excellent choices.
  • Asymmetrical components will help you keep your clothing loose.
  • To add intrigue to your clothing, choose textured materials and asymmetric designs.
  • Extraordinary color combinations will give you a more unconstructed look.

wide legged trousers for flamboyant natural

long cardigans for flamboyant natural

Tips to remember while shopping for clothes for a flamboyant natural body:

  • To make your silhouette seem balanced, you should emphasise your broadness first, then add your dramatic sharpness as an afterthought.
  • Keep in mind that your broad, muscular shoulders are your assets. And because they are your assets, they must be accommodated.
  • Wear rounded and soft-edged geometric forms to acknowledge your Natural aspect or gentle Yang.
  • Another option to respect your vertical line without adhering to the Rule of Thirds is to maintain continuity by wearing at least one colour from the top to the bottom.

geometric patterns for flamboyant natural

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