How To Wear Oversized T-Shirts Guys

How To Wear Oversized T-Shirts Guys

Of everything under the oversized clothes trend, oversized t-shirts are always a big hit these days. This article explains how to style oversized t-shirts, from the best way to fold them to how to pair your shirt with other pieces in your wardrobe. It also offers some styling tips and tricks so you can wear your oversized tee like a boss. So let’s dive in to learn how to wear oversized t-shirts guys!

Oversized T-Shirt Co-Ord Set For Guys

Oversized T-Shirt Co-Ord Set is a new trend that has been taken over by celebrities. They are usually available with two garments, one top wear and one bottom wear with exactly same or different colours and patterns. However, a co-ord set with contrasting colours is a unique option you can go for.

Oversized T-Shirt Co-Ord Set

Oversized T-Shirt With Cargo Pants

Cargo-style pants are a recent phenomenon that has taken the fashion world by storm since they became popular in the 2000s. So why not couple it with your favourite oversized t-shirt? An oversized t-shirt with cargo pants is definitely a great pick and also, you do not have to worry about the colour combinations!

Oversized T-Shirt With Cargo Pants

Two-Piece Oversized T-Shirt With Jeans

A two-piece oversized t-shirt is a type of t-shirt that looks as if there are two t-shirts, one underneath the other. There are different ways to wear them but wearing a two-piece oversized t-shirt with jeans has its own set of fans in the young lot.

Two Piece Oversized T Shirt With Jeans

Oversized T Shirt With Chino Shorts

A chino is a type of short for men and women. It’s most often made of cotton, with various patterns and cuts. They are comfortable and versatile enough to pair up with any other top wear. An oversized t shirt with chino shorts or a pair of full-length chinos is a great combo for a casual outing or a beach vacay!

Oversized T Shirt With Chino Shorts

Oversized T Shirt With Camouflaged Pants

Camouflaged pants were once put on a pedestal for the purpose that they were worn. They are usually for army personnel and other men to disguise themselves behind the bushes while a war is going on. And look at them now! They are a fashion staple for both men and women. An oversized t shirt with camouflaged pants

Oversized T Shirt With Camouflaged pants

How is an oversized T-shirt supposed to fit?

As a general guide, it should hang lower than your hips, an inch or two below your belt-line, but not all the way to your legs. That said, in certain circles, like skaters, oversized tees are all the rage.

How do you wear a large graphic tee?

Add dimension by layering a fitted long sleeve-tee underneath a loose graphic tee. Finish by half-tucking your tee into relaxed fitting jeans. Don’t be afraid to mix prints. Wear an oversize vintage tee loosely over print pants and complete your ensemble with minimalist sandals.

Is it OK to wear oversized shirts?

In Winter, Pair it with a Coat Oversized shirts allow for many types of layering. … You can wear an oversized tee with a long and oversized hoodie and then further layer it up with an oversized coat. It will look amazing if you are wearing slim fit jeans with it but you can also go for a pair of trousers.

How many sizes bigger is oversized?

Some tips on how to purchase an oversized tee: If it’s not meant to be worn oversized, go for 2 or 3 sizes bigger. It should be big, but not weirdly baggy. Make sure the sleeve length ends around your elbow.

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