Makeup For Green Eyes

Makeup for green eyes

For your green eyes, it is necessary that you wear makeup that helps to pop the green color of the eyes, in particular. However, green eyes look beautiful naturally. But sometimes, along with the makeup on your eyes, your green eyes don’t pop at all. Hence, your green eyes become just another normal eye. You’ll need colors that pop your green eyes, so what colors make green eyes pop?

Then what are the benefits of having green eyes if you can’t show them off? For this, you have to make your eye makeup helpful for you. It is obvious you use makeup daily, but from now on you will get the best makeup tricks that will help you make your green eyes pop.

Makeup for green eyes

Best Makeup Colors to Make Green Eyes Pop

Every green-eyed person wants to have a green-eye pop. Therefore, before going ahead with the makeup for green eyes, it is good to know about some colors to make green eyes pop. Below are 5 colors that will be the best for helping green-eyed people.


Gold in your makeup will be an amazing choice to highlight your green eye color. As the gold has a sparkling nature, it will be more helpful at night. Overall, you can use gold-colored eyeshadow with your eye makeup to get a pop of green.


Green eyes are important to make your makeup pop. Other than gold, you can pick purple. Purple is the best color to make green eyes pop so perfectly. Without a second’s hesitation, though, you can wear purple as your eyeshadow or clothing to get a green-eyed pop.

Wine or Burgundy

If not gold and not purple, then what about wine or burgundy? You can use a wine or burgundy color during your eye makeup. Moreover, in the market, you can find many burgundy eyeshadows that will make green eyes pop easily. Other shades of burgundy in clothing will also help to get the perfect green-eyed look.

Shimmering Taupe

If you are a makeup lover, you know that taupe is the best color to use in any makeup. Moreover, a shimmering taupe can make your eye makeup look more attractive. Besides, shimmering colors, whether taupe or any other color, are helpful to get a popped look for green eyes along with makeup.

Smokey gray

None of the makeup lovers can ignore the gray color of their eye makeup. Have you seen smokey eye makeup? That looks amazing. Hence, you should go with smokey gray eyes to make your green eyes pop. Grey, smokey shades are the best products to get the best makeup look for green eyes and make them pop.

Top 10 Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

If you are a professional makeup artist, you know how to do makeup for green eyes. Furthermore, if you are not a professional, don’t worry; here you will get a solution. Below, you will get the best makeup ideas for green eyes that you should try to make the green color of your eyes pop.

The Elegant Smoky Bronze-Gold Cat Eye

The Elegant Smoky Bronze-Gold Cat Eye

For green eyes, a smokey makeup look is the best choice. Moreover, in makeup, the bronze and gold combination fit so well. On the other hand, green eyes are naturally made to have a cat-eye look. Now to highlight the green color of your eye, you can go with a smoky bronze-gold cat-eye makeup look.

The Warm, Seductive Copper Eye Look

The Warm, Seductive Copper Eye Look

For your green eyes, it is good to get a warm look. And getting warm makeup for green eyes to achieve the copper eye look is the best. Along with your copper-colored eyeshadows, you can choose eyeliners for your eyelids. In this way, your green eyes will get a chance to show off their color.

The Tempting Grey-Green Look

The Tempting Grey-Green Look

Green and gray are the best colors to choose from in makeup for green eyes. You may wonder how green can make the eye’s color pop. Then don’t worry about it. Your gray and green combination will be more helpful than any other color to make green eyes pop.

The Matte Smokey Look in Navy and Purple

The Matte Smokey Look in Navy and Purple

Along with your eyeliner, mascara, and other makeup products, purple and navy colors can work so well to get popped green eyes. Moreover, with navy and purple colors, you should choose smoky makeup for your green eyes. As it was mentioned before, for green eyes, smokey eye makeup is the one that can catch anybody’s attention.

The Simple Green Eye Makeup

The simple look

Green eyes are naturally attractive and can easily pull anyone towards them. Furthermore, it is appreciated that you wear eye makeup and make your green eyes pop. However, your natural green eyes are also the best way to get others’ attention. Hence, you can go with a sober look with your makeup. Therefore, without any highlights, your green eyes can pop easily.

The Most Lovely Copper-Gold Appearance

The most lovely copper-gold appearance

As the above-mentioned bronze-gold smokey eye is the best makeup for green eyes, here you can also go with a copper-gold appearance. This lovely combination of copper and gold can give the best makeup look for your green eyes. Furthermore, you can add a smoky look to your eye makeup.

Make Green Eye Pop with Double Shades

Make green eye pop with double shades

There are various kinds of eye makeup looks people use. Mostly, you go with only one eyeshadow color, but from now on, try something different. To make your green eyes pop, you should go with two shades or mix two colors. A mix of two eye shades will make green eyes look more highlighted and attractive.

The Plum Festive Look for Green Eyes

The Plum Festive Look

If you are looking for the best festive makeup for green eyes, then choose a plum festive look. Plum shades over your green eyes will give the eyes their most unique and attractive look. Moreover, with the shades, you can use glitter to make your eye makeup for green eyes perfect for the night.

The Brunch Appearance for your Green Eyes

Have you planned brunch with your friends this Sunday? Then why didn’t you get a new brunch look for your green eyes? To get a brunch look, you can use neutral eyeshadow, red eyeshadow, or any light-colored eyeshadow. Furthermore, you can keep your makeup simple so that your eye makeup looks aesthetic with your green-colored eyes.

The Cut-Crease Look in Taupe and Glitter

The Cut-Crease Look in Taupe and Glitter

Glittered shades are the best for green eyes. With the help of taupe and glitter, you can easily cut crease makeup for green eyes. as the green eyes look more fabulous with any glitter added to the eyeshadow. Hence, you can use shimmering taupe or glitter to make cut-crease shades on your eyes.

Tips for Makeup for Green Eyes

Tips for Makeup for Green Eyes

Above, you have seen the best makeup look for green eyes. You are a lucky person among the 2 percent of people who have green eyes in the world. And obviously, you can show off your green eyes by popping them with the help of your eye makeup. For your green eye makeup, here are some good tips:

  • During your makeup for green eyes, use complementary colors such as pink, burgundy, copper, bronze, gray, purple, and taupe brown.
  • Black or brown thick eyeliner will make green eyes pop.
  • It will be best to not choose blue for your makeup if you have green eyes, as it makes green eyes look dull.
  • Other than the makeup for green eyes, you should choose a light color blush so that your green eyes can pop so well.
  • For daytime, wearing light brown or light colors is a good choice for green eyes. Moreover, night glitters can play well for green eye pops.
  • Before using makeup on your eyes, use primer so that your eyeshadows can stay for a long time and keep your green eyes popping.


For any green-eyed person, it is a good thing to get an appreciation for their eye look. And to attract anyone towards you with green eyes, it is necessary that your eyes’ green color pop. This makeup plays a vital role. In the above section, you have seen the best makeup for green eyes.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with our above efforts. Now you can share your opinion on makeup for green eyes. What type of eye makeup do you do for your green eyes? Let us know your favorite makeup look for green eyes.

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