Guide On Outfits For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Outfits For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The adjectives associated with an inverted triangle physical type include athletic, powerful, and broad-chested. Well, now that you determined that your body shape is an inverted triangle, you may display the benefits of your inverted triangle physique while still enhancing your feminine features with the correct attire. From head to toe, here’s a thorough guide on different outfits for inverted triangle body shape.

Outfits For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

What does the body of an inverted triangle look like

  • Breasts that are large
  • Butts that are flat to average
  • Hips and waist are narrow.
  • Shoulders are noticeably wider than hips.
  • As a result, an inverted triangle with a bust-waist-hip ratio of either 4-3-2 or 4-3-3 is often known as a “strawberry body.”

How to dress an inverted triangle body

If you’re an inverted triangle, these are your likely aims when it comes to dressing up:

  • Increase the width of your hips.
  • Improve your butt.
  • Reduce the size of your shoulders.
  • Show off your breasts or your thin waist.

In a nutshell, you want to achieve an hourglass figure with thinner shoulders, broader hips, and a more pronounced booty. Continue reading if you want to create these looks.

Best Outfits For Inverted Triangle Body Shape With Styling Tips

If you have an inverted triangle physique, you are well aware (from personal experience) that not all clothing is made equal. There are those that actually flatter and those that make you appear like a potato bag.

So, no matter where you buy or what price range you’re in, you’ll always know why you’re making a purchase. Take notice of the following patterns and you may look forward to a smooth shopping experience the next time you go shopping.

Solid Top And Printed Bottom

In a nutshell, while dressing up an inverted triangle physique, this is the overall notion. Because your breast and torso already look great, a basic top is all you need. Because the drama should be in your hips and buttocks, go for a printed bottom.

Solid Top And Printed Bottom

Hourglass Patterns

When in doubt, keep in mind that hourglass patterns look fantastic on an inverted triangle figure. They give the entire form a sense of harmony. They show off their thin waists while boosting their hips. As a consequence, the silhouette is feminine, with a thin waist and broader hips.

Hourglass patterns are created by modifying forms, colours, fabric, and lines. These deceive the sight into seeing a sensuous curvature when there is none.

Peplum shirts and A-line dresses are excellent examples of using shape manipulation to create an hourglass pattern. They hug the waist (to emphasise the thin waist) and flare out at the hips (to expand the hips), giving the appearance of a more feminine profile.

Peplum shirts a line dress

Diagonals and verticals for slimming effect

One thing that both diagonal and vertical designs have in common is that they’re both great for slimming.

Verticals thin down by emphasising length while de-emphasizing width, and diagonals slim down by visibly reducing width. In other words, diagonals shorten while verticals lengthen.

Therefore, it makes sense for an inverted triangle woman to wear these lines and patterns as her top to downplay her broad shoulders.

Diagonals and verticals at the torso

Horizontal lines at the hips

Horizontal lines, on the other hand, slimming while vertical and diagonal lines slimming. These patterns draw attention to the width of the space while minimising the height.

As a result, if you wear diagonal and vertical lines at the top and horizontal lines at the bottom, you’ll be able to provide balance to your strawberry-shaped physique.

Horizontal lines, on the other hand, slimming while vertical and diagonal lines slimming. Horizontal lines draw attention to the width of the space while minimising the height. As a result, if you wear diagonal and vertical lines at the top and horizontal lines at the bottom, you'll be able to provide balance to your strawberry-shaped physique.

Embellished bottoms for wider hips

Wearing bottoms with volume-enhancing embellishments like frills, ribbons, and ruffles is another wonderful way to broaden your hips. They make the hips look broader and wider by enhancing them.

Embellished bottoms for wider hips

Plunging necklines for minimizing shoulders

V-necklines are wonderful for inverted triangle bodies, as you well know. However, here’s a hint: the deeper the plunge, the more flattering and shoulder-minimizing it is.

plunging necklines

Best Trouser And Jeans For Inverted Triangle Shape Body

Low-rise jeans are typically a no-no for narrow hips since they emphasise the lack of curves in your lower body. High waisted pants, on the other hand, tend to flatter the behind as well.

For an inverted triangle, a mid-rise is suitable. The jeans might raise your booty just properly at this level. Not too high to slim down your hips, and not too low to flatter your behind.

mid rise jeans

Bootcut, flare, or any trousers with broader hemlines than the knee area will balance your shape by giving you a long and slender appearance. They’ll also balance your proportions by forming a beautiful curve from knee to ankle.

bootcut jeans

Wide-legged trousers help to balance out a top-heavy physique by drawing emphasis to the lower body. The more movement (and focus) the cloth attracts, the better. Culottes are a popular choice for top-heavy body types because of this.

wide legged trousers

Because slender and slim-fitting trousers shrink down the lower body, they may seem contradictory for a physique with narrow hips. However, the situation is the polar opposite.

slim-fitting trousers

What to avoid for an inverted triangle body shape

It’s just as vital to know what to avoid as it is to know what to wear. Following is a list of the things you need to avoid:

 Avoid Halter Necks

Halters, particularly those with little straps, draw attention to the breadth of the shoulders. While a rectangle might be able to get away with a well-chosen halter, an inverted triangle should avoid it entirely.

Do Not Pick Closed necklines

Closed necklines, in general, should be avoided since they tend to expand the shoulders. However, there are certain exceptions.

For instance, if a closed-necked top/dress is also a peplum or A-line, you should have no problem with it because it will still mould your body into an hourglass shape and balance out the impact of the closed neckline.

Avoid Embellishments at shoulders

Keep your shirts small and basic and save the extravagant frills and ruffles for your hips. Your breast and torso don’t need much more work, but your hips need.

Do Not Wear Funnel pants and skirts

Funnel-shaped pants/skirts draw attention to the shoulders while slimming the hips and buttocks, which isn’t ideal for someone with an inverted triangle figure.

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