25 Plus Size Halloween Costumes To Try This Year

25 Plus Size Halloween Costumes To Try This Year

Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world. Plus size women and men often get confused with the outfit ideas for Halloween. Make sure to check out these plus size Halloween costume ideas including many options to choose from according to your preferences. We are sure you will fall in love with all of them.

Plus Size Women’s Halloween Costumes

Women have more options for Halloween costumes. We have curated this special list of plus size women’s Halloween costumes for you to choose from. Check them out and see of anyone of them works for you!

1. Ariel Halloween Costume

Showcase the Disney princess with this cute mermaid skirt and a top resembling Ariel from the little mermaid. Do not forget to colour your hair red to complete the look.

2. Princess Jasmine

What more can make you look like a princess other than a Princess Jasmine costume in a combination of ice blue and gold. Use a shimmery cape, and gold heels for a perfect look.

Princess Jasmine

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is one of the most iconic and powerful female lead characters created by the DC comics. So why not flaunt this wonder woman costume for Halloween this year? Make sure to use every element of the character including the sword, shield, headgear, etc to complete the look.

Wonder Woman

Men’s Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Here is a collection of men’s plus size Halloween costume ideas for you to check out. These are simple to carry and are creative to look at. Therefore, these can make the best of Halloween costumes for men this year!

4. Mr Simpson Plus Size Halloween Costume

Mr Simpson is the prime character of the most famous television series with the name “The Simpsons”. Well, there are stores selling simpsons Halloween costumes. For you to get this look all by yourself, grab a yellow full sleeve t-shirt, a white polo shirt and a blue trousers. Wear them all to complete the look.

Mr Simpson Plus Size Halloween Costume

5. Flintstone Plus Size Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love Flintstone? Brace yourself to go back to the age when school and watching flintstones were your favourite activities. Do not forget about the hairstyle!

Flintstone Plus Size Halloween Costume

6. Shrek Plus Size Halloween Costume

Here is a Shrek plus size Halloween costume. These are quite popular and easy to maintain for a day long Halloween party. However, you need to keep in mind that using good quality body paint is important to avoid any allergies!

Shrek Plus Size Halloween Costume

Cute Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Try these cute plus size Halloween costume ideas for the upcoming Halloween party! The list includes the cutest options like minions, Harry potter, etc. Check them out.

7. Mrs Frizzle Halloween Costume

Fasten yourself! The Halloween costume here is the ultimate pick. You can also do it yourself with some stickers and a blue dress, to resemble Mrs Frizzle. Use a few colourful patches with a space theme or fabric with stars and planets.

Mrs frizzle halloween costume

8. Gryffindor Wizard

Gryffindor House has the richest history of Harry Potter. Remember that worst in such a scenario will not just be about physical condition but rather magical skill. Being intelligent book-wise does not matter. The Gryffindor wizard for next Halloween will be the best Halloween costume for you so far.

Gryffindor Wizard

9. Minion Costume

Minions are cute, funny, and interesting. If you are in a hurry to pick a cute Halloween outfit, this minion costume is the best choice for you. Get yourself a denim dress and a yellow full sleeve t-shirt under the dress to become the cutest minion in the city!

Minion Costume

Easy Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

These easy plus size Halloween costume ideas are literally “Easy”! By the word easy, we mean, easy to shop, easy to wear, and easy to maintain if you are to switch between different parties on the day of Halloween. Take a look.

1o. Black bat For Plus Size Women

If you love black and looking for a scary and spooky outfit for next Halloween, here is the best option for you. A black bat outfit with solid black fabric with a pair of matching footwear is all you need to rock the spooky look.

Black bat For Plus Size Women 

11. Gothic Unicorn Costume For Halloween

For a gothic unicorn costume, all you need is a spooky dress and a unicorn horn with spooky themes on the head to complete the look. The advantage of this dress is, you can always choose the dress according to your preference without disturbing the actual look of a gothic unicorn

Gothic Unicorn Costume For Halloween

12. Cinderella Costume For Halloween

When in doubt, become a cinderella for Halloween. The classic cinderella costumes are available in the stores in different sizes. Add a less shiny crown, a black choker and a pair of solid white gloves, you are all set to rock the look.

Cinderella Costume For Halloween


Scary Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

If you wish to scare the hell out of everyone at your Halloween party as a host, these scary plus size Halloween costume ideas come in handy. The list includes options like a gothic witch, Cruella, vampire queen, etc.

13. Gothic Witch

Here is something spooky and classy at the same time. Well, in this look, you will be much more than a typical witch. The things you need for achieving this look are a floor-length black dress, a jacket with translucent fabric, and a wig with purple streaks.

Gothic Witch

14. Cruella De Vil Girl Halloween Costume

You can achieve this look just by grabbing the most common and popular wardrobe-essentials. They are a fur coat with black and white stripes, a solid black dress, a pair of glittery red shoes, and a pair of gloves. Well, a wig with a Cruella theme and some accessories like bags, can accentuate the look.

Cruella Costume For Halloween

15. Vampire Queen Costume Halloween

A vampire queen costume is the scariest and the most powerful Halloween costume you will see. Feel like you are a queen with this vampire queen dress for the Halloween party this time.


Funny Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

funny plus size costumes

16. Sadness From Inside Out

Did you just turn out blue just because you haven’t decided on the Halloween costume this year? Well, here is one of the most iconic DIY plus size Halloween costume ideas. It is time to turn out those blues with this Sadness From Inside Out look. Make sure to keep yourself comfortable with the costume and use a good quality face and body paint.

Sadness From Inside Out plus size halloween outfit

17. Cher Costume For Halloween

Well, do you think there can be a better option than being Cher from the movie cueless for the next Halloween? Pull out the teenager in you with this Cher costume for Halloween this year. Also, make sure to use a cap with the same theme for completing the look.

Cher Costume For Halloween

18. M & Ms Plus Size Halloween Costume

M & Ms plus size Halloween costume is the cutest and funniest costume you need to try for the next Halloween party you host or attend to.

M & Ms Plus Size Halloween Costume

Homemade Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of spending a lot of time in the stores for buying a Halloween costume for the party. Therefore we have curated this list of DIY plus size Halloween costume ideas for you to try and rock your look at the party!

19. Smarty Pants Plus Size Halloween Costume

To achieve this look of smarty pants plus size Halloween costume, all you need are some wardrobe essential costumes like pants, and a simple topwear, and a few smarty candies. Spread the pants on the floor and stick some smarty candies here and there on the trousers and let them sry completely. We the pants and now you are Smarty pants!!

Smarty Pants Plus Size Halloween Costume

20. Sea Anemone Halloween Costume

Sea anemone from Finding Nemo is cute and easy to make an outfit for this Halloween. For getting this look, blow some balloons and stick them on your dress as shown in the picture. Use a cap or a headgear with a Nemo theme to finish the look.

Sea Anemone Halloween Costume

21. Bread Winner Homemade Plus Size Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes can be created using the puns and phrases we use on a daily basis. For example, here is a bread winner homemade plus size Halloween costume where the medals symbolise being a winner and there is a packet of bread in the hands!

Bread Winner Homemade Plus Size Halloween Costume

Film Characters For Halloween

Film characters for Halloween are the go-to options for creating the best Halloween costumes for yourself. Here are some of the most iconic film characters you can pick for a Halloween costume.

22. Snow White

Becoming a Disney princess is the go-to option for a Halloween party. Get yourself a proper Snowhite costume with yellows, blues, and reds along with a cute red bow hairband for a complete look. however, a basic top and a skirt do the job for a simple version.

Snow White

23. Ursula Dress Plus Size

It’s Halloween and it is also the time to pull out the badass in you! To look like your favourite Disney villain, Ursula, all that you require is an extra-long black dress and a good quality face paint in a tinge of violet. You can also try out some purple dye or a cap on your hair.

Ursula Costume For Plus Size Women

24. Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume

For a red riding hood Halloween costume, grab yourself a solid red dress with a hoodie. Wear it along with a pair of black boots and hold a picnic basket, and you are set to rock the look. If you do not have a hoodie dress, consider a skirt and a hooded jacket or a cape.

Little Red Riding Hood For Halloween

25. Captain Hook Halloween Costume

Although this costume looks a little complicated, you do not have to worry much about the pirate from the story of Peter Pan. All you need is a red blazer, net stockings, boots, a pirate knife, and a pair of nice boots that can do the job for a simpler version of Captain Hook Halloween costume.

Captain Hook Plus Size Costume

So did you pick one from these plus size Halloween costume ideas yet?

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