Romantic Kibbe Shopping Guide – Head To Toe

Romantic Kibbe Shopping Guide

This article contains a shopping guide for each piece of apparel and accessory in the Romantic Kibbe collection. While this will provide you with ideas and inspiration, keep in mind that they are merely suggestions for how to dress your clothes. Here is a romantic kibbe shopping guide for picking everything from head to toe.

As a genuine Romantic, your ultimate objective is to exhibit your personal taste while adhering to the Romantic style rules, which is to produce an outfit that emphasizes/ accentuates your Yin roundness and tenderness above all else.

Clothing Ideas For Romantic Kibbe Body


Dresses should be feminine and flowing at all times. Our flouncy skirts are swirled, with a waist accent and decorative ornamentation.

dresses for romantic kibbe

Jackets and blazers

  • Jackets and blazers should always be waist-fitting.
  • Peplums, nipped-in waists, and belts are great in soft, supple designs. Curved, rounded, or shawl-collared lapels are preferred.
  • A model with no lapels would be ideal.

jackets with romantic kibbe


  • So that the gentle flow of line is never disrupted, your pieces should always feature an elegant combination of velvety textures, draped fabrics, and sumptuous hues.
  • Any type of stark contrast between the top and bottom should be avoided at all costs.


  • Look for blouses with delicate, draped designs, refined flounces and frills, or antique-style designs.

jackets for romantic kibbe


  • Pants should be soft, draped, and show off your gorgeous curves at all times.
  • The finest form for you is a waistband with gathers and a tapered or pegged bottom.


  • Soft gathers at the waist and varied hemlines should be used to keep skirts full and flowing.
  • Your rendition of the classic “straight skirt” is really tulip-shaped, with a generous and gathered waist and a short hemline.

skirts for romantic kibbe

Accessories For Romantic Kibbe Body Type


  • Knits that are soft and fluffy.
  • Knits have a clingy, draped feel.
  • Sweaters that are plush.
  • Short-sleeved tops with a waist tie.
  • Necklines with a cowl.


  • With feminine designs, your shoes should be soft.
  • Slender-heeled sandals with a tapered or open toe.
  • Leather that is both light and soft. Flats with embellishments for women.


  • Bags that are small and rounded.
  • Leather or cloth that is soft and supple.
  • Decorative elements or opulent details (beads, gathers, trim).
  • Straps on the shoulders are delicate. Slim and elegant briefcases.

Evening wear

  • Fitted silhouettes with elaborate necklines and a focus on the waist.
  • Dresses with sheer fabric.
  • Draped dresses.
  • Fabrics that are plush.
  • Fabrics with a lot of embellishments.
  • Extensive trimming.


  • Belts with supple and soft leather or cloth. Buckles should have a lot of detail.
  • All styles that are beaded, jewelled, or sparkling are fantastic.
  • Your belts are a focus point, so choose them with care, just as you would a great piece of jewellery.
  • They should create the illusion of a tightened waist.


  • Your jewellery should always be delicate and opulent, with extravagant and detailed details.
  • Rounded forms, curves, swirls, and a plethora of dangles lend the finishing touch to your ensemble.
  • Crystal, jewels, glass, polished metal, and other gleaming materials are required, and an antique, baroque, or rococo impression is desired.

Hair, Haircolor And Makeup For Romantic Kibbe


  • Your hair should be silky and styled, framing your face with a wispy shape.
  • It should have a set, ornamental appearance, but never be rigid.
  • To emphasise curl or wave while also holding a set, the cut must be layered.
  • Perms are an option for you, but you’ll need to set your hair to avoid a sloppy appearance.


  • Your hair should be dark and luscious in colour. Unless you’re a deep brown, highlights are achievable, especially around the face.
  • In medium to light haircolors, colour sprays around the face are gentle and attractive.
  • Extreme haircolors (platinum blond, blue-black, and blazing red) are too bright for you unless it was your natural hair colour.


  • Your makeup should be detailed and blended into a beautiful, watercolour-like complexion.
  • On the cheeks and lips, soft attractive hues (rose, peach, rust, pink) (glossy).
  • Even during daylight, eye makeup should be bright and delicate, with a hint of glimmer.

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