Summer Hairstyles – For Every Hair Type And Texture

Summer Hairstyles

We long for warmer weather all winter. Do you want a little sun, sand, and surf? It’s not the last, but it is the price we have to pay for long summer days. It can make it difficult to enjoy a backyard barbecue if your bangs stick to your forehead or your hair is clinging to the back of your neck. Well, here is a curation of summer hairstyles to help you get over the hot summers in style! There are many easy and cute summer hairstyle options.

Humidity is enough to make you go straight to the hairdresser and ask for your haircut. These styles will keep your hair cool during the summer before you go all out on a significant hair makeover. You’ll be able to get rid of all your hair from your neck, back, and face while still looking great. You won’t need to use a flat iron, curling iron, blowdryer, or hair dryer for this one.

Easy Summer Hairstyles

1. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

This bold ponytail style will make your ponytail hair stand out. This sleek, high-heeled ponytail is perfect for any occasion. Add your hair extensions to give it even more style. You’ll be getting compliments from the streets.

2. Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail

The bubble ponytail will give you a new twist on your usual ponytail. This style is great for busy people who don’t have much time. This look is simple but elegant.

3. Side Loop Ponytail

Side Loop Ponytail 

The side loop ponytail style is more casual. This is a fun and cute way to spice up your outfit and life. This is a simple hairstyle that you can do in a few minutes. You will need a hairbrush and hair wax. For this look, long hair with no layers is perfect.

Cute Summer Hairstyles

4. Messy High Bun

Messy High Bun

The messy high bun is a cute and quick hairstyle for summer. This is a simple style that can be used often. A few bobby pins and you have a perfect ballerina style. This look can be achieved with your natural hair or by using one of our clip-in bun extensions.

5. Double Twisted Bun

Double Twisted Bun 

The double-twisted bun is the perfect hairstyle for day and night. This is a great way to make your regular low knot bun more sophisticated and elegant. This look is perfect for any summer event!

6. Half Up Half Down

half up half down

All you naturally curly-haired and wavy ladies! This half-up, half-down hairstyle can be worn with any summer dress. You don’t have to curl your hair or straighten it to achieve this look. It is suitable for almost any hair type and texture.

Summer Braid Hairstyles

7. Half Up Half Down With Rope Braid

Half Up Half Down With Rope Braid 

The half up rope braid is the hairstyle for you if you prefer a feminine look. This hairstyle creates an elegant tiara-like look at the back of your head. This summer-chic look is perfect for Sunday brunch with your friends!

8. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid 

The fishtail braid can be modified in many different ways to suit your taste. This braid is quick and easy for summer. After mastering the fishtail brace, you can try other variations, such as the French Fishtail Brace, chunky and long fishtail braid, or the double fishtail hair. You can also experiment with the three-way fishtail tie.

9. Flower Braid

Flower Braid

Another flower braid that is quick and easy for summer. This is a simple three-strand braid that you can add flowers to. Make sure to pull out some strands for a messy and beautiful look.

Summer Hairstyles For Short Hair

10. Cute Top Knot

Cute Top Knot 

Start by combing your hair. Next, pull your hair up higher so that you have a bun. Use hair pins and a hair tie to secure the bun. Your hair will stay cooler the higher you place it.

11. Short Hair Single Braid

Short Hair Single Braid 

Braiding your hair can look elegant and simple. You can also braid your hair on one side and tie it with a hair tie. To enhance your creativity, you can add hair pins in bright colors to the opposite side. You can make multiple braids with rubber bands.

12. Ponytail with Scrunchie

Ponytail with Scrunchie 

For a classic look, scrunchies are great for an updo or to bring back memories of the ’90s. To add some style to your look, you can pull your fringes out. The rest of your hair can be left straight or curled.

Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

13. Loose Side Braid

Loose Side Braid 

A loose side braid, with its laid-back appeal but subtle nod to the bohemian trend hot off-the-runway, is absolutely in this summer’s style. This style is great for creating a natural look. It looks equally good at a summer wedding as it does by the pool. You can add a ribbon strip to the ends.

14. Milkmaid Braids With Long Hair

Milkmaid Braids With Long Hair

A milkmaid braid is chic, stylish, and fun. It’s a great way for long hair to add some playful romance. It’s also easier than you might imagine.

15. Wet Look With Top Knot

Wet Look With Top Knot 

Our obsession with long hairstyles for summer is not abating, especially in the area of wet-look hair. If you want to look like the runway models, grab your hair gel and create this low bun.

Which haircut is best for summer?

These Easy Hairstyles Will Keep You Cool And Chic In Summer

  1. Blunt Bob Hairstyle.
  2. Simple Side Partitioned Hairstyle.
  3. Cute Bang Hairstyle.
  4. Space Buns Hairstyle.
  5. Upturned Bob Hairstyle.
  6. Pixie Hairstyle.
  7. Tousled Wavy Hairstyle.
  8. Half Top Knot Hairstyle.

How should I wear my hair in summer?

Put your hair in a high ponytail, braid straight back, and secure. Use a hairspray to give your hair a sleek, clean look. Blake Lively doesn’t let tousled waves get in her way. Using bobby pins, tightly pull back the top layers of hair to keep focus on the beachy waves.

What do you do with your hair when it’s hot?

Hairstylist Justine Marjan recommends sleeping in braids, or wrapping your hair around a scarf, socks, or tights. This helps set your hair in the shape you want without any heat. In the morning just remove the braids and add in Tresemmé Texture Dry Finishing Spray for a little added volume.

Why you should cut your hair in the summer?

But there’s nothing wrong in cutting up your hair during summer itself, as it will strengthen it and help you making it brighter than ever on the beach. And as you might have noticed, when you’re on holidays, around water, your hair seems to get growing faster.

Is short hair better for summer?

Trying a short cut, like a bob or a pixie, keeps you comfortable in the summer since you’ll have less bulk around your neck and shoulders. Con: Humidity could cause loss of curl control.

What is a summer cut?

A traditional “summer-cut” is a cut that means that all the length comes off the body, legs and skirt, the head gets styled short in proportion with the body length.

Can you have long hair in summer?

In the summer, high temps and a spike in humidity could make your enviable long hair feel more like a burden. Good news: There are tons of gorgeous hairstyles that work for your length, keeping you cool (while looking effortlessly chic).

How do you get beachy waves?

How do you cool down long hair?

Go for oils with a lighter consistency, leaving your hair feeling free and cool. It really will make a difference. Spring means higher levels humidity making it difficult to stay cool and keep hair styled how you want. To counter these concerns, it is best that you consider products that come with humidity blockers.

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