30 Types Of Tattoos With Reference Pictures

30 Types Of Tattoos With Reference Pictures

Tattooing is one of the most creative ways to flaunt one’s philosophy of life, one’s favourite quote, loved one’s name, meaningful symbol, etc. as body art. If you are a beginner and researching different types of tattoos and their meanings and how they are done, you are at the right place. Here is a list of 30 types of tattoos with reference pictures.

Types Of Tattoos

1. Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are the current trend! A basic minimalist tattoo is with a simple design and black ink. The simple look and deep meaning of these minimalist tattoos is the actual beauty and the only reason why people choose to have them. These tattoo designs comprise lines, dots, spaces. and simple shapes.

Minimalist Tattoo

2. Glitch Tattoo

Seeing a glitch tattoo on someone’s else might trip you a little! Glitch tattoos are of the most popular trippy tattoos giving an illusion of a psychedelic effect. The familiarity and uniqueness of a glitch tattoo float only when you pick one of the most popular designs and modify it into a glitch design. Using some freehand designs can improve the look of the tattoo.

Glitch Tattoo

3. Chicano

The term Chicano means a person of Mexican descent and living in any part of the United States. The term became popular while the Chicano movement was taking place. Chicano tattoos often represent the descendency and one being favourable to the movement. They also depict one’s love for family, culture, emotions and memories.


4. Dotwork Tattoo

Dotwork tattoos involve using dots of different inks, colors, and sizes. to form a specific design and shape. They are usually amalgamated with other tattoos designs. However, there are tattoos designs with only dots to choose from.

Dotwork Tattoo

5. Grafitti Tattoos

Graffiti is a form of art scribbled on the walls of streets. They are also illegal in several countries of the world. Well, having graffiti tattoos is not! Graffiti tattoos are quite popular and the designs include letters, borders, highlights and shadows. The script is usually not very clear and the tattoos are both in shades of black and bright colors. 

graffiti tattoos

6. Line Art Tattoo

Line art tattoos are the simplest designs with deep meanings. The designs for a line art tattoo comprise only lines. The inks used for this type of tattoo are usually black. You can also experiment with lines in different colours. Rose designs, depictions of women look great for a line art tattoo design.

Line Art Tattoo

7. Mandala Tattoos

The word Mandala literally means circle in Sanskrit. The popularity of a mandala tattoo design started in recent times. A mandala tattoo on the wrist or forearm is quite the coolest option. The designs for a mandala tattoo include leaves, cones, dots, etc. connected in definite circular patterns. 

Mandala Tattoos

8. Japanese Tattoo

Japanese tattoo designs are considered to be illegal and disrespectful for various reasons. They are only for fighters with Japanese origins. However, using Japanese tattoo designs under Iruzemi, without using any religious, cultural, or any other controversial representations is completely okay and legal. The designs include lotus flowers and black out designs. 

Japanese Tattoo

9. Pop Art Tattoo

Pop art tattoos are quite unique and interesting out of all tattoo styles. There are different pop art tattoo ideas to choose from. For example, a pop art tattoo with a vintage face or a neon pop art tattoo with a dialogue from a pop comic is the most popular choice amongst young adults these days. The usage of different colored inks can accentuate the look.

Pop Art Tattoos

10. Outline Tattoo Designs

Firstly, an outline tattoo with any kind of design is the most beautiful tattoo design you will ever see or pick one for yourself. The designs and the process includes only outlines of a particular depiction, i.e; you do not fill the spaces with blacks or colors. Designs relating to nature and animals often look cute and beautiful.

Outline Tattoo Designs

11. Gradient Tattoo

The gradient is a term used for the gradual differences in colors. A gradient tattoo is one of the best tattoos designs with colored inks. You can settle with just a strip of gradient shades or experiment with gradient tattoos by coupling the theme with a well defined figure like an animal, sunset, etc. for more creative design.

Gradient Tattoo

12. White Ink Tattoo

White ink tattoos are the best for a tattoo design if you are looking for something simpler and less visible than minimalist types of tattoos. The visibility of white ink tattoos varies depending on the complexion of the skin. You can also pair up a white ink tattoo with something colorful or even black for some more creative tattoo design.

White Ink Tattoo

13. Tribal Tattoo

Well, in most of the cases of tribal tattoos, they are the tattoos to commemorate the ancesters of the human race. The early men, as we calle them, drew different designs and representations of human beings, animals, and thier day to day activitites. Tribal tattoos today are largely modified and flaunted on different parts of the body.

Tribal Tattoo

14. Quote Tattoo

It is important for a person to remind oneself and adhere to one’s philosophy of life. Quote tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos used for serving this purpose! Use your favorite quote or a power word that instantly motivates you as a tattoo design to flaunt your belief in that and remind yourself about it.

Quote Tattoo

15. 3D Tattoo

If you are looking for an attractive, stylish and attention seeking tattoo, a 3D tattoo is the perfect choice for you! Their designs include different colours, figures and shades. Well, 3D tattoo designs are a cake walk for today’s tattoo artists. However, the beauty of them comes out better if the locaion of the tattoo is flat.

3D Tattoo

16. Portrait Tattoo

Life is uncertain they say! It doesn’t mean to completely forget the people who left you by passing away. Choose a portrait tattoo to remember, commemorate and cherish the memories you have with them. You can also choose your idol’s portrait. This type of tattoo is typically hyperrealistic.

Portrait Tattoo

17. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are unique and stylish when a professional tattoo artist does them. The designs and shapes comprising a geometric tattoo are circles, lines, triangles, squares, polygons and rhombuses. Animal tattoos and nature tattoos look great as geometric tattoos. You can also pair a geometric tattoo with abstract designs.

Geometric Tattoo

18. Abstract Tattoo

If you are searching for a unique tattoo design with a hidden and not-so-clear meaning for a tattoo, abstract tattoos are the best for you. The designs used in abstract tattoos do not usually depict a specific meaning but represent the personality of the bearer of the tattoo. The designs could be anything from abstract lines to circles.

Abstract Tattoos

19. Optical Illusion Tattoo

Well, people might need to at your body art thrice if you get yourself an optical illusion tattoo. The designs are intriguing and complex in nature, therefore, not very clear and understand at the very first glance. It is important to search for a professional tattoo artist if you do not want to regret the tattoo just because it does not look like an actual optical illusion.

Optical Illusion Tattoo

20. Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor art in general is very naive, stylish and delicate to look at. The colors and shades of different vibrant colors can make them look soft and beautiful. Among all other types of tattoos, tattoos artists often choose this type as the backdrop for other tattoos with definite styles, color schemes and shapes to accentuate the look of the tattoo.

Watercolor Tattoo

21. Black Out Tattoo

A lot of designs of tribal tattoos might look similar to blackout tattoos. If you think tribal tattoos are not the right choice for you, as you want a more free-spirited look for your tattoo designs, a blackout tattoo is the right pick for you. They also couple other types of tattoos like abstract, geometric, and other blackwork tattoos.

Black Out Tattoo

22. Broken Glass Tattoo

Similar to three-dimensional tattoos, broken glass tattoos are gaining popularity amongst youth. Pick a professional tattoo artist who can make this with ease so you do not need to regret the tattoo because it looks less like broken glass and more like a toddler’s drawing! You can pick any design you want and make it look through the pieces of broken glass.

Broken Glass Tattoo

23. Anatomical Tattoo

You do not need to be a medical professional to get yourself an anatomical tattoo! Anatomical tattoos are quite interesting and complex to even look at. These types of tattoos are realistic and involve the usage of different inks and shades. You can also choose to have it as just an outline tattoo to keep it simple, or less expensive.

Anatomical Tattoo

24. Ambigram Tattoo

Ambigrams are quite interesting and using your favourite ambigram for a tattoo design is even more stylish. They are a type of calligraphic representation of two different words in one word when read in different directions. If you are looking for an old-timey tattoo style, this one is the best choice for you.

Ambigram Tattoo

25. Negative Space Tattoo

A negative space tattoo is one such tattoo design that is capable of stealing your attention towards what is absent in a particular tattoo design. The process and design involve detailing certain things in a certain way to finally reveal a meaningful design as a whole. Here is an image depicting a negative space tattoo revealing a wolf.

Negative Space Tattoo

26. Hyper Realistic Tattoo

Get yourself a hyper realistic tattoo and you will come across people asking you if that is a photograph or body art for real. Hyper realistic tattoos comprise quite intriguing details and are complex to make. The inks are different and in a lot of colors. You can choose any design but make sure to consult an expert in tattooing!

Hyper Realistic Tattoo

27. Glow In The Dark Tattoo

Using UV ink for tattoos is the new revolution in the tattoo and fashion industry. The glow in the dark tattoos is a whole new level of tattooing. The ink used in this type of tattoo is a special Ultraviolet ink absorbing the light and glowing in the dark. You can experiment using this UV ink on your old tattoo for giving it a new and stylish look.

Glow In The Dark Tattoo

28. Biomechanical Tattoo

If you are a fan of different movies and comics featuring automobiles, gears, screws, and nuts, we are sure you will love biomechanical tattoos. These tattoos are three dimensional and look very complex. Get yourself a robot arm tattoo and you might as well feel like a robot yourself!

Biomechanical Tattoo

29. Ripped Skin Tattoo

Partially reveal the hidden spider man or any other superhero in you by getting yourself a ripped skin tattoo!! The designs of this type involve realistic images as if they are hiding beneath the layers of skin.

Ripped Skin Tattoo

30. Traditional American Tattoo

There are many stories relating to the united states of America. The traditional American tattoos represent different stories and representations of those stories that played a crucial part in all things about the US. However, you can experiment with the designs by modifying them with some modern designs.

Traditional American Tattoo

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