What Color Goes With Navy Blue Pants

It doesn’t take long for a trend to go viral in the age of the internet. And in anybody’s life, fashion plays an important part. Consequently, certain fashion styles become popular with time. It is common that trends come and go with time.

In the same way, different types of color shades have already been popular, and many of them have become loathed with time. But the color that never goes out of style is navy blue. Navy blue is the best color that can easily get paired with other colors and make you look attractive.

Whether it is summer or winter, navy blue can go so well with any season. Moreover, you can add other colors to navy blue pants to get a perfect look. If you’re wondering what color goes with navy blue pants, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you will get to see what other colors you can choose along with your navy blue pants. Let’s get started without any delay to know what color you can wear with your navy blue pants.

What color goes with Navy Blue pants?

Navy Blue and White

navy blue pants and white shirt
It is obvious that white looks great with any color; hence, there is no doubt that navy blue pants will be a great match with a white shirt. If you’re looking for a light look, combine navy blue with a white shirt or t-shirt.

You no longer need to consider what color will complement your navy blue pants. Just open your wardrobe and pick a perfect combination of navy blue and white.

Navy Blue and Black

navy blue pants and black shirt
Many people’s favorite color is black. Black not only gives a dark look but also looks attractive with any other color. Therefore, with your navy blue pants, black can also go perfectly to make your personality look amazing.

Your navy blue pants or navy blue jeans will look great with any black shirt or tee. Moreover, you can wear black sweatshirts, polo shirts, etc. with your navy blue pants.

Navy Blue and Gray

navy blue pants and gray shirt
Another light color that can match perfectly with your navy blue pants is gray. Gray with your navy blue pants can make your outfit look elegant.

In addition to gray shirts or t-shirts, you can pair your navy blue pants with a gray coat or overcoat. Now you should not think that the gray color is boring and can’t go well with your navy blue pants.

Navy Blue and Green

navy blue pants and green shirt
Who doesn’t love greenery? This does not imply that only eco-enthusiasts will dress in green. If your navy blue pants are in search of suitable partners, then green is the perfect color.

The color green gives a peaceful feeling while looking at it. Furthermore, a green shirt or t-shirt can look great with your navy blue jeans. Take your green shirt and pair it with your navy blue pants.

Navy Blue and Brown

navy blue pants and brown shirt
For most people, brown is one of the most boring colors. Whether in shirts, shorts, or any type of clothing, most people are annoyed by the color brown. But can you imagine how the color brown would look great with your navy blue pants?

Moreover, a brown coat can help you get a professional look with your navy blue pants. Besides, you can also add accessories to your new look with brown and navy blue pants.

Navy Blue and Red

navy blue pants and red sweatshirt
Without a doubt, you can pair red with your blue pants. You know that red has a high wavelength. It is not a part of this discussion, of course. But you know how easily red can catch anyone’s attention.

Now you can imagine your navy blue pants with your red sweatshirts, shirts, or t-shirts. It is confirmed that your wardrobe has red clothes for you, so why wait?

Navy Blue and Yellow

navy blue pants and yellow shirt
Most people love yellow when it comes to choosing a light color. The yellow color can go so well with any other light color to give a perfect look of personality.

Therefore, your navy blue pants do not have to struggle to find a suitable partner for them. You just have to go to your wardrobe, pick a yellow sweatshirt, and get a unique dress code with your navy blue pants.

Navy Blue and Pink

navy blue pants and pink shirt
Pink is only for girls; this quote is old now. Pink is also for boys, and anyone can wear it. Furthermore, your navy blue jeans or pants will look great with any pink shirt, t-shirt, or long top. It is not required that you only wear pink clothing with your navy blue pants. You can also choose pink for your purse, wallet, and other accessories to create a cute look with pink and navy blue.

Navy Blue and Orange

navy blue pants and orange shirt
You like orange juice, and now you can wear oranges too. Your navy blue pants with any orange-colored clothing can attract anyone. You can achieve a funky look by wearing navy blue pants and an orange shirt or t-shirt.

In addition, you can choose to wear glasses, chains, and other accessories to get a unique look. Additionally, orange shoes are available.

Navy Blue and Beige

navy blue pants and beige shirt
In the list of light colors, beige can beat all other colors. Any light and dark color combination can produce a distinctive appearance. Hence, you can pick a beige color along with your navy blue pants to get a unique dress code.

You can also achieve a professional appearance by wearing a beige overcoat and navy blue pants. You can also add some business casual accessories to your Pro look and can make it more unique.

Navy Blue and Purple

navy blue pants and purple coat
Purple is another dark color that, when combined with navy pants, can create a perfect dark color look. You can choose any type of clothing to wear in purple with your navy blue pants, such as a shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, coat, etc.

Moreover, you can also pick loose garments in purple along with navy blue jeans or pants to attract fashion lovers. This dark color combination will catch anyone’s attention and make your look stand out.

Navy Blue and Baby Blue

navy blue pants and baby blue shirt
You could say that navy blue and baby blue are the best dark and light color combinations. Both of the colors are varieties of blue, and both of them can look so perfect together. Your navy blue pants, along with your baby blue clothing, can give you the perfect personalized look.

You can now get a clothing partner for your navy blue pants in a baby blue shirt. Additionally, for a more polished appearance, add some accessories (a bag, belt, etc.).


Navy blue pants can’t go out of style as they are the perfect suit for different types of colors. However, you may be perplexed as to what color goes well with navy blue pants, and you have most likely found your answer in the preceding discussion.

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect shade to complement your navy blue pants. Now you should not be worried that your navy blue pants are boring. Your turn has come.

Let us know your opinion on what color goes with navy blue pants. Plus, let us know which color is your favorite to wear with your navy blue pants.


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