What Is A Malibu Hair Treatment – Pros And Cons Of Malibu Hair Treatment

What Is A Malibu Hair Treatment?

What Is A Malibu Hair Treatment?

Are you a frequent hairdresser who uses multiple products? Are you a resident in an area that has hard water? Hard water, chlorine, styling products, and other chemicals can damage your hair. While most people recommend clarifying shampoos to reduce buildup in hair, it might not be sufficient for some situations. Opt for the Malibu Hair Treatment instead. Here are the details about what is a malibu hair treatment, its pros and cons.

Clarifying Shampoo Vs Malibu Hair Treatment

clarifying shampoo vs malibu hair treatment

Clarifying shampoos are easy to use and anyone can use them to remove any gunk or residue from hair products. You can use it once or twice a month depending on the hair’s needs. It’s not as strong and effective as the Malibu Treatment.

Malibu Treatments are not shampoos. It does not cleanse, clarify, or exfoliate hair. Instead, it uses crystal granules to evenly remove any buildup and also strip hair of any residue that clarifying shampoos often leave behind. It will have a time limit similar to a hair mask. After you rinse it, your hair is clean and ready to absorb any other services.

What are the Crystal Granules?

What are the Crystal Granules?

Crystal granules are gel-like particles used to remove hair buildup and other harmful residue. Although salons may claim they use crystal granules for hair care, what exactly are the components of the granules? The majority of granules contain some form of vitamin C.

Ascorbic Acid, a form of vitamin C, is the key ingredient in many skincare and hair products. It can boost your hair’s antioxidant levels and can help to reduce hair loss due to scurvy.

  • Vitamin C is a good choice to maintain shiny and healthy hair. It removes oxidizers and minerals.
  • This is why Malibu hair treatments use vitamin C to get rid of buildup from chlorine and hard water.
  • You will need heat to lift the cuticle. Malibu Treatments include a time under a hood dryer.
  • This allows crystal granules time to do their work and remove any buildup evenly without causing damage.

The Malibu Hair Treatment

A professional hairstylist is necessary to get the most out of Malibu Hair Treatment. What are the steps for applying Malibu Hair Treatments? Before you sit down in your chair, it is important to understand the entire process.

A Malibu Hair Treatment can be done every day and is safe to use in conjunction with other chemical services. It involves placing the granules on the hair for a time and heating them up.



  • Your hairdresser will first shampoo your hair in preparation for the Malibu Hair Treatment. A stylist can tailor the treatment to suit your needs. The stylist may only use shampoo and conditioner.



  • It’s now time to add gel crystals. These crystals will take out all residue. These crystals usually combine with soft and clean waters to form the core of a Malibu Hair Treatment Solution.
  • The stylist will also evenly apply the crystals to your hair, allowing it to seamlessly remove any buildup. Uneven application can result in uneven results.

Processing Time

Processing Time

  • After the application of crystals, the stylist will place your hair in a cap and dry it.
  • To lift the cuticle, a hood blowdryer is necessary. This allows the crystal granules to remove residue, minerals, product buildup, and other contaminants.
  • A Malibu Hair Treatment takes between 10 and 45 minutes on average. Several factors will influence how long the treatment is left on your hair.
  • Your hair’s current condition or the chemical treatments that will be done afterward can affect how long your Malibu Hair Treatment lasts.



  • The stylist will then rinse your hair after the treatment is over. The stylist will then shampoo the hair again and alter the service to suit your needs.

Additional Services

  • Malibu Hair Treatments are usually done right before any chemical services like perms or color. If this is the case, you can proceed to your other services. The stylist will condition your hair and style your hair after the Malibu Treatment.

Pros Of Malibu Hair Treatment

The hair can reap many benefits from a Malibu Hair Treatment. Malibu Hair Treatments are suitable for all hair types and textures. We recommend not to use this treatment very often.

You can still reap the many benefits of Malibu Hair Treatment if you follow the correct timeline. There are many benefits to the Malibu Hair Treatment, including scalp clarity, elimination of discoloration, prevention of hair oxidation, and more. Let us go into the details of each of them.

It preps your hair for other hair treatments.

  • Are you familiar with patchy hair dye? Maybe a perm works well in one part of your hair, but not the other. A smooth chemical service is not possible if there are build-ups.
  • Stylists use Malibu Hair Treatments prior to other hair services, such as color or perms.

Removes hard water and chlorine residue.

  • Malibu Hair Treatments can be beneficial even if your hair does not have chemical residues.
  • You may also notice hair damage if you swim in pools often. This is especially true if you are blonde. You may have experienced hair color changes when you go swimming. Malibu Hair Treatments can help in removing the hard water and chlorine residues.

Eliminates discoloration.

  • A good Malibu Hair Treatment can fix your hair’s brassiness, dullness, or patches. It restores hair color or prepares you for a color service. It can also remove discoloration.
  • Vitamin C granules can remove any discoloration and uneven pigmentation to give you even coverage for your next color.

Dose Of Vitamin C

  • Malibu Treatments crystal granules are often made from vitamin C (Ascorbic acid).
  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can remove discoloration from hair and fix patchy dye jobs. It can reduce irritation on the scalp, and decrease hair loss risk.

Cons Of A Malibu Hair Treatment

Malibu Hair Treatment is not for everyone. Although it’s generally tolerated well, some have complained that it can cause hair to become dry and brittle.

You might be concerned about an allergic reaction, or having a bad experience with Malibu Hair Treatments. It is advisable to do a strand test to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

Dries your hair.

  • A Malibu Hair Treatment works better than any clarifying shampoo. It will also remove any styling products or hard water/chlorine residue. You can use this to dry hair depending on the type of hair and texture.
  • Dry hair is not an issue as most Malibu Hair Treatments can be followed up with another service.

Fades color.

  • This treatment may lighten your hair but only by a few levels. The vitamin C granules can eliminate any discoloration and patchiness in your hair.
  • If the treatment is done correctly, however, it shouldn’t have a significant impact on the color.
  • Using a malibu treatment will ensure that your new color adheres to your hair and doesn’t fade in any one area.

What are the best times to get a Malibu hair treatment?

A Malibu Hair Treatment should be done before you have a chemical service. This will allow for the treatment to end without any buildup and prepare you for your next appointment. Your hair will also be completely clean and ready to absorb any chemical treatments.

How often should you get a Malibu hair treatment?

A Malibu Hair Treatment should be done on average every nine weeks. It is a powerful treatment and should not be used frequently as it can cause hair to become brittle. You can use Malibu Treatments as often as you like depending on your hair texture, type, and conditions.

Who should get a Malibu hair treatment?

Malibu hair treatment is suitable for almost all hair types and textures. However, it may not suit everyone so talk to your stylist about whether this treatment is right for you.

The Results You Should Expect

Malibu Hair Treatments can offer many benefits, regardless of whether your hair is chemically treated.

  1. You can expect your hair will be rejuvenated and restored.
  2. Your hair may feel silky and soft, but it will not appear weighed down.
  3. It removes discoloration and prepares for greater coverage.
  4. You can also expect to get rid of all water residue.

Avoid Doing A Malibu Hair Treatment At Home

The Malibu Hair Treatment can be extremely strong and potent. Misapplication of the granules could cause hair damage and may result in poor coverage. To process the service, you will need to be seated under a hooded dryer in the salon.

Your regular at-home blowdryer will not activate the granules. Even if it does activate them, it is unlikely you will achieve a seamless result. Malibu Hair Treatments are complex and can only be done by professionals.

A Malibu Hair Treatment is a great way to transform your hair and prolong any other chemical treatments. It is also more powerful than a clarifying shampoo, and should only be used in a professional salon setting. So, are you going to try a Malibu Hair Treatment?

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