White Lie Shirts Ideas

In today’s times, many things become trendy so easily. Until now, you have undoubtedly been a part of a trend. In the age of the internet, anything can go viral in a short time and become the love of everyone. Similarly, you will learn about white lie shirts.

However, you can be a little confused if you hear it for the first time. What are white lie shirts? Why are they becoming everyone’s favorite? This article will teach you about the different types of white lies and the best white lie shirts ideas.

What are “white lie” shirts?

What are "white lie" shirts?

In a nutshell, a “white lie shirt” is a lie shirt with a lie that is an absolute falsehood or a “white lie” written on it in permanent marker. White lie shirts can have any false information related to the person wearing them and can have any short sentence that is hard to believe.

White lies are a trend nowadays. Many people only wear them for fun, and they are mostly used to attend white-tie parties. White lie parties are just like a get-together where friends meet with each other and have fun together. White lies are required at such events.

Why are White lie shirts popular?

Why white lie shirts are popular?

As you are aware, it is not difficult to create a trend in today’s world. Similarly, white lie shirts became popular because of social media and the internet things. Furthermore, parties are given white lies and are dubbed “white lie parties.”

Consequently, shirts with white lies have become a trend. Moreover, everyone falls in love with this theme as they get a chance to tell false information to others related to them. It also seems exciting and interesting to tell a lie about yourself through a lie shirt.

How to choose white lie shirts?

True, white lie shirts are simply plain white shirts with a lie written on them with a pen. Hence, it is not that hard to choose a pair of white shorts. You can, however, care about some things, such as how your white lie should look to others and how your white lie should be shocking or unbelievable.

To choose a white lie shirt, you first ask yourself what type of lie you want to highlight. If you want to tell a lie about your relationship, studies, friendship, or about your past or future, you can pick any of them. Moreover, focus on whether you want a funny white lie or a serious one; it is all on you.

White Lie Shirts Ideas

There are many white lies you can print on plain white lie shirts to make it a “white lie shirt.” It is so easy to get anything over a lie shirt but it is hard to choose what can attract the people most around you.

For this, we have solved your problem. You will find the best ideas for white liar lie to choose from below. Furthermore, you are free to make any white lie on your own to make your white lie shirts more attractive and unique.

I am a good driver

I am a good driver white lie shirts ideas

If you’re the worst driver among your friends, this is the perfect sentence for your white lie shirts. You can easily tell them that you don’t drive well with this line on your driving.

I am not a caffeine addict

Commonly, many people love coffee or caffeine drinks so much. If you are also among them, let your friends know about them without telling them. Anyone will be drawn to you if you wear a white lie shirt.

I hate attention

I hate attention while lie shirts ideas

It’s a big lie that no one can tell. To make your white lie shirts funny and unique, this small sentence can work so well. Everyone loves to get attention, and this white lie can make you the center of attention so easily.

I haven’t violated the bro code

If you are the one who has dated your friend’s ex or any family member, then you have broken your bro code. Hence this white lie shirt idea is amazing to let nobody know about it directly.

I have a small belly

I have a small belly white lie shirts ideas

It is common to have a big belly, and every friend of yours knows this. Therefore, this sentence can be a perfect fit for your white lie shirts. You now have the best white lie shirt idea for the future.

I’m around 5’11”

Being short in stature is common. But others can’t see it as normal. As a result, telling a lie about your height is another excellent best white lie shirt idea for making yourself stand out.

I never arrive late

I never arrive late white lie shirts ideas

There are many late-lit people around you. Maybe you are one of them. Then this is one of the best white lie ideas to use to appreciate your late habit in front of everyone.

I hate myself

Making yourself the center of attention is a perfect way to tell a lie through your white lie shirts. If you are the one who loves yourself more than anyone else, then telling people you hate yourself is a great lie to use on your white lie shirts.

I never drink at parties

Who doesn’t like to drink at parties with friends? And if you want to let your friends know that you love parties and drinks, use this lie on your white lie shirts.

I only talk to you

I only talk to you white lie shirts ideas

It’s a great lie anyone can tell because it is here who used to talk with only one person. As a result, use this picky line as a white lie shirt idea to let others know that they are not the special ones you are talking about.

I love my job

I love my job white lie shirts ideas

One of the best ideas for a white lie is about your job. If you are tired of your computer-based job and want to tell others about it. Use this simple line to let others know that you are also among them.

I never miss my ex

Who doesn’t miss their loved ones? But make it funny by wearing a white lie shirt. Hence, falsely use your feelings. It will let others know that you still live with your ex.

I am sad today

If you are enjoying your day today but can’t tell your friends directly, then use it to express your feelings. This white lie shirt idea can easily capture everyone’s attention and convey your happiness to your friends.

I can’t live with you

Let your friends know how much you love them by just telling a lie to them. The best white lie shirt idea is to use your feelings more effectively. You can share your things without even telling them.

I love mathematics

I love mathematics white lie shirts ideas

Most people run away from calculus and math subjects. If you are among them, this is another great pick-up line to use on your white lie shirts. Tell others your feelings about your subject in a simple way.

There are numerous white lie shirts ideas available everywhere. Furthermore, writing it on your own is preferable because you know yourself better than anyone else. You can tell people things you can’t tell them directly by wearing a white lie shirt.

Hence, white lie shirts are the best to follow the trend as well as make you look fashionable. Along with simple lies on the front of your white shirt, you can use the back side of it to add more lies as well to write. Tell us which white lie shirts idea you liked the best. And which white lie do you wear with your white lie?

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