90s Hairstyles

90s Hairstyles

Here is a list of 90s hairstyles that are again gaining popularity in today’s fashion world. Check out all of them and the reference pictures for each of the hairstyles are available for your convenience. Dive in!

90s Hairstyles

1. Space Buns

Space buns are quite interesting and cute. They were quite popular during the nineties and flaunted by a lot of celebrities. To create your space buns, you’ll want to wrap the length of your hair around the base of your ponytail. Hold this newly-formed bun into place while you secure it with bobby pins. Make sure to use bobby pins that match your hair color for a seamless look! Repeat on the other side. Make sure to try it out.

space buns

2. Bob With Bangs

A bob haircut is super chic, it’s also a low-maintenance and versatile style that will be sure to elevate your look. One other thing to note about the classic cut: It’s a universally flattering style, no matter your face shape. Bangs or fringes are strands of hair that fall on the front hairline of the scalp to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, although their length can vary.

add some uniqueness and enhance your style when coupled with a simple haircut like a bob. Make sure to check out the image below featuring a chic bob with bangs.

Bob With Bangs

3. Straight Hair With Middle Partition

Straight hair seems a bit limited in terms of fashion style, you can make your hair feel brand new and exciting, basically by giving yourself a new hairstyle with cut or color. So, grab your hair straightener and hair straightening cream and start getting yourself back to the nineties fashion trend that was followed by some of the most popular personalities. Here is an image featuring straight hair with middle partition. Make sure to check it out for reference.

Straight Hair With Middle Partition

4. Box Braids

Box braids are a hairstyle that is mostly popular with Africans. They are usually installed using synthetic hair, which helps to incorporate the natural hair into the braid. Because they do not stick to the scalp like other similar styles, such as usual braids, box braids can be designed in many different ways.

Well, the process of using synthetic hair and making box braids is as difficult as making them with your own natural hair. Make sure to take a look at the box braids in the image below for some reference.

Box Braid

5. Half Crown

Well, we don’t know about you, but we like braided crowns. Whether they are huge or small, on the top of the head or the back of the head, we love them all! We also suggest you go for a crown braid with half of the hair left loose at the back.

If you wish a chic and bohemian look with easy maintenance and almost zero accessories, try out a half crown hairstyle. All you need is a braid to achieve this nineties look. Check out the image below featuring a half crown with blonde hair for some reference.

Half Crown

6. Top Bun With Bangs

Unlike a typical head-knot bun, this beautiful braided hairstyle with bangs looks like a princess from the Middle Ages. First, use the smoothing serum, and then gather the hair into a high ponytail. Secure and knit your pony tightly with elastic bands. Just wrap the braid around itself or use the bun maker to get fullness. Do not fully roll the bun to create faux bangs. Make sure to check out the image below featuring a top bun with bangs for some reference and see if it works for you.

Crown Bun With Bangs

7. Half Top Buns

The half top buns have all the qualities of a great hairstyle. The process to make them is simple and fast, suitable for almost all hair lengths and very fashionable. If you are familiar with top knots, then you have mastered the skills of creating top half knots.
All you need to do is take a portion from the front to the crown and tie it into a knot as neatly as possible. Secure it with an elastic. Make sure to check out the half top bun with short and blonde hair for some reference.

Half Top Buns

8. Front Braids

Although the front braids were popular during the nineties, they are back in trend these days. Front braids are a great way to enhance your look with any style and costume. Start with the fact that you can do it yourself, without even having to make an appointment with a hairdresser.

The way to do this is very versatile, which means you will have many options to explore and experiment with. Also, make sure to check out the image below featuring front braids with middle partition and blonde hair.

front braid


9. High Half Ponytail

A half ponytail allows you to wear some hair in a ponytail style and leave the rest of your hair behind. This hairstyle requires you to pull the hair towards the top from the hairline in the front and keeps it neat and classy. This only applies to medium and long hair.
In case you have very short hair, you will not be able to gather the required amount of hair into a knot. Check out the image below featuring a high half ponytail with dark and medium hair for some reference.

High Half Ponytail

10. Faux Bangs

Bangs are some of the most popular hairstyles flaunted by women during the nineties. And now, they are getting back in trend. If are bored of your previous haircut and looking for a new hairstyle without much effort and commitment fake bangs or faux bangs is a great way to try out new styles.

To create one you don’t need a lot of supplies or accessories. A headband and bobby pins are enough to give you beautiful bangs. It is relatively easy to create bangs for women with long hair. To illustrate, here is an image featuring faux bangs with blonde to dark hair. Make sure to set the bangs with a straightener once you are done with creating them.

Faux Bangs

11. Spiked Pixie

A classic pixie haircut involves three parts. Each one of them is different. The hair on the back is short, the hair on the top and crown is long and the bangs or fringes in the front are the shortest. A pixie cut is a different version of a crop cut.

A spiked pixie hairstyle was popular during the mid-fifties to nineties of the twentieth century and flaunted by movie actresses. They are getting in trend again. Make sure to check out the image below featuring a spiked pixie with highlights and lowlights for some reference.

Spiked Pixie

12. Feathered Bangs

Feather bangs are a great way to look great while spending very little time on styling. Unlike thick and full feathers, they will not outline too much focus but will refresh the overall image. Feather bangs are a great addition to hairstyles of various lengths.
They are particularly suitable for fashionable short-wave bobs, shoulder-length layered hairstyles, and the now-popular elf cut. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a hairstyle with feathered bangs on black hair. You can try it with other hair colors as well.

Feathered Bangs

13. Outward Hair Flip

That curly finish makes it bounce back from the shampoo and conditioner commercials during the nineties. All you really need to get this look is a flat iron or a hot clip of a curling iron, a flick of your wrist, and definitely choose the side that may have an impact in the next few hours or even days. Would you like to curl it outward or inward?
Well, for you to flaunt the nineties look, we recommend a curl outwards. To illustrate, here is an image featuring an outward hair flip with deep brown straight hair. Make sure to check it out for reference.

90s Outward Hair Flip

14. Micro Locs

Microlocs are essentially smaller braids than traditional locs. On average, the size of a  traditional loc is the diameter of a pencil. This means that the size of the microlocs can vary from the diameter of the shoelace to the diameter of a straw. In addition, due to the wide range of sizes, there are multiple ways to maintain microlocs.
Microlocs with twists are ideal for medium to large microloc sizes and adhere well to most hair textures. To illustrate, here is an image featuring beautiful micro locks. Make sure to check it out for reference.

Micro Locs

15. Straight Tendrils

Firstly, the two loose tendrils on the front hairline with the middle partition are quite an easy way to flaunt a stylish look that was popular back in the nineties.  They can act as the main or supporting role of almost any hairstyle. Second, a pair of glitzy earrings are simply a wonderful way to hide bad hair days. Of course, it’s not that we’ve ever admitted owning one of them.
For example, here is an image featuring straight tendrils on both sides of the middle partition. Make sure to style your hair with tendrils one day after you took the shower.

Straight Tendrils

We hope this article about some amazing 90s hairstyles that have started to gain popularity again helped you with choosing the right pick for you. Make sure to try them all and use some 90s accessories like hair beads, butterfly clips, large claw clips, to accentuate each hairstyle.


Are scrunchies 90s?

Before there were butterfly clips, there was the scrunchie. Scrunchies had their day in the ’90s sun, but eventually became as outdated as shoulder pads or crimped hair. And scrunchies are back again, check out how to make scrunchies.

Is 90’s hair coming back?

The 90s were a great time for hairstyle, just thinking back you probably remember some of your favorite styles. Well, the 90s are making a comeback and you will be really happy it is. If you are looking for a cool new look to try out on the weekend then why not bring back a 90’s look?

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