Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home 

Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home

Some of the best memories we make are at home since great memories involve the great company and not the venue. If you agree and want to have your bachelorette party at home with your girls, have all the bridesmaids and your girlfriends over to one house and throw the most amazing Bachelorette party. There are a ton of great at home bachelorette party ideas that are more fun than sipping drinks only! Here are some of the most innovative and fun Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home that people will be talking about for a long time to come! Check out simple bachelorette party ideas.

Bachelorette Party Ideas at Home

1. Fortune Teller

You can all participate in fortune telling from tarot cards. What do the cards hold for the bride to be and the groom to be? What can you see in their future? Will they have an enormous mansion or will they live in a foreign country? Are they going to have more than one or two kids? Will they live happily ever after? Everyone can venture a guess with the fortune teller cards. You can even hire a fortune teller to read palms, tarot cards and just give some general insight into their new futures. 

fortune teller

It is a great group activity and even the most sceptical brides will love it since they can get some insight or get to hear what they want. You can later make it an inside joke or a shared memory between just the guests and the bride and later laugh or relate to it if it does or doesn’t occur in the future!

2. Casino Night

Many people love playing card games when they are on a holiday or get together for an evening. These cards games are so interesting that you can sit around the table for hours on end and play them. You can definitely play for money and play on a poker table with some dice games, or even some fun left and right centre card games.

Casino Night

Even if all don’t know the games, you can select the easiest ones to learn and play and then have a great night. You can also ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine as their buy in and you can definitely add in some personalised wine glasses in the mix! If you are playing poker, you can gift all the wine bottles to the gift and give a few away to the winners!

3. Wine tasting

If you don’t feel like playing card games for wine, you can just set up some things for wine tasting instead. If you ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine with them to sample, you can definitely order some personalised wine glasses too. Remember to bring some cheese, crackers, and grapes too since these are an essential part of wine tasting!

Wine tasting

Add more fun to the fun tasting event and turn it into an arts and crafts time. Make some easy decorations with paint or washi tape to decorate some things such as wooden coaster, frames, etc. 

4. Paint Night

Wouldn’t it be fun to paint to your heart’s content on a canvas and make a mess with the paint? You can buy or bring your beverages with you. The event can have one leading guest painter and the other can contribute to it or else you can let everyone get a canvas and some brushes and paint and have a free for all. 

Paint Night

5. Massages

A bride-to-be is most probably stressed before the big day. They can definitely do with some relaxation before time runs out. Your bride probably doesn’t have time to get a massage so why not include it in the party? You can hire a masseuse and even get some matching, personalized robes and get the massages. At the end of the night, you can use clay masks and cucumbers for your eyes over some relaxing music. 


6. Sharing Embarrassing Stories

Traditionally, the most popular theme for a bachelorette party is filled with naughty stories and embarrassing events to make the bride blush and the besties roar with laughter! Get some decorations in hot pink which is the traditional color. But it will be best to check with the bride if she is okay sharing bedroom details since not all want to share the embarrassment.

Sharing Embarrassing Stories

7. Host a Lingerie Ramp Walk

Set your bride into the married life with an entire new lingerie wardrobe! Ask the guests to bring a cute piece of lingerie for the bride to be and then have them dance or sing around with those! Your guests can even join in the fun and ramp walk with their lingerie. To take things up a notch, you can gift the bride some edible undies for their honeymoon! Make sure to get each guest with a fun bedroom favour such as fuzzy handcuffs, and so much more! You cannot get enough of the fun with the lingerie show!

Lingerie Ramp Walk

8. Country Western Themed Bachelorette Party

If the bride is a fan of country theme or cowboys you can set the theme of the party to be country wester! Add some cute country western outfits such as a cowgirl bride hat, or a cowgirl tank top and decorate with theme items such as a bandanna and some flasks! Put up some sexy cowboy posters with their bodies showing and you will have a blast laughing about them in the future. 

Country Western Themed

9. Glamping at Home

If you love camping you will love glamping at home too! It is just a glamorous version of camping but you can do it at home! Just build a makeshift tent on the rooftop or on the balcony and decorate with some fairy lights to set the mood! Remember the childhood days when you used to build tents around the house and pretend that it was your home? Well you can relive those days with some cozy pyjamas, some mimosas and some supplies! Play some songs like you would during campfire on a cold night or just play some embarrassing games such as never have I ever or the game of truth and dare to make it even more fun! 

Glamping at Home


Let the bride have a day of careless fun and relaxation with these few bachelorette party ideas at home and send them off into their brand new journey with their spouse. It is not necessary to have the typical bachelorette with some strippers if that is not your thing. Instead, enjoy an eventful at home bachelorette party night with your girlfriends and share some quality time that you will never forget! Surely you will create plenty of inside jokes and memories to last a lifetime, for you and your bride-to-be. 

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