Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home And How To Use 

Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home And How To Use

Who doesn’t like a great-smelling home? If you are wondering what the best smelling essential oils for your home would be, we have made a list of the best ones to eliminate odor and control it. You can easily get rid of nasty smells with the help of some essential oils that are easy to use and also cost-effective. Check out how to use essential oils without a diffuser.

It is so fun and therapeutic to diffuse essential oils to improve your mood and relax at home. The sweet aroma brings back so many good memories. When you smell these oils, it enters your bloodstream and improves your hormonal balance and leaves you feeling great. So, let’s get right into what the best smelling essential oils for the home are based on your preferences. This guide makes it easy to choose the best essential oil for your house

Best Smelling Essential Oils for Home And How To Use


1. Lavender Essential Oil

Many love the sweet aroma of lavender oil since it has properties that help to relieve anxiety, help you fall asleep, and can calm an overactive mind. You can add a few drops of the oil to your pillowcases, tissues or cushions to disperse the aroma across the room. The splendid scent of the oil will help you relax at night and help you fall into a deep sleep. 

You can also mix two to three drops of the essential oil in a spray bottle with the desired amount of water and spray it across your home for an easy room freshener. 

lavender oil

2. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil has a similar fragrance to the vapor rubs we use during a cough and cold. It can diffuse well and give you an uplifting feeling. Due to this property, many use rosemary oil for aromatherapy. It has a woody and evergreen scent that promotes alertness and helps your brain to function well, thereby improving memory and concentration. If you want to remember what you are studying, use it while you sit down to study and the scent will help you to maintain concentration for a long time. 

The scent of the oil can last for around thirty minutes in a room and you can apply it again after it disperses. Many studies show that rosemary oil is beneficial for stimulating hair growth and you can add it to your shampoo to help prevent hair loss. 

You can disperse the amazing scent of rosemary essential oil across your room by adding a few drops of the oil to each half of a lemon and carrying the lemon where you want the smell to go. 

Rosemary Essential Oil

3. Roman Chamomile Oil

A chamomile essential oil’s calming scent has the power to bring inner peace and relieve stress each time you inhale the vapors. A few drops of this oil near the trash bin can efficiently repel bugs and leave the place smelling amazing. If you have some laundry bags lying around, you can add a few drops to those and also vacuum cleaners for a fresh and lovely smell around your home. 

Roman Chamomile Oil

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

The aroma of peppermint is tropical and it gives you a sense of freshness, helps your mind to energise and makes you more alert. You can add a few drops to cotton balls and place them around your house so that the scent diffuses around you. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

5. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It is an essential oil with a romantic and uplifting scent. The heavenly scent helps you to fight depression, enhances your mood, and helps you relax. You can enjoy the smell around your house by adding around ten drops of the essential oil, and ten drops of orange essential oil into hot water. Fill a container with this hot water and transfer it a container with a pierced lid and place it in a room where you want the scent of the essential oils. But it is best to be careful while handling the container filled with hot water around your house. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

6. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has the sweet citrus freshness of lemon. It helps to get rid of dizziness, and nausea and increases concentration and productivity. If you are feeling tired, you can use it for a blast of freshness and energy. It has positive effects on moods and also helps overcome anxiety and fatigue. 

You can use lemon oil simply by adding a few drops to your household cleaners. Since it has antibacterial properties, it will help to disinfect your home as well as keep your home grease-free. 

Lemon Oil

7. Rose Oil

Rose essential oil has one of the best scents with a pure concentrated aroma that lasts for hours. The aroma of rose oil gives you a feel-good effect that cheers you up. It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression. 

If you like the scent of rose essential oil you can put a liter of water to boil and when it cools down a little, you can add a few drops of the oil and pour it into a spray bottle and use it whenever you want to enjoy the aroma of blooming roses. 

Rose Oil

8. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage oil has an aroma that induces the feeling of confidence, euphoria, and happiness. If you use it when you are anxious, it can help to calm you down. If you like the scent, you can add a few drops to hot water or add a few drops to a diffuser and enjoy it. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil

9. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood has the ability to retain its fragrance for years if you store it properly. It has a woody, refreshing and earthy tone that helps to reduce stress and an overactive mind. You can use it during meditation or yoga to help you concentrate and perform better. 

You can add one to two drops of the essential oil to some cotton balls and let the scent diffuse into your room for the best results. 

Sandalwood Oil

10. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil has a strong aroma that works best in small doses. It can also help to relieve anxiety and uplift your moods. If you are tired or fatigued, you can use it for some energy and freshness. 

Add a few drops of this essential oil, around one to two drops, since a little goes a long way, and mix it with a spoon of baking soda. Stir the mixture of baking soda and the essential oil into two cups of water and transfer the solution to a spray bottle. The strong scent of patchouli oil lessens to some extent and leaves your room with the perfect level of aroma that is bound to last a long time. When the smell diminishes, you can always spray some more into the room to continue enjoying the experience. 

Patchouli Essential Oil

Which essential oil has a clean scent?

Lemon oil’s scent is clean and refreshing. It comes first to the mind whenever someone thinks of the best smelling essential oil blends. Also known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

What is the sweetest smelling essential oil?

Some of the recommendations for sweet smelling oils are Atlas Cedar Oil, Bergamot Oil, Blue Tansy Oil Blend, Candy Cane Oil Blend, Carrot Seed Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cheer Up Buttercup Essential Oil Blend, Geranium Oil, etc.

What essential oils are good for living rooms?

Bergamot Essential Oil, Ceremony Essential Oil Blend, Spruce Essential Oil are some good recommendations

Is there an essential oil that smells like vanilla?

Balsam of Peru Essential Oil. The essential oil has a surprisingly rich, sweet vanilla-like aroma, although its chemical components principally consist of benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, and cinnamic acid.

How do I make my house smell good with essential oils?

What oil makes your house smell good?

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lemon give this nontoxic home or office air freshener a vibrant scent, while also creating a restful environment.

Wild Orange: You can’t go wrong with this fresh citrus smell, whether you choose to diffuse it or make it into an all-purpose spray to clean and purify surfaces.

What can I diffuse to make my house smell good?

Here are some of our favorite combinations for the best smelling essential oil aromatherapy.

  • Lavender and Lemon.
  • Bergamot and Cypress.
  • Ginger and Lemon.
  • Lavender and Peppermint.
  • Chamomile and Grapefruit.
  • Cedarwood and Orange.
  • Lavender and Eucalyptus.
  • Rosemary and Lemon.

Which essential oil has the best smell?

According to Forbes, lavender is at the top of the list for best smelling essential oil. Lavender is by far the most popular essential oil and is known for its beautiful floral aroma.

How can I fragrance my house?

Find tips below.

  • Clean Surfaces Regularly. From kitchen counters and carpets to living room furniture and shelving, it’s vital to clean all household surfaces regularly.
  • Deep-Clean Your Carpets and Rugs.
  • Clear Out Your Fridge.
  • Clean With Vinegar.
  • Use Lightly Scented Cleaning Products.
  • Change Your Bedding Often.

How do I use lavender oil as a freshener?

If you have a humidifier or diffuser, you can spread the scent of lavender through your home with it. Drop up to 10 drops of lavender oil into the water. Turn it on and let it disperse the scent through the room.

What scents smell good together?

These blends are tried, tested, and Candle Scientist-approved!

  • Grapefruit and Mangosteen + Vetiver.
  • Lavender + Baby Powder.
  • Dulce de Leche + Caramelized Pralines.
  • White Tea + Rain Water.
  • Chocolate Fudge + Cake.
  • Peach Nectar + Red Ginger Saffron.
  • Sandalwood + Red Rose.
  • Watermelon + Watermint and Clementine.

How can I make my house smell good cheap?

10 Affordable Techniques to Making Your Home Smell Great

  • If your home smells funky, mix some homemade deodorizing solution.
  • Freshen up your carpeted floors.
  • Deodorize those smelly shoes!
  • Use scented candles.
  • Get rid of nasty pet smells.
  • Make a simmer pot with rosemary and lemon.
  • Make a natural room diffuser.

What do hotels use to make it smell good?

Good choices for scents in hotels include sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, lemon blossom, citrus, neroli, leather, and white tea. You can then add in less common scents specific to your hotel experiences, such as lemon verbena, jasmine, coconut, patchouli, lavender, and more.

How can I make my house smell like a spa?

Try these essential oils:

  • 2 drops peppermint + 2 drops lemongrass + 2 drops grapefruit.
  • 3 drops lavender + 3 drops bergamot + 2 drops jasmine + 2 drops orange.
  • 2 drops eucalyptus + 2 drops lemon + 3 drops ylang ylang.

Do air diffusers make house smell good?

No need for scented candles or sprays when you have a diffuser in your home since the scent from your given essential oils will fill the room! And you’ll be able to reduce nasty smells in your home, helping clean the air of unwanted smells.

What does Ylang Ylang smell like?

What does ylang ylang smell like? Exotic, deep, and floral, the extract has top notes of jasmine and neroli, a fruity facet reminiscent of banana, paired with creamy custard and tangy rubber.

What is the most popular diffuser scent?

Best reed diffusers: 6 enticing scents to match the mood of your home

  • Homesick. ‘Pumpkin Picking’ Reed Diffuser.
  • Blue ‘Volcano’ Reed Diffuser.
  • Malone London English Pear and Freesia Reed Diffuser.
  • New York Grapefruit Reed Diffuser.
  • White Company Wild Mint Reed Diffuser.

What essential oils smell like incense?

Concentrated Fragrance Oil – Nag Champa: Has the aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood. Made with natural essential oils.

Is there an essential oil that smells like strawberries?

The fact and shocking truth are there is no such thing as Strawberry Essential Oil or Strawberry Oil. Strawberry essential oil doesn’t exist, it cannot be extracted from living or dead plants or fruits.

What does it mean if an essential oil smells bad to you?

Older oils are more likely to be spoiled because of exposure to oxygen. They may not work as well and could irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

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