Best Swimsuits for Hourglass Body Type

Best Swimsuits for Hourglass Body Type

Consider yourself fortunate if you have an hourglass figure and are looking for the finest swimsuits for an hourglass figure. The hourglass body type has the most ideally matched proportions of all the body forms. You won’t have to worry about proportional issues, and looking beautiful in a bikini will take little to no work on your side. The forms, cuts, and designs of all swimsuits will look great on you.

However, there are certain tips on how to get the most out of your money in terms of comfort, coverage, and design. Here’s a step-by-step guide to picking the best swimsuits for hourglass body type.

But first, let’s describe the characteristics of an hourglass figure:

  • Your shoulder-waist-hip proportion is 4-2-4, and your booty and breasts are well-endowed.
  • Your waist is curvaceous and well-defined, and your shoulders and hip proportion are well-balanced.

If you want to show off your curves, this is the swimsuit for you

If you want to channel Kim Kardashian and flaunt your beautiful hourglass figure, keep these tips in mind:

  • Swimsuits with extra features on the hips, such as strings and ruffles, will draw attention to your hips and make them look more defined.
  • Wear a one-piece dress with hourglass-shaped cutouts. They’ll elongate and define your waistline even more.

If you want to show off your curves

swimsuits with waist cutouts

If you want your legs to look elongated, consider the following

Wear bikinis with a high leg cut to lengthen your legs. Swimsuits with a high leg cut rise higher than conventional swimsuits, giving the appearance of longer, more shapely legs.

If you’re looking for something bold, go for Brazilian bikinis. They’re great for not just elongating your legs but also showing off your curvy form.

brazilian bikini for hourglass

high leg cut bikini for hourglass

How to make your arms look longer and leaner

  • Look for swimsuits with deep plunging necklines to make your arms appear slim and longer.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a U or a V neck.
  • They’ll give you the appearance of having longer and thinner arms than you actually do.
  • The impact is magnified as the depth of the dive increases.

swimsuits with deep necklines

swimsuits with plunging necklines

If you want secured bust support, you can pick these

Breasts are often well-endowed in hourglass women. If you despise the idea of having to adjust your bikini top every 5 minutes yet enjoy moving around on the beach, keep these styles in mind while shopping for a bikini top.

Underwire bikini tops work for women with small breasts or fuller breasts. They not only prevent the breasts from drooping, but they also support them. If drooping breasts are a concern for you, underwired bikini tops will give you the form and support you need.

underwired bikini top

Sports bras are your best choice if you’re allergic to bikini tops with underwires. They’re really comfy, supportive, and retain your breasts nicely despite the lack of underwire.

Their cups are meant to keep your breasts secured even if you’re moving around a lot, but they don’t have any metal below. They don’t have to be dull, either. When it comes to designs, there are several options.

sports bra swimsuit

Wear high waisted bikinis for a vintage appearance

High waisted bikinis will only highlight their feminine form since hourglass females keep their gorgeous curves no matter what they wear.

You may wear any kind of bottoms, but sports bottoms with a boxer cut provide excellent covering and support. It allows you to move about, play, and swim without having to adjust it every 5 minutes.

high waisted bikinis

The best one-piece for an hourglass figure

Any one-piece design will do as long as it provides adequate support and covering for comfort and movement.

Finding a one-piece that fits like a glove might be difficult owing to the large width difference between your tiny waist and your developed bust and hips.

  • Get the correct measurements for the swimsuit’s bust, waist, and hips.
  • One-pieces made mostly of polyester should be avoided. Polyester isn’t sufficiently stretchy.
  • Instead, seek out one pieces that include at least 70% nylon and/or spandex. These materials are elastic enough to fit a woman’s hourglass figure.

one piece swimsuits for hourglass

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