Swimsuit Shopping Hacks For Plus Size Women

Swimsuit Shopping Hacks For Plus Size Women

Despite the fact that manufacturers are becoming more inclusive with their sizing, most plus size women are still at a loss when it comes to shopping for swimsuits. Here are some reliable swimsuit shopping hacks for plus size women.

Which designs will look well on my body type? How can I conceal my belly fat, trim down my arms, and accentuate my curves, for example? What about the hues? Should you always wear black and stay away from white? We’ve got answers for all of them!

How do you pick a plus-size swimsuit?

Choose a swimsuit that fits your body type.

Have you ever thought about why a bikini looks great on the model but looks completely different on you? It’s due to the fact that women’s body forms differ. And not every swimsuit cut flatters every body type.

This implies that if the model is an hourglass, and you’re an apple, the swimwear is unlikely to flatter you. Whether we like it or not, aesthetics adheres to a set of standards. It’s no different when it comes to buying for a plus size swimwear.

Choose a swimsuit that fits your body type.

Beware of stripes.

A horizontal stripe is the last thing you want to wear if you want to lengthen your body and seem thinner. Horizontal stripes, in general, emphasise width rather than length.

Vertical patterns optically lengthen your body and make you look taller than you actually are. As a consequence, your entire body seems to be thinner. Petite plus size women should go for vertical stripes.

The diagonal stripe, on the other hand, slims you down by diverting attention away from your body’s breadth and directing it in a diagonal direction.

Beware of stripes.

You don’t have to always wear black.

While it’s true that black slims you down and white makes you seem bigger, there are plenty of exceptions. Color isn’t the only aspect that determines whether or not a swimsuit will look nice on a plus-size body.

While it is an all-white one-piece, the plunging crisscross neckline that snakes down the body should not be overlooked. One of the most universally slimming patterns in fashion is the plunging neckline.

You don't have to always wear black.

Pick swimsuits with plunging necklines.

Plunging necklines are great for slimming down your torso and arms. Plunging necklines, as opposed to straight necklines (which just accentuate width), create curiosity and divert attention away from the bulk of your arms and shoulders.

The slimming effect increases with the depth of the plunge. You may always pick the degree of plunge you’re comfortable with if you don’t want to expose your cleavage.

Pick swimsuits with plunging necklines.

Choose Swimsuits with peplum tankinis.

Tankinis with peplum cuts hug the waist and flare out at the hips. This gives the appearance of an hourglass figure, with thin hips and broad hips. Peplum tankinis will work wonders if you have a body shape with little waist definition (apple, rectangle, inverted triangle).

Choose Swimsuits with peplum tankinis

Swimsuits with Handkerchief tops.

Handkerchief cuts, like peplum, provide the appearance of an hourglass figure by gripping the waist and flaring at the hips.

The hemline is the only difference between a peplum and a handkerchief. Instead of a typical straight hemline, a handkerchief cut incorporates downward arrows that are great for elongating the torso and minimising the breadth and belly of the body.

Swimsuits with Handkerchief tops

A-line swim dresses.

A-line swim dresses, like peplum cuts, offer a pleasing contrast by shrinking the waist and emphasising the hips. They are fantastic at not only concealing belly fat but also making your physique appear more shapely and feminine.

A-line swim dresses

Swimsuits with ruching or shirring on the midsection.

Ruchings and shirring are fabric strips that are collected and pleated into a garment. When they wear swimming suits, it’s usually to hide belly fat rather than to beautify. It’s no surprise that ruching/ shirring is frequently used in swimsuits with belly control panels.

Swimsuits with ruching or shirring on the midsection

Look for a plus-size clothing line.

You’ll find a plethora of inexpensive swimsuits from lesser-known manufacturers with outstanding user feedback online.

However, finding the perfect swimsuit that will suit your physique, showcase your assets, and disguise the problem areas you want hidden may involve a series of purchases, returns, and experimentation.

Look for a plus-size clothing line.

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