15 Boys Fade Haircuts – Trendy And Stylish Kids Fade

15 Boys Fade Haircuts – Trendy And Stylish Kids Fade

Kids often need a change in the things they do, the food they eat, the hair, and the outfits! Well, different fade haircuts are some of the best choices for a hassle-free styling of hair. We are sure this article about boys fade haircuts among different types of fade haircuts, help you with giving your child a different look on every day. These fade styles will help you for sure if you are looking for some amazing kids fade, little boy haircuts. Check out more hairstyles and haircare tips.

Boys Fade Haircuts

Boys haircuts look simple but are complex to make! The reference pictures for each fade haircut is available for you to check out and think about if it works the best for your child. Also, if you’re someone who likes experimenting, here are kids mohawk hairstyles to keep up your enthusiasm.

1. Low Fade Haircut

The term low fade defines it all! It is a fade type of haircut involving tapering of the hair on the sides with a width of around one and a half to two inches above the hairline. The other name for a low fade haircut is a drop fade or a low bald fade. Make sure to try it out on your kid’s natural hair and we are sure he will fall in love with it.

Low Fade Haircut for boys

2. High Fade Haircut

A classic high fade involves a tight shave on both the sides and back of the head for about three to four inches above the hairline. The decisive factor for “high” fading is, it extends above the midline between the temple and the top of the ear. The result is a sharp new look with multiple style options. You can choose to colour the hair or leave it natural. If you wish to have a hassle-free hairstyle for your kid this one is the right pick.

High Fade Haircut 

3. Taper Fade Haircut

The word tapering literally means reducing the length of something from one end towards the other end. Tapering one’s hair means chopping off the hair gradually from one length to another. It is also known as a taper fade, as it gives a fade and gradient look to the haircut making it look more complex and stylish. Make sure to try out this picture featuring a taper fade haircut with a blonde hairstyle in a classy way.

Taper Fade Haircut 

4. Mid Fade Haircut

The mid fade haircut is the perfect off-road and a unique hairstyle to try on your kid’s natural hair. Between the high fade and the low fade, it’s a taper cut ending between the temples and the ears. The hair is gradually cut about three inches above the hairline. It is not only beautiful, professional, and easy to maintain but also versatile. This means you can design it in many different ways.

Mid Fade Haircut for boys

5. Short hair fade Haircut

The short hair fade haircut is a short haircut involving shortening of hair short on both sides and in the back, gradually fading close to the skin. This haircut involves leaving a broad track of hair on the top and fading the reaming area of hair on the head. Short haircuts like flat cuts, round cuts, and high-fitting hairstyles provide contrast and give a clean look. Slip these strands back or make simply comb it over to the sides. Do not miss out on checking out the image below featuring a classic short hair fade haircut.

Short hair fade Haircut 

6. Undercut Fade Haircut

The undercut is a men’s hairstyle with a medium to high blur fading effect with medium long hair on the top and short hair on the sides. The best thing about this fading is how it creates the illusion of a silhouette below to create a contrast and draw all attention to your cool hairstyle. Well, a typical undercut involves levelling of the hair fade on the sides and the beard. However, do not hesitate to try this undercut fade haircut on your kid’s hair.

Undercut Fade Haircut  for boys

7. Comb Over Fade Haircut

Any comb over hairstyle is stylish and versatile for any face type. You can also choose to couple one with some other styles of a faded haircut. Comb over fades involves tapering the hair on the side, parting the hair on one side and leaving a wide track of hair on the top. Make sure to try a comb over fade haircut on your kid’s hair.

Comb Over Fade Haircut  for boys

8. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade haircuts or a simple skin fade is a type of men’s haircut beginning from the hairline on the temples and are gradually fading tightly towards the back with the shortest length of hair. Also, a track of hair on the top is left with lengthier hair than the longest of hair on the fade. If you are looking for low maintenance and hassle-free haircut for your kid, this haircut is one of the best picks.

Skin Fade Haircut 

9. High Top Fade Haircut

The high top fade haircut involves tapering the hair on both sides starting from the temples towards the back of the head. You can consider this haircut to be the best for natural hair because the track of hair on the top needs to stand tall and we do not recommend any chemical manipulations for keeping it that way on your kid’s hair.

High Top Fade Haircut  for boys

10.  French Crop Fade Haircut

A french crop is the best for people who wish to have a simple and stylish hairstyle with minimal maintenance. It does not involve any aftercare tips or regular trimmings to maintain it in a certain way. Make sure to try this toddler fade haircut and we are sure your kid is going to fall in love with his new look.

French Crop Fade Haircut 

11. Quiff Fade Haircut

A quiff looks very much similar to a classic undercut, where the sides, starting from the temples is gradually chopped from towards the back. The main difference lies in styling the hair on the top. It involves styling it with cream up straight and combing it a little towards one side. Make sure to try this haircut for your kid for some classic occasions like weddings, etc. Also, look at the image below featuring a quiff haircut.

Quiff Fade Haircut  for boys

12. Side Part Fade Haircut

Do you know? The other name for a side part fade haircut is a gentleman’s cut. This is like any other undercut and the difference lies in the length of the hair on the sides and on the top. Unlike an undercut, side part fade involves keeping the sides as short as possible and the hair on the top is slightly longer. For example, try this little boy fade haircut to see the little gentleman in your boy!!

Side Part Fade Haircut 

13. Long Hair Fade Haircut

The long hair fade haircut keeps hair longer on the top while tapering from the sides and back. Hair is gradually tapered gradually downwards on the sides until it matches with the skin tone. The tapered fade hairstyle is excellent low maintenance and does not require a lot of styling. Here is an image featuring a long hair fade haircut.

Long Hair Fade Haircut for boys

14. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

A faux hawk fade is a haircut styled by coupling a faux hawk with a taper fade on both the sides. To illustrate, a faux hawk with the width of your choice is made on top and sides, starting from the temples are tapered gradually towards the back. Give your child a classy and stylish look with this fade haircut. Here is an image featuring a perfect kid-style faux hawk for you to check out.

Faux Hawk Fade Haircut 

15. Pompadour Fade Haircut

Well, a pompadour is one of the classiest haircuts for men. Bring out the gentleman in your kid by giving him a pompadour haircut along with faded sides. To illustrate, a pompadour fade haircut involves styling a classic pompadour on the top and tapering the sides towards the back.

Pompadour Fade Haircut for boys

Lastly, we think this curation of boys fade haircuts could help you find the perfect look for your boy! Make sure to try them all.

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