15 Stylish Kids Mohawk Hairstyles In Long Hair Mohawk & More

15 Stylish Kids Mohawk Hairstyles In Long Hair Mohawk & More

Kids need a change in everything they do in general. They often get bored of a lot of things. Hairstyles and clothes are some of the things that excite them on a daily basis. There are many hairstyles to choose from for boys. Here is a list of 15 stylish kids mohawk hairstyles and reference pictures. The list includes mohawks with different styles suitable for different occasions. Make sure to check them out and we are sure your little boys will fall in love with them!!! Also, check out some toddlers hairstyles with steps to make your kids look beautiful.

Kids Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyle that appeared after the daring Iroquois hairstyle once left a punk impression on those who saw it. Once a modern grown man sees his classic changes, he may not go for such rebellious, high-maintenance tailoring. All thanks to today’s youth who set trends, Mohawk has the variability you need. Now, this can provide you with many trendy styles that you can wear to any occasion.

1. Classic Mohawk

A classic mohawk is a hairstyle where you will require to shave on both sides and leave a track of hair right on the top of your head starting from the forehead to the back of your head. If you are looking for a cool, classy, and comfortable hairstyle without any complex haircut techniques for your kids, we think this is the right pick for you!!

Classic Mohawk for kids

2. Curly Mohawk

Here is a pick for the little boys with curls!! A curly mohawk is a hairstyle that is made with the two sides of the head trimmed or tapered and a track of hair left right on the top of the head. Also, the hair that is there on the back of the head is trimmed.

Well, if you are bothered about how do you keep a curly mohawk up due to the faster growth of hair in children, here are a few tips to follow! Make sure to trim the hair at regular intervals, and do not forget to use a conditioner. Here is an image showing a curly mohawk so you can check for reference.

Curly Mohawk

3. Tapered Mohawk

The word tapering literally means reducing the length of something from one end towards the other end. Tapering one’s hair means chopping off the hair gradually from one length to another. It is also known as a taper fade, as it gives a faded and gradient look to the haircut making it look more complex and stylish. Well, a tapered mohawk demands skill and professional experience.

Tapered Mohawk for kids

4. Fade Mohawk

A fade haircut, similar to a tapered mohawk, is a style that requires the hairstylist to work on chopping off the hair gradually from long to very short. There are many types of fades like burst fade, temp fades, taper fades, etc. Well, for a fade mohawk a burst fade works the best.

Fade Mohawk

5. Short Mohawk

There are many mohawk hairstyles to choose from but you and your kids will fall in love with this one for sure!! Here is an image showing a short mohawk for you to have a look for some reference.

A short mohawk is a mohawk hairstyle that is usually chosen by men and boys of different age groups for the kind of comfort it gives during summers. The sides of the hair strip are almost shaved to 0.5 mm and the mohawk is left short according to preference.

Short Mohawk for kids

6. Undercut Mohawk

An undercut mohawk is one of the easiest and most popular choices of mohawk hairstyles by boys and men. This type of mohawk is quite simple and stylish. If you are looking for a trendy haircut with fewer complexities and less involvement of professional guidance, here is the right pick for you.

We classify this as an easy pick as it requires only two steps. Take a trimmer and trim the sides like you do for a usual undercut and leave a thick strip of hair on the top for 4 to 5 cms of width. We are sure your little one is going to love it!! This is suitable for oval and square face shapes.

Undercut Mohawk

7. Long Hair Mohawk

Your kid doesn’t want you to chop off the long hair? We are here to help you out! We think a mohawk with long hair might help you with making your kid’s hairstyle unique and more stylish.

Wondering how do you get a mohawk with long hair? To illustrate, here is an image showing a long hair mohawk for you to check out for reference. take a look!!

Long Hair Mohawk for kids

8. Afro Mohawk

Afro is a type of texture we see in the people of different ancestral histories and origins across the world. An afro type of hair is seen in some people of Africa and the areas surrounding the African continent. If you are looking for a mohawk hairstyle for afro-textured hair, you are at the right place! The picture below depicts an afro mohawk with stylish trims on the sides. Make sure to check it out for some reference.

Afro Mohawk

9. Messy Mohawk

Unlike the classic mohawk hairstyle, a messy mohawk gives a classy, stylish, and formal look to the hair. In terms of the procedure of achieving this look is quite similar to that of a classic mohawk. The difference lies in messing up the hair stirp on the top of the head and trimming the fades in a proper way.

For keeping the mess on the mohawk intact, several hairdressing materials like gels and hair sprays. To illustrate, here is an image showing a messy mohawk styled for a suite. We are sure your little one will surely turn out to be a big boy while flaunting this hairstyle!!

Messy Mohawk for kids

10. Pompadour Mohawk

If you are searching for a classy hairstyle with a unique and stylish look, involving intriguing details, here is the right pick for you! The image here is a reference picture for a pompadour mohawk. Well, to look at some facts of the pompadour, the word comes from the name of a mistress of a king, Madame De Pompadour.

Unlike a traditional mohawk hairstyle, this requires the sides to be chopped of gradually only on one side and mohawk is side swept with long hair. In this, the side-swept hair is styled by using hair sprays and gels. Try this out on your kid and see his reaction!!

Pompadour Mohawk

11. Braided Mohawk

Make sure to check out the image below for some reference for a braided mohawk hairstyle. Well, you are wrong if you think a braided mohawk can only be made of sleek braids. The perfection of it comes by parting the hair in a perfectly straight way and some added elements like some creative trims on the sides. Take a look!

Braided Mohawk for kids

12. Buzz Cut Mohawk

If you love to style your kid’s hair quite often, you’re probably familiar with the buzzing Mohawk. The perfect Mohawk buzz cut is all about precision and an indepth design feel. The trick is to make sure the sizes are scaled evenly.

The original inspiration for the Mohawk was from the Mohinican, so the centrepiece is dense and massive. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a buzz cut mohawk. Take a look for some references and see if your boy likes it!

Buzz Cut Mohawk

13. Swept Back Mohawk

Did you know that a mohawk can be quite sleek and classy? With the top hair swept back, it doesn’t look as rebellious and bold as when it comes to the high bun. That said, a hawk can be personalized to fit a whole rather formal vibe.

A swept back mohawk is quite similar to a long hair mohawk but the difference lies in keeping the hair back swept through out.

Swept Back Mohawk For kids

14. Short And Tight Mohawk

There is also an option for those who prefer a neat military style hairstyle. With a short tight mohawk haircut, it is only an inch longer than the rest of the hair. As for the sides and back, it is best to shave them to achieve the final contrast.

To illustrate, here is an image featuring a short and tight mohawk with blonde hair. You can also choose to have it with black hair and different hair types. Check out the image for some reference.

Short And Tight Mohawk

15. Upswept Mohawk

Real rock icons love to break the rules, so why don’t you go against the classic mohawk styling and go for an upswept style instead of a spiky one?

This idea doesn’t really fit the general image of the mohawk cut, but it’s very comfy, stylish, manful, and cute which is a win-win for formal meetings and weddings.

Here is an image showing an upswept mohawk with blonde and short hair. You can not use this style for a few more types of hairs and textures. We hope your kid will fall in love with this style!!

Upswept Mohawk for kids

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