Easy And Classy Burgundy Nail Designs

Burgundy Nail Designs

Having a manicure that will grab everyone’s attention is a great deal. Today all women want to look perfect in every aspect of their beauty. Burgundy color refers to the reddish-purple color. The word burgundy has come from the burgundy wine in France. It is a color having a cold nature, and its vibrant nature can catch the eyes of every person seeing it. It is an evergreen color. There are various shades of burgundy which you can try with your nail designs. Burgundy is too attractive to catch the attention of everyone, and it is one of the most elegant and classy colors for a perfect nail design. Whenever you are unsure what color to choose for your burgundy nail design, go for burgundy without even thinking. It will always look ravishing. Some trending nail designs may help you keep your nails art styles up.

Burgundy nails with gold

As we know that burgundy is a cold color. So warm colors such as gold will add warmth to the coolness of the burgundy color, making it look more sizzling. The shimmer of the gold color will add stars to your burgundy nail design. Here are a few burgundy nails with gold that you should try

Matte burgundy

This is one of the simplest and easiest nail designs everyone can try. Paint the base of your nails with a matte burgundy nail polish except for the ring finger. Paint the ring finger with golden nail polish. You can try this nail design during festive seasons and marriages, and it will add stars to your festive outfit, whether traditional or Indian.

Burgundy with metallic gold

This will be a great nail design for your Christmas outfit. Paint the base of your nails with dark burgundy color. Its shine will add stars to your business. At the top of your nails, paint it with metallic gold nail polish. Apply a top coat over it to give it a finishing look.

Ombre effect of gold on burgundy

This is the easiest yet fantastic nail design you can try. Also, this nail design is less time-consuming. Paint the base of your nails with a shiny burgundy shade. After that, take a golden nail paint and create an ombre effect over your nails. It will look more beautiful if you have French tips.

Burgundy nails with glitter

Glittering over your nail paint will add charm to it. Everyone notices that glitters are one thing in your nails, and it gives a shimmery wedding vibe. But you can also use glitter with every outfit. Here are a few fabulous burgundy nails with glitter you can try for sure

Burgundy nails with silver glitter

This is an easy nail design you should try. Paint your thumbnail, index finger, and ring finger with a gel burgundy nail polish. After that, paint your middle finger with silver glitter. Then paint your little finger with glossy white nail paint. This combination will make your nails look more attractive.

Burgundy glitter nails

This combination of burgundy nail paint and burgundy glitter will embellish your nails. Apply glossy burgundy nail paint over your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Over it with white nail paint, make a cloudy design at the base. After that, paint your ring finger and little finger with burgundy glitter.

Burgundy and rose gold

Rose gold is the most sizzling color, so it’s glitter. Paint all your nails with a glossy burgundy color except the middle finger and little finger. After that, paint the middle finger and little finger with rose gold color glitter. This rose gold color will add cherry over the top.

Burgundy coffin nails

The combination of coffin-shaped nails with burgundy color will be one of the best combinations. Besides being trendy, Coffin nails provide more space to decorate the nails. Also, this looks beautiful both with long as well as short nails. Let’s get into some of the burgundy nail designs with the coffin.

Inverted V coffin design

Paint all your coffin nails with a glossy burgundy nail polish so that at the base of your nails, there will be a left space in your nails looking just like an inverted V type.

Ombre burgundy nails

Take a glossy burgundy nail paint and use it to paint your index finger and little finger. After that, paint your middle finger with golden glitter. Paint the tip of your ring finger with the ombre effect of burgundy nail paint.

Burgundy nails in silver

The silver color will add warmth to the coolness of the burgundy color. This will create a chic nail design that will catch the eye of every single person. This also makes your nail design suitable for festive seasons. The combination of silver and burgundy will look very attractive. Given below are some burgundy nail designs with silver.

Golden glitter with an ombre effect

First of all, paint your nails with a glossy burgundy nail polish. After that, take a golden glitter and paint the tip of your nail with golden glitter showing an ombre effect.

Flower over burgundy nail paint

First, paint your nails with burgundy nail polish. After that, on your ring finger and little finger, make a flower on the side of your nail using white nail paint.

Burgundy nail with the design

Decorating anything will make it look more attractive. Various kinds of designs will make your burgundy nails look more sizzling. Let’s discuss some unique burgundy nail designs.

Glimmering Bordeaux nails with snowflakes

You can also try this burgundy nail design at your Christmas party as it is a Christmas-inspired nail design. Paint all your nails with shiny burgundy nail paint. After that, over your ring finger, make snowflakes from the side of the nails.

Sangria nails with nude highlights

Paint the base of your thumb, little finger, and middle finger with nude nail paint and the other fingers with burgundy nail paint. Now with a burgundy nail polish, paint the tips of your fingers with nude nail paint in a V shape, making it look unique.

Burgundy nails matte

All kinds of matte nail polishes give your nails a classy look. This winter looks elegant with a flat burgundy nail paint. Given below are a few sizzling burgundy nail matte designs you should try.

Black and burgundy with an ombre effect

Using a matte burgundy nail polish, paint the base of your fingernails. After this, paint the tips of your nails with flat black nail paint giving an ombre effect.

Matte burgundy nails with golden rhinestone

Paint all your nails with matte burgundy nail paint. Then after that, use some golden rhinestone to decorate your middle finger. You can decorate these rhinestones in whatever way you wish to do so. Also, you can add some little decoration to your index finger.

Burgundy nails for short nails

Short are the most convenient ones to handle. You can do every work with your short nails without any hindrance and fear of breaking nails. These are some of the most beautiful burgundy short nail designs.

Leopard pattern burgundy nail design

Paint all your thumb with a matte gel burgundy nail polish. Paint your ring finger with shiny glossy nail paint at the base, and then add a leopard design. Also, add a touch of golden glitter to your ring finger.

Glossy burgundy nails

Paint all your nails with a gel burgundy nail polish and ring finger with a gel baby pink. After that, you use golden nail paint to make two horizontal lines at the base of your ring finger and middle.

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