30 Camera Tattoo Ideas In Camera Tattoo On Hand, Neck & Photography Tattoo

30 Camera Tattoo Ideas With Placement Ideas As Camera Tattoo On Hand & More

Tattoos are quite fun and interesting. There are different tattoo designs to choose from, depending on one’s choice of interest, philosophy in life, people around, things that one loves doing on a daily basis, etc. Here is a list of 30 Camera Tattoo Ideas for people for who photography is not only a favorite hobby but also a passion for life. Make sure to check out the list and reference images and see if you pick one for yourself and suggest some for your gang. The list includes different options for photographers, filmmakers, wildlife photographers, etc. Check out different tattoo ideas.

Camera Tattoo Ideas

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Small Camera Tattoo Ideas

Here is a list of small camera tattoo ideas for different locations on the body. The includes ankle tattoos, forearm tattoos and wrist tattoos as well. Take a look.

1. Camera Ankle Tattoo Small

Ankle tattoos are a quite popular choice of tattoo designs for young adults of today’s world. Here is something for photographers to flaunt their love for cameras and photography. Check out this small camera tattoo on the sport right above the ankle.

camera ankle tattoo small

2. Film Making Camera Tattoo

Film making is an art and the artists of it are creative and intelligent! If you are an aspiring filmmaker and wishing to flaunt your passion and aspirations of becoming a successful filmmaker, here is a film making camera tattoo along with a clap board and a flash stand.

film making camera tattoo

3. Camera Shutter Tattoo

The shutter of a camera lens works as a shield of protection for your camera’s lens. It is also one of the most common and important things to describe a camera. Here is a camera shutter tattoo on the wrist. Take a look.

camera lens tattoo

Camera Tattoo Designs On Hand | Camera Tattoo On Hand

Hand tattoos are one of the most common choices of tattoos for beginners. Here is a list of camera tattoo designs with camera tattoo on hand like black camera tattoos, vintage tattoos, instant cam tattoos, etc.

4. Camera Tattoo On Hand

People usually choose to have blackout tattoos to flaunt their free-spirited nature and unique style. Well, here is a small and cute blackout tattoo on hand featuring a camera.

Camera tattoo on hand

5. Kawaii Style Camera Tattoo

Kawaii style camera tattoo is one of the most unique camera tattoo designs to choose from. The tattoo below is with different color inks, therefore it demands skill, professional tattoo artist. Take a look and see if it works for you.

kawaii style camera tattoo

6. Instant Camera Tattoo

Instant cameras are cute to look at and the pictures took with that camera are cuter than the camera itself! Here is an instant camera tattoo with intriguing details and different inks.

Instant Camera Tattoo

Sleeve Camera Tattoos

Typical sleeve tattoos are usually huge and cover your arm almost completely. Before you choose a sleeve tattoo design, you need to keep in mind a few important things like the purpose of having it, the size and design of it, the skill and expertise involved in making it, etc. If you chose to have a camera sleeve tattoo being a passionate photographer, here is the right list for you!

7. Camera And Nature Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a nature lover by interest or a nature and wildlife photographer by profession, we believe this tattoo design is the right pick for you. Take a look at the camera and nature sleeve tattoo below for reference.

Camera And Nature Sleeve Tattoo

8. Black Out Camera Sleeve Tattoo

Here is an interesting blackout sleeve tattoo! The blackout camera sleeve tattoo features a realistic design for the lens and the clap board. The details are interesting with shadows in different shades of blacks and greys. Take a look.

Black Out Camera Sleeve Tattoo

9. Bird And Camera Sleeve Tattoo

Bird tattoos often represent freedom and independence. Here is an option for a combination of a nature tattoo and a camera tattoo. To flaunt your love for photography and nature, we hope you will like this design.

Bird And Camera Sleeve Tattoo

Camera Tattoos On Wrist

Wrist tattoos are the most popular and could be quite painful for beginners. You can choose any design based on your interest. Here is a list of camera tattoos on wrist for camera lovers and photographers. Take a look and see if any of them works for you.

10. Camera Smile Tattoo

Outline tattoos are cute and cool. Here is a camera smile tattoo with an outline design and SMILE word in a cute font. Check the reference picture below.

Camera Smile Tattoo

11. Heart And Camera Tattoo

Here is a cute heart and camera tattoo design for you, if you are planning to have a small tattoo representing your interest and love for the camera. Take a look at the picture below for reference.

heart and camera tattoo

12. 3D Camera Tattoo

3D tattoos are quite unique and intriguing. Here is a 3D camera tattoo on the wrist with detailed shades and shadows. Check it out.

3D Camera Tattoo


Camera Tattoos On Finger

Finger tattoos are cute and simple. The tattoo designs and the sizes of them are limited since there is lesser space to get inked. Camera tattoos are one of the best finger tattoos for a photographer. Here are some of the best camera tattoos on finger. Make sure to check them out and see if they work for you.

13. Minimalist Camera Tattoo

The minimalist camera tattoo here is simple, subtle and cute. The actual beauty of this tattoo design comes out when you are clicking a picture as shown in the picture below.

Minimalist Camera Tattoo

14. Smile Finger Tattoo

Say cheeeeeseeee is one way of making someone smile in front of your camera while you take their pictures. Well, there is another way for it! A smile finger tattoo can do the job for you. The beauty of this tattoo design is that it is more visible to the person opposite to you while you are taking the picture.

Smile Finger Tattoo

15. Camera Outline Tattoo

Outline tattoos are subtle with no nonsense and extra detailing. The process of making them is simple and requires no other ink than a perfect black. Here is a camera outline tattoo on the index finger for you to consider.

Camera Outline Tattoo

Simple Camera Tattoo Designs

Camera tattoos by themselves are unique and add more meaning to photographers. Although the manufacturing of a camera and its lenses is quite complex, the love for clicking photographs is eternal and intense. To celebrate your love for photography, here are some simple camera tattoo designs to choose from.

16. Camera Head Tattoo

Here is a unique tattoo design for camera lovers and photographers. The camera head tattoo represents your passion and the never ending thought of being a photographer in the back of your mind by default. The tattoo here is on the thigh, you can always choose to alter the size and the placement of it.

Camera Head Tattoo

17. Watercolor Camera Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos by default are cute and playful. You can use different colors based on the theme of the tattoo and also as a backdrop from other tattoos. Here is a watercolor camera tattoo with a simple and minimalist design.

Watercolor Camera Tattoo

18. Vintage Camera Tattoo

Who doesn’t love vintage stuff! And who doesn’t love vintage cameras! Here is a vintage camera tattoo on the forearm to flaunt your love for vintage things and your passion for photography at the same time.

Vintage Camera Tattoo

Camera Tattoo On Neck

Neck tattoos are unique and creative. Although we call them neck tattoos, the exact location of them varies according to the size and visibility of the tattoo design. Here are some camera tattoos on the neck featuring different designs and placements around the neck. Take a look.

19. Small Camera Tattoo On Neck

Here is a subtle design of a small camera tattoo on neck. Since this tattoo design is right under the ear, it is quite visible to the world around you.

small camera tattoo on neck


20. Black Camera Tattoo On Neck

Black tattoos are unique and stylish if the size of the tattoo is subtle and simple to look at. Here is a back camera tattoo on neck with intriguing details of the lens, shape of the camera, etc.

Black Camera Tattoo On Neck

21. Insta Camera Tattoo

Insta camera is a cute gadget that lets you take instant photographs and the youth of today’s world go gaga about it! Here is an insta camera tattoo with cute colors and details. Since this tattoo design involves colors, the cost and the time may vary when compared to other tattoo designs.

Insta Camera tattoo

DSLR Camera Tattoo

DSLR is one of the most popular and efficient technologies in the field of camera and photography. Here are some DSLR camera tattoo ideas including some unique and colorful options.

22. Nikon Camera Tattoo

Well, if you have a Nikon camera, and if you love it immensely, consider having this nikon camera tattoo with realistic and 3D design. The reflection in the lens features beautiful scenery with different colors.

Nikon Camera tattoo

23. Realistic DSLR Camera Tattoo

The tattoo design here is a realistic DSLR camera tattoo with details about the brand, the shadows, the angle of the camera, and the reflection in the lens of it.

Realistic DSLR Camera tattoo

24. Floral DSLR Tattoo

Floral tattoos are beautiful and classy to look at. Pair a meaningful floral tattoo with a camera to attribute the meaning of it to your never ending love of photography as shown in the Floral DSLR tattoo below.

Floral DSLR Tattoo

Camera Tattoo With Flowers

Floral tattoos are versatile in themselves. Choose any floral design from a rose to a dandelion tattoo anywhere on the body, each one of them has its own meaning. Also, you can pair them with other tattoo designs to add some color, beauty and creativity to the tattoo. Here are some camera tattoo with flowers with different placement ideas.

25. Rose And Camera Tattoo

Generally, a rose tattoo represents love, passion, and a new beginning. To get yourself a tattoo design representing your love and passion for photography, this rose and camera tattoo is the best pick for you.

Rose And Camera Tattoo

26. Sunflower Camera Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo meaning long life, luck, and prosperity, is one of the best floral add-ons for any camera tattoo design. This sunflower camera tattoo may signify your long-lasting relationship with your camera and your skill of taking beautiful photographs.

Sunflower Camera Tattoo

27. Floral Camera Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are for creative and free spirited people. A floral camera tattoo sleeve and the ability to learn and improve your skill of photography every day are all you need to conquer the world with the pictures you take!

Floral Camera Tattoo Sleeve

Camera Lens Tattoo Ideas

The lens of a camera is all things important for a camera and the very skill of photography. Here are some camera lens tattoo ideas for you, if you think you know the importance of a lens and wish to have a tattoo representing it

28. Camera Lens Forearm Tattoo

Camera lenses are the most common and popular tattoo choices for photographers. But here is something more interesting! The lens in this camera lens forearm tattoo is spontaneously realistic and the details of the rim are natural.

Camera Lens Forearm Tattoo

29. Camera Lens With Reflection Tattoo

Tattoos with several elements reflecting on them are the trickest tattoos to get and it demands professional skill and experience. So to get yourself a camera lens with a reflection tattoo, make sure to find a professional tattoo artist so you do not have to regret it later.

Camera Lens With Reflection Tattoo

30. Camera Lens With Eye Tattoo

The eye of a photographer sees through the lens to create a beautiful picture. Therefore, honoring the camera that you hold for a living or to fulfill your passion is beautiful. Here is a camera lens with an eye tattoo on the bicep with different colors and details.

Camera Lens With Eye Tattoo

The list of camera tattoo ideas in this article is specially curated to help you with some amazing tattoo ideas to flaunt your love and passion for photography. We are sure you could choose some of them! So when are you getting yourself a camera tattoo?

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