Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover

Can You Use Baby Oil as Makeup Remover

Most of us think it is hard to do makeup, however, people who use makeup on a regular basis know the truth behind it. The real deal is not to put on the makeup but on how to take it off. Washing your face is not enough to take off the makeup. You need a makeup remover to clean your face. Further, it needs washing followed by a moisturizer. Today we will talk about makeup remover and baby oil as their substitute.

baby oil as makeup remover

Is it necessary to use makeup remover?

If you are confused about whether it is necessary to use makeup remover or not, let me help you with it. Makeup remover is a must every time you put on makeup. The reason behind using a remover is it cleanses the makeup properly.

Solely depending on facewash might not remove makeup completely. If you don’t remove makeup from your face, you are open to infections and skin diseases. You can also get acne as well as a cyst. Once this cyst gets larger, you need to consult a doctor to remove it.

Can You Use Baby Oil As Makeup Remover?

Removing makeup is a must however it’s not compulsory to use a makeup remover every time. You can use baby oil to remove makeup from your face. Baby oil helps to remove makeup easily and does not cause any harm.

Additionally, baby oil is healthy for the skin. It hydrates the skin and saves it from irritation. Baby oil is also safe to use in delicate parts such as the eyes.

Using baby oil will also save you from the cost of expensive makeup remover. It requires a few drops of baby oil to clean makeup and makes your skin soft.

How to use baby oil to clean makeup?

Here are the steps you need to follow to use baby oil as a makeup remover:

  • Pour a few drops of baby oil in a cotton ball or soft cloth.
  • Start wiping your face gently with the cotton ball.
  • Use separate cotton balls to remove makeup from different regions. For instance, use a fresh cotton ball for eye makeup, another for lipstick, a new one to remove foundation, and so on.
  • Further, take a fresh cotton ball with baby oil in it and clean your face at once to remove any leftover makeup.
  • Lastly, wash your face and apply a moisturizer.

How to use baby oil to clean makeup

Is baby oil better than makeup remover?

You can use baby oil for makeup remover as it’s safe to use and helps to moistures the face. However, if your skin is too oily or you have acne on your skin, you should avoid regular use of baby oil.

To conclude, you can use baby oil as a makeup remover. Baby oil is healthy to use and can be applied in delicate areas without causing any irritation. However, if you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, you must avoid regular usage of baby oil.

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