Compass Tattoo Ideas With Reference Pictures

Compass Tattoo Ideas

Do you know what a compass tattoo is and what it means? Of all the tattoo ideas, A compass tattoo is often worn by people who have found direction in their life. They may have just started on the right path or they may not be lost anymore. It could also symbolize spiritual guidance for those who are searching for meaning in life. Well, there are many different compass tattoo designs with reference pictures to choose from, so read below to find out more options for this popular design! Also, check out these arrow tattoos for men for some masculine and powerful tattoo designs inspiration!

Compass Tattoo Ideas

Small Compass Tattoo Ideas

With its simple, but the strong design of an open circle with three pointers on it -the compass tattoo can represent love for your family and loved ones. Make sure to check out this list of small compass tattoo ideas if you are looking for a small tattoo with meaning.

1. Compass Tattoo On Back

Back tattoos are quite attractive and appealing to the viewer. Well, for the wearer, it gives a classy look and elegance when the size is small and subtle. A compass tattoo on back is the epitome of class!

compass tattoo on back

2. Compass Tattoo On Neck

Who doesn’t like neck tattoos? Neck tattoos with compass designs one of the popular choices of tattoo designs. A simple compass tattoo on neck and a messy top knot is all you need to flaunt your spirituality in style!

compass tattoo on neck

Compass Tattoo Ideas For Guys

From the earliest sailor tattoos, compasses have been a popular option. These nautical inkings are deep and meaningful with an understated feel that works for both large or small bodies of work on your skin making them a perfect choice as compass tattoo ideas for guys. Take a look!

3. Compass Tattoo Design Chest

Chest tattoos are usually large in size and look unique. Make the most of the area of the chest by picking up the right kind of compass tattoo design chest as in the picture below for giving yourself a masculine look.

compass tattoo design chest

4. Geometric Compass Tattoo

Well, the history of geometric tattoos dates back to many centuries, and so is the history of compass tattoos! Why not couple both of them to make the most attractive geometric compass tattoo? We are sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off this design!

geometric compass tattoo

Compass Tattoo Ideas For Females

Compass tattoos are only for men who are sailors, said no one ever! If you want to go the traditional route, then black and white are your best bet. But if something more colorful catches your eye – like purple or pink- don’t hesitate to take it! You can even get tattoos related to compass designs such as flowers, anchors, arrows etc. This curation of compass tattoo ideas for females is right here for you. Make sure to pick the most attractive and feminine one from the list.

5. Compass Tattoo With Flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful representation of feminine energies and the power of women. A compass tattoo meaning direction and discovery may become more attractive when paired with flowers and other feminine elements. Here is a compass tattoo with flowers for some reference.

compass tattoo with flowers

6. Compass Tattoo On Wrist

Although wrist tattoos are quite a cliche and extremely common amongst both beginners and experienced tattoo wearers, the design one chooses to have on the wrist makes each one of them unique and interesting. If you are looking for a compass tattoo meaning triumph, representing your path towards the right direction, this compass tattoo wrist is all yours.

compass tattoo on wrist

Compass Tattoo On Hand

Similar to wrist tattoos, a tattoo design on hand is the most cliched and popular choice for beginners. Need some inspiration? Check out these creative hand tattoos for your next tattoo. Whether you’re looking to make a subtle statement or take up all space with an extravagant work of art, there are many options for a compass tattoo on hand!

7. Compass Arrow Tattoo

A compass arrow tattoo is a powerful reminder to never stop going after your dreams. This design often features an incomplete outline of the north-south positioning device, which reveals that there are still challenges ahead and we must stay strong.

compass arrow tattoo

8. Compass Tattoo Sleeve

A sleeve is a large tattoo or collection of smaller tattoos covering your arm. It’s also sometimes used in reference to an equally impressive leg piece that can cover your lower half just as effectively! What more can look unique and attractive than a compass tattoo sleeve?

compass tattoo sleeve

Compass Tattoo Ideas Forearm

The forearm is the ideal placement for a meaningful tattoo. The ink will be easy to see and show off, making this body part perfect if you want people other than yourself to know what’s underneath that shirt or even just wear one every day! And a compass tattoo meaning discovery is the perfect pick for a meaningful forearm tattoo.

9. 3D Compass Tattoo

If you want your tattoo to last as long and look just as good, go with the black color. Whether it’s tribal or 3D realistic designs like this 3D compass tattoo – they can’t be beaten!

3D Compass tattoo

10. Cute Compass Tattoo

The trend of cute tattoos for women has become more popular in recent years. This is because body art can seem like an elegant, finer option than oversized pieces or full sleeves as they will appear proportionately larger to the eye. Here is a cute compass tattoo for some inspiration!

Cute Compass tattoo

Family Compass Tattoo Ideas

Of all family tattoo ideas, we think these family compass tattoo ideas will work the best for you if you are a family of four! Unlike other family tattoos with words, names of the family members, etc, these compass tattoos will make sure to flaunt your love and affection towards your family members. Well, if all the family members choose to have matching family tattoos, nothing like it!!

11. Compass Tattoo With Family Initials

This simple compass tattoo with family initials is small but what it represents as a tattoo design is the bigger deal! The initials represent your bonding and love towards death other within the family and the synergy you create together.

compass tattoo with family initials

12. Matching Compass Tattoos

Matching tattoos are quite a popular trend these days. Be it friends, siblings, or members of a family, people are going for matching tattoo designs. We are sure these matching compass tattoos work for you!

Matching compass tattoos

Viking Compass Tattoo Ideas

Viking compass also known as the runic compass or Nordic symbol of protection and guidance used by Vikings is a powerful symbol. It can help you find your way back when lost in an unknown land with just one look at its eight staves lined up side-by-side representing strength through unity to ward off evil spirits. Make the most of this set of biking compass tattoo ideas and pick one!

13. Viking Compass On Hand

A viking compass on hand looks more of a tribal and traditional design rather than laying emphasis on aesthetics and beauty due to its history and meaning.

viking compass tattoo on hand

14. Viking Compass Tattoo Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are quite versatile. You can choose to show or not to show it to the outside world by choosing different kinds of outfits. This Viking compass tattoo shoulder is a unique piece of art with tradition and historical importance.

viking compass tattoo shoulder

Nautical Compass Tattoo Ideas

A nautical compass tattoo is a popular design choice for those who enjoy the connection it has to maritime culture. The historic significance of this navigation device dates back centuries, with sailors relying on compasses in their long ocean voyages through seas and oceans alike before GPS systems were invented. Check out these nautical compass tattoo ideas.

15.  Nautical Compass Thigh Tattoo

Similar to other compass tattoos, this nautical compass thigh tattoo looks great if you are looking for a not-so-revealing yet meaningful tattoo.

Nautical compass thigh tattoo

16. Nautical Compass Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are cute and subtle. Even if ankle tattoos are not very visible to the outside world, choosing the right kind of tattoo design is important as it stays with you for a lifetime. Here is a nautical compass ankle tattoo for some reference.

nautical compass ankle tattoo

Simple Compass Tattoo Ideas

As the name reveals, these simple compass tattoo ideas below look simple, subtle yet meaningful. Make sure to check them out for some reference.

17. Minimalist Compass Tattoo

Like any other minimalist tattoo, this minimalist compass tattoo looks simple and cute. We are sure you will love it.

Minimalist compass tatto

18. Compass Sun Tattoo

Compass sun tattoo is a combination of a sun tattoo and compass tattoo. The design is quite intriguing and interesting with a traditional look.

compass sun tattoo

Moral Compass Tattoo Ideas

19. Broken Moral Compass

Well, this broken moral compass looks quite different and unique when compared to all other compass tattoo ideas listed here. Although it comes under the category of a 3D tattoo design, we think this works for you!

Broken Moral Compass Tattoo

20. Moral Compass Arm Tattoo

This moral compass arm tattoo is one of the best picks for a forearm tattoo. The tattoo here is with solid black ink and different shades of black giving it a more realistic and attractive look.

moral compass arm tattoo

Tribal Compass Tattoo Ideas

Some people get tattoos to identify with their culture and heritage, but other’s use them as an expression of power. Tribal tattoo designs vary depending on what the wearer wants them for, some tell a story about you or represent something important like protection or strength; others serve more mundane purposes such as showing off achievements (or lack thereof). Some tribal compass tattoo ideas are here for some tattoo inspiration.

21. Tribal Compass On Hand

A full-fledged tattoo design on the outside of your hand is the best pick if you are looking for a meaningful tattoo that is visible to the world all your life. Here is a tribal compass on hand with intriguing details of numbering and directions.

Tribal Compass On Hand 

22. Small Tribal Compass

Be it small or large, compass tattoos are the best. Well, if you are looking for a small tattoo with little details and lesser visibility to the outside world, this small tribal compass tattoo is all yours!

small tribal compass tattoo

Anchor And Compass Tattoo Ideas

The anchor and compass is a classic nautical tattoo, which means it’s not only an interesting design to get but also has deep historical significance. The tattoos can be seen as symbols for home, safety, hope or even after successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean! The combination of these two elements traditionally embodies what you need in life: safety (anchor) symbolizing stability. Here are some amazing anchor and compass tattoo ideas.

23. Anchor And Compass Wrist Tattoo

Like any other wrist tattoo design, one should keep in mind that it is important to choose a meaningful design. An anchor and compass wrist tattoo is simple, subtle, yet meaningful.

Anchor And Compass Wrist Tattoo

24. Watercolor Anchor And Compass

The watercolor tattoo is a beautifully poetic way to show one’s devotion and appreciation for the finer things in life. The art form of this trend, which has been gaining popularity over recent years thanks largely found in the fashion world. A watercolor anchor and compass tattoo is a perfect choice for a meaningful tattoo.

Watercolor Anchor And Compass Tattoo

There are many reasons why people choose to get compass tattoos. Maybe they want a reminder of their personal goals or values, maybe they were born in one location and live somewhere else now, or perhaps it’s just because the tattoo looks cool! Whatever your reason for getting this type of tattoo is, we hope you found some inspiration from our list of compass tattoo ideas.


What does a compass tattoo symbolize?

Wearing the compass symbol is a sign of independence and confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what, you’ll always find your way. Safety and protection – compass was seen as a symbol of protection since ancient times, as it has a clear and useful function to the sailors to get them out of challenging times.

Is compass tattoo lucky?

The compass is considered a lucky tattoo symbol, especially for travelers. To wear one on your body is an act of faith, that you will always find your way when you are lost. A compass tattoo can be something of a magic talisman.

Is a compass a common tattoo?

Compass tattoos originated as a common ink choice for fishermen and sailors, as they believed the designs would bring them good fortune during their travels and would always guide them home. Nowadays, the compass is the universal sign for all those who find fulfillment in constant travel.

What does a broken compass symbolize?

On a deeper level, the broken compass symbolizes the new world order, in which humans are no longer the dominant species on earth. The compass suggests that the characters must break from their normal ways of thinking and accept that science as they know it is no longer useful.

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