Pure Dramatic Kibbe Shopping Guide

Pure Dramatic Kibbe Shopping Guide

Here is a pure dramatic kibbe shopping guide to slaying with different outfits and accessories from head to toe.

Recommended Clothes For Dramatic Kibbe Body type


The dress of a Dramatic should be long and elegant, with the more fitted the better. Sharp shoulders are required once again. Coatdresses, chemises, and bias-cut dresses work nicely. Only use very broad, geometric belts to emphasise the waist. When the form is kept small, dropped waists and no-waist designs are attractive.


  • Waists that are cinched
  • Necklines with a lot of detail
  • All of the flouncy fashions have flowing outlines and are shapeless and unconstructed.

dresses for dramatic kibbe


Keep distinct items mixing together in a creative approach for elegance; your style does not involve an evident usage of separates. You want a cohesive look from head to toe, not a “mix and match” approach!

Jackets and blazers

Jackets and blazers worn by dramatics should always be fitted and sculpted, with well-defined shoulders. They should generally be long (stopping at the mid-thigh area), however, a really elegant, Italian-style pair may be shortened. Another good option is a double-breasted coat.


  • Waistbands that are cinched in.
  • Jackets that are too shapeless and boxy.
  • Peplums and extremely flouncy jackets.
  • Shoulder tucks, decorative buttons, and tapering sleeves are just a few of the extra details.

Jackets and blazers


Skirts for dramatics should be straight and lengthy. The only flared skirt you can wear well is one with a sleek and straight middle portion (from waist to knee) and a little flair at the bottom. Similarly, any pleats in the hip area should be sewn down.


  • Gathered waists
  • Draped and shirred forms
  • Voluminous skirts

skirts for dramatic kibbe


Your pants should always be straight and man-tailored if you’re a true Dramatic. A lengthy hem, softly breaking at the shoe, is a nice touch, as are deep pleats.


  • Big, baggy garments.
  • Drapey and clinging trousers that taper towards the ankle.



Never flouncy, frilly, or big and shapeless – always tailored and streamlined.



Knits that are light and beautiful. Knits with a slim fit and ribbed edges. Cardigans or pullovers with long sleeves and pointed shoulders.

Evening wear

Shapes that are geometric. Vertical lines that are elongated. Fabrics with a hard metallic finish. The cloth is really smooth. Trim with a sculpted look. Necklines that are angular. The emphasis is on the shoulders. The evening clothing patterns listed here are the most flattering for a pure Dramatic.

Evening wear

Suitable Accessories For Dramatic Kibbe Body Type


Your shoes should be angular and tailored. High, straight heels, crisp soles, and gracefully tapered toes are all features of these shoes.


Bags for Dramatics should be clean and geometric. Structured briefcases, clutches, or angular envelopes.


The belts you wear should be bright and broad. The leather will be moulded and firm. Metal belts will be big and carved. Buckles are always symmetrical or geometric in design. The greatest hip belts for lowered waists are those with a buckle.


The hat of a Dramatic should be clean and manly, with large brims and strong edges.


Your stockings should be black and transparent. To emphasise your strong vertical line, match your hemline and shoe.


Jewelry from Dramatics should always be sleek and beautiful, with a focus on striking, modern forms. Avant-garde works of art, as well as thin, crisp pieces, are ideal selections. Asymmetrical forms are attractive, and components should be huge but not too hefty.


  • Tiny, symmetrical pieces massive.
  • Thick ethnic items delicate.
  • Antique jewellery.
  • Costume jewellery with a lot of glitter.


Hair on a pure Dramatic should always be sleek and sculpted, brushed away from the face to highlight the chiselled bone structure. Regardless of the shape, it is always geometric.


  • Hair that is too soft, coiffed, or wispy (this appearance is the epitome of ageing!).
  • Hair that hangs on your face or covers it (fluffy bangs, feathery sides, etc.)


Whatever the hue (blond, brown, red, or black) or intensity, a Dramatic’s haircolor should be vibrant and unmistakable (light, medium, dark). Because this technique mutes the intensity and resulting in a washed-out effect, you don’t highlight properly.

Never try to “soften” the colour of your hair. This is the single most harmful thing you can do to your appearance, and it will age you quickly. For the sort of rich colour you want, overall colour processes are the best option.

Dramatic Kibbe Shopping Guide & Styling Techniques


The secret to your style is shape! Keep your forms precise and geometric regardless of the mood you wish to convey or the environment you’re in. Triangles, rectangles, and anything sculpted, sleek, and elongated with precise edges are all popular choices.


anything spherical, swirling, or unduly draped, as well as anything delicately intricate or too fragile ornateness.

Line and silhouette

This is related to your body type. The use of long, vertical lines is vital. Your notion of a “soft line” is always straight, with extended draping that is elegant.


  • Lines that are gentle and flowing (too matronly on you)
  • Unfinished silhouettes (sloppy on you)
  • Horizontal or broken lines (not elegant enough for you)


The textiles that keep a distinct shape are the ideal for pure Dramatics. They are required. The best are moderate to heavyweights with a matte finish and a smooth surface. Shiny materials should be firm and highly glittery, and textures should be tightly knit.


  • Fabrics that are too transparent and float
  • Clingy textiles are also, in most situations, incredibly unattractive on you.
  • Furthermore, overly rough, thick, and heavy textures will overshadow your elegant figure.


To compliment your sculpted, chiselled style, detail should always be clean and basic. It’s time for big, sweeping geometrics, angular forms, and sharp edges.


  • detail that is extremely unconstructed (sloppy necklines, shapeless or oversized sleeves, etc.)
  • feature that is too rich or detailed (ruffles, lacy frills, feathers, frou-frou, bows, tucks, gathers)

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