How To Cut Shirts Cute

How To Cut Shirts And Make Them Cute

The things you own, both new and old, can look boring sometimes. But it doesn’t have to look plain. You can always refashion them and cut them up to resize them. You can paint on t-shirts or cut them and we will tell you how to cut shirts cute

Here are a few techniques and step by step instructions you can use to cut shirts, trim them to tank tops with no-sew methods. The process is pretty simple and all you need is a little creativity! You will need regular household items such as garment scissors, a marker, a measurement tool, and some learnable tips and tricks. 

DIY Shirt Cutting Methods

There are many ways you can cut shirts and make them into new ones. But we have accumulated three main techniques below.

  1. No sew: It is the easiest of all the techniques and often the cheapest method. All you will require are a pair of garment scissors and some measurement tools. You don’t need to sew or stitch the shirt after cutting. One of the most important characteristics of this method is using cut-outs to cut the shirts. 
  2. Cut and Stitch: It combines the two techniques, namely, trimming, then stitching. The difficulty level will depend on what you want the result to be. You can choose your preferred method of trimming the shirt. You can paint over the cut shirt or print on it using fabric colors. 

You can level up the revamping if you use a particular printing machine and your skills to create various designs and pictures on your cut tee. If you want to have fun with the creative process, you can even buy some basic tools from a shop or online. 

There are quite several methods one can use to upcycle an oversized shirt. One of the easiest methods is to cut off the front, the back, and the side portions of the shirt. Here is the detailed instruction below. 

Method 1: Resizing from the Sides

Your aim to resize a shirt can be to create a well-fitting shirt or add a bit of styling. The best thing will be to sew the cut shirt using a tailoring machine or other sewing tools. If you don’t have the necessary tools, you can always create tie knots, giving the original shirt more creativity and appeal. 

You can find a flat surface and keep your tools ready in the same place. The next step is to cut the collars and leave them as it is. If you want to cut them out, the size will depend on the measurement of your choice. You can cut the bottom hem since most want to shorten the length. You can keep them as it is if you want. The next step is to measure the waist and leave a little allowance. You can either hem the sides or cut similarly spaced slits on the sides from the armpit to the bottom. Finally, tie the raised fringes on the sides. 

Method 2: Resizing from the Back

You can cut out a portion from the back of the shirt along the collar stitching line from right to left. You can keep the cut shirt aside and modify the collar. You can elongate the neck and can also cut off the sleeves on both sides. Use your fingers to enter through the armholes and bring the cut sleeves together. Finally, you can use the cut strip of fabric and tightly wrap around the armholes and tie them together to create a showy back for the shirt. 

Method 3: Resizing from the Front

If you want, you can repeat the process of resizing and cutting the front of the shirt. You can cut off the collars and sew them to create a neckline of your choice. 

Method 4: Cut Shirts into Tank Tops

Tanks tops are easy to make from regular shirts. All you need is a pair of scissors, a pencil or a marker and a flat surface. You can simply tear off the sleeves and you have a tank top ready! 

If you are not sure of your measurements, you can mark where you want to cut and then make guidelines. Using the scissors, you can remove the front part of the shirt lower than the back. It is up to your preference to make it any length you want. 

You can even cut off the hem of the tee and use the strip later on in something else. You can cut off the sleeves and then pull the cut portions to make them rounded. Or else, you can use a sewing machine or simply needle and thread to sew the raw edges. 

A creative idea for your arms is to cut one of the side edges and then make some holes on the fabric all along the side. Later, you can tie the strips from the side of the shirt and make a cute and edgy lace detail with holes on the sides. You can also add other intricate details such as a ribbon, or some sequins if you want. 

Method 5: Cut T-shirt Neckline off Shoulders

It is a fabulous way of modifying the neckline of a shirt to make it a classy top. You will only need marker tape and your shirt. Firstly, fold the shirt into two, the front of the garment should face out and be lined up well in the middle. You can mark where you want to cut the shoulder portion. Please measure the width of your shoulder and mark it. Cut off the top layer from the shoulder slightly away from the market part. You can cut the bottom layer straight across from either left or right. 

Stretch out the fabric’s trimmed portions, and you will get a messy and distressed look to your shirt. You can also add some modifications to it. Adding some ribbons on the collar which you just made will make it look classy. You can add the ribbon by stitching or by gluing on with fabric glue. There are more basic ideas to make your shirts cute by cutting. 


There is no limit to what you can do with a simple shirt along with the above how to cut shirts cute techniques. Though the shirts are simple garments, they can become something marvelous. There are more t shirt techniques you can follow. You don’t need an exact plan to revamp your old shirts. But having fun during the process is what it is all about. 

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