Family Picture Outfit ideas

Family Picture Outfit ideas

The best way to make sure that your family looks perfectly coordinated when you take a family photo is to come up with a list of outfit ideas that you can share. Not only will it be helpful to know what outfits look good together, but it also sets everyone at ease knowing that their overall look is cohesive. If you’re looking for family picture outfit ideas, the most important element to have in mind is that your family needs to be comfortable. You want them to feel relaxed, even if they’ve been looking forward to the day of the photoshoot.

Family picture outfit ideas for summer

The perfect family photo outfit ideas summer is a simple, comfortable and casual look. Think of it as an opportunity to wear clothes you feel most comfortable in. If you’re going on a beach day, consider wearing bathing suits with a loose fit, shorts, and lightweight shirts and shorts. On other days, you may want to mix up your trends by mixing in some formal wear, but feel free to go casual with your usual outfits.

Family picture in White outfits

White is classic, and there’s no way around it. White goes with almost anything, and since it’s a pure and timeless color, you can pretty much wear white to any occasion.

Family picture in Black outfits

Black has always been a popular choice for formal photo shoots, but lately, it’s also been getting a lot of traction as a more casual choice for family photos. You can choose to go casual by pairing black pants with a casual top, or you can go formal in black tailored shirts and jackets. Check out our article on the five must-have family photos from the beach for additional details.

Family picture in Warm Colour Outfits

Warm colors such as red and yellow pair extremely well with family photos since they’re not only bold, but they also make the most of sunlight and can make a beautiful backdrop for your family.

Family picture outfit ideas for winter

The perfect family photo outfit ideas for winter are more formal than those for the summer. Layering is key here, and you don’t want to feel restricted by the clothes you’re wearing. The idea is to be warm but not uncomfortable.

Grey and Red

It’s always a good idea to choose warmer colors that go well with winter. The elements of red are fire and heat, so this pair goes great with weather that is cold or chilly. You can also use this feeling to your advantage by wearing red clothing or accessories in the photo and then blending this into your family photo outfit for the day.

Black and Red

Black goes well with red, and if you’re in a cold climate, you might even want to consider going with two layers. You can also consider wearing red accessories and clothing, which could lend a certain vibrancy to the overall picture.

White and Blue

White and blue go well together, and you can opt to wear multiple layers of both colors together. Like red, blue is also a warm color that could come in handy if you’re planning to wear layers.

Family picture outfit ideas at beach

One of the reasons beach photos are so popular is because you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. This may or may not include bathing suits, but make sure to have fun with them. Don’t get carried away thinking that you need to look perfect. Don’t forget to bring items like hats and sunglasses, which will add an extra bit of character to your images.

Blue and Grey

If you’re looking for family picture outfit ideas at the beach, one great option to consider is pairing white outfits with grey. This combination can look classy, especially when you’re wearing a white linen jacket or pair of trousers with a grey shirt.

White and Tan

For family picture outfit ideas at the beach, you can also pair white with tan. Just like grey, tan can help add a level of sophistication to your look, especially if you wear it with a white shirt and white shorts.

Pink and Blue

Yet another popular choice for family picture outfit ideas at the beach is pink and blue. Not only does this colour combination look great in the summer, but it also makes for a bold statement that’ll make your family stand out in pictures. Wear blue if you want to be casual and pink to take things up a notch.

Family picture outfit ideas for fall

The best way to make sure that you look good in your family photos is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. That may mean wearing a nice formal outfit, or it may mean choosing something more casual, depending on your preferred type of photoshoot.

Light and Warm

If you’re planning on taking your photo in the fall, or if you’re shooting under incandescent lighting, you can’t go wrong with a warmer outfit. We recommend wearing a fall-colored shirt paired with a sweater or blazer made of lighter material such as linen or wool.

Blue and Blush

Blue and blush is a classic color combination that works well with family photos. Blue looks great, whether it’s a light or dark blue, depending on how bright your room is. To make it a bit more interesting and stand out from the rest of the room, pair your look with some bright patterns like stripes or dots.

Earth Tones

If you’re a fan of earth tones and natural materials, why not go all the way? Check out some of our favorite outfits made with earth tones. It’s a classic look that can dress up or dress down depending on the outfit you select. Pair it with silver jewelry or accessories for added flair.

Holiday family picture outfit ideas

Whether you’re planning on taking your family photographs at the beach, in a park, or on your back deck, there’s no reason that your family photos can’t be casual. But if you’re going to be spending lots of time by the ocean or in a field, then you may want to invest in some nicer attire.

Red or Maroon

Maroon, red, and burgundy are classic colors that work well in family photos. If you’re taking your photos in a more formal setting such as a church or wedding, consider wearing a nice bright red shirt. For casual outings, you may want to tone it down by choosing something in maroon, but it depends on how formal the place is where you’re planning on taking the pictures.

Black and Grey

Black and grey is another classic color combination that works well with family photos. Some people might think it may not look too good, but black and grey is a great way to dress up your outfit. You can choose to go casual by wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and some comfortable black shoes, or you can go formal by wearing a nice tailored pair of pants and a shirt.

Yellow and Navy

Yellow and navy are two colors that often show up together in winter to help keep you warm and brighten your outfit. Yellow with a hint of navy will dress up any look without being too formal. These two colors can make everything you wear look amazing when you pair them with a nice blazer and some tailored pants.

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