French Tip Nail Designs

French Tip Nail Designs

In the 21st century, everyone is running for better looks each day and wants to look more beautiful with each day passing. Your nails are an essential part of your makeup because they make a first impression on the person seeing you. If you have beautiful nail designs, then everyone will admire them. Ragged nails are a sign of an unhealthy person. Some trending nail designs may help you keep your nails art styles up.

French tip nails are one of the cutest nail tips. It is generally a French manicure in which the tips of the pins are colored white to bring some contrast to your nails. The trend which emerged in the late 90s became popular again in 2019 and is still in movement. These French tip nails can be toned to several creative and attractive nail designs, increasing their attractiveness.

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French nail tip design for short nails

Although long nails look chic and beautiful, short nails are easy to maintain, they are convenient, and you can do all your work with them without any hindrance. These French nail tips on short nails give an illusion of having longer nails because the guidance of the pins looks longer in this. Here are some of the French nail tip designs for short nails:

Charming short nails with skinny French tip

You can try these nail designs on your natural nails too. It is a super easy nail design that everyone could try. These extra-short nails seem to be the most healthy ones. You can try on this nail design with the nail paint you love. Paint your nails with baby pink nail paint. After that point, the tips of your nails with white nail paint, and over it apply a topcoat for giving your nails a finishing look.

Pink and gold chrome nails

Pink and gold seem like a unique combination. This type of nail design is also a straightforward kind of nail design. Take a baby pink glossy nail paint. Paint your nails with that nail paint giving them a polished look. Then take a golden nail paint and apply it to the tips of your nails. This will increase the attractiveness of your nails. Then use a top coat to give your nail design a finishing look.

Metallic green tips with nude nail base

This was one of the elegant and simple nail designs. Apply shimmery green nail paint on the tips of your nails, giving them metallic green information, and then apply a top coat over it.

French tip nails for summer

Summer is the best season to color your nails beautifully concerning the surrounding environment. Let’s discuss some of the elegant French tips nails for summer:

Soft rainbow side French nails

Summer is the best season to paint your nails with different rainbow colors. Just take five colors and three different shades of the same color. Then start from the dimmest shades on the side tip of your nails. And at last, the darkest shade. This will make your nails look more attractive.

Beautiful French tip with ring finger dressed up

This is the simple nail design as the name denotes only the ring finger is decorated. Paint your tips white as usual. Then, make a flower design diagonally with white nail paint on your ring finger. Then apply a top coat over it.

Go for garnet nails

Bright colors make your summer nail design shine more colorful in the hot sun. Take a glossy pink-red garnet nail paint and paint it over your nails. After that, apply golden nail paint on the tips of your nails and use a top coat over it.

French tip nails with glitter

Glitter makes everything look shimmery. The attractiveness and beauty of the color over it, it is used. It can be used over anything, every outfit in every season. On festive occasions, glitters are a must-have of your nail design. Let’s discuss some fabulous French tip nails with glitter.

Berry glitter French tip nails

Paint your nail tips with a pink-red (berry) glitter. Over that glitter on your nails, make a design as shown in the picture. Apply a topcoat over it after that.

Ombre glitter French tip

Apply a silver glitter over your fingernails with an ombre effect. This silver glitter is a universal kind of glitter that can be paired with everything. After that, paint your nails with transparent nail paint.

Glitter and white line tips

Use golden glitter for making this nail design. Use a combination of golden and white colors in this nail design. Paint the tips of your nails with golden glitter and at the base of the golden nail paint, make a boundary from the ground with the white nail paint. Then apply a topcoat over it.

French tip nail designs coffin

Coffin-shaped nails are the most trendy nail shapes these days. They provide ample space to make creative designs over the nails. Let’s get into some of the French tip nail designs coffins.

French tip nails with butterfly

Over the white-colored tips of your nails, make butterflies with a different color on your nails. You can also apply a butterfly sticker over it and make this nail design a simple one. Make sure that it would not look so unmanaged. Apply a topcoat over it.

French tip cherry

Over your white French tip, use red diamond and green nail paint to make cherries over it in a managed way.

French tip nail for Christmas

Christmas allows you to paint your nails according to the colors of Christmas. Given below are a few French tip nails for Christmas.

Elegant red and silver tips

Apply red nail paint over nail tips. Below it applies a border of silver nail paint. Make a snowflake of white color if you want on your ring finger with a diamond on its center.

Snowflake half moon

Apply dark red nail paint on the tips of your nails with an ombre effect. Then make snowflakes on the bottom of your nails using white nail paint.

French tip nail design for long nails

French tips on your long nails seem to make your nails look longer, and they look natural too beautiful and provide more space for decoration. Given below are some of the french tip nail designs for long nails you can try

Brown matte

Over the tip of your nails in your shape, apply brown matte nail paint. You can also try this nails design at your home, too, without any practice.

Pink and magenta French tip

Apply a base coat of baby pink nail paint over your nails. Over that, apply a small line of magenta nail paint on your nail’s tips, which will create a contrasting and unique nail design.

Blue French tip nail design

Blue is the most attractive color for your nails, and it represents Calmness and makes your nail design look elegant. Here are some of the blue French tip nail designs

V-shaped blue and light blue French tip nail

You can make this nail design using two different shades of blue nail paint, a light, and a dark. Apply dark blue nail design and vice versa with light blue on one side tip.

Daisy on blue

Apply a cold blue nail paint over your nails, and after that, make daisies over them. Make sure these daisies should not look unmanaged and apply a top coat over them.

French Daisy Nails

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