How To Buy Oversized Shirts And What To Style Them With

How to buy oversized shirts

Here is an article to help you buy oversized shirts and what to style them with to look great. Make sure to follow the tips and create an outfit for yourself, and we promise you the best look.

Well, if you wish to try out a new oversized outfit, make sure to go for an oversized option. Do not just go to a formal wear section of the store and pick one or two sizes bigger than your actual shirt size. Just buying an oversized shirt isn’t enough to look good, confident, and presentable. There are some rules to keep your outfit at the top, and this article will help you with just that.

Tuck the shirt/t-shirt – Buy oversized shirts made with light fabrics

Tucking an oversized shirt into your bottom wear is a stylish and comfortable way to dress it. Tucking the shirt emphasizes accentuating the waist, so it looks best with a high-waisted bottom. It creates the appearance of a slimmer waistline and leaner figure without sacrificing functionality.

Buy oversized shirts with thin and breathable material, so tucking it does not suffocate you or make you feel uncomfortable. Try different types of tucks like half-tuck, bra tuck, etc., to create different looks.

tucked oversized shirts

Wear subtle accessories – For oversized shirts with sober colors

Oversize shirts are already too much, so piling on the oversized accessories just makes you look busier. Buy yourself an oversized shirt with sober colors like greys and indigo blues and pair it with some gold jewelry for a chic look.

A small bag and an essential chain or a subtle neckpiece with an oversized shirt outfit will look a lot better than one of those chunky jewelry items. It’s nice to add some flair to your look by wearing a statement necklace. Some necklaces can bring your outfit together while making you stand out from the rest.

oversized shirts with accessories

Pair the outfit with heels to look proportionate

It is essential to look proportionate and elongated, incredibly petite. Do not give up investing in a good and versatile pair of heels when trying for an elongated look with oversized shirts. If you are a beginner, pick a white solid oversized shirt and a pair of contrasting heels like black stilletoes, mules, or pumps for a classy look.

oversized shirts with heels

Choose short bottom wear – Pick patterned oversized shirts.

Another staple wardrobe item to buy if you are trying to curate a stylish outfit is an oversized shirt with geometric patterns like checks, triangles, etc. Patterned oversized shirts will look amazing with short bottoms when you wear them with jeans or chinos. Also, you do not have to try hard to look proportionate, even if you are petite. Wear an oversized checkered shirt with a pair of denim shorts. Complete the outfit with a pair of white sneakers.

checkered oversized shirt with shorts

Use them for layering – Pick one depending on the topwear

You will need to buy an oversized shirt according to the topwear. Once you get the right pick, use it for layering other topwear. Choose a patterned shirt to layer with a solid top. If you are wearing a patterned top, wear a checkered shirt.

Layering with oversized shirts

Pick oversized shirts with different lengths.

Buy oversized shirts of different lengths like cropped, knee-length, mid-length oversized shirts. You can wear cropped oversized shirts with shorts, high-waisted jeans, or pencil skirts. Mid-length oversized shirts can be worn as shirt dresses, or you can even use them for wearing over a bodycon slip dress.

cropped oversized shirt

Wear them over a solid dress

Pick an oversized striped shirt and wear it over a solid dress for a modern look. Do not pick the shirt and dress with entirely different patterns. The best bet is to pick one garment with no prints at all.

oversized shirt over a dress

Remember to play with different lengths, patterns, and combinations of oversized shirts. Make sure to pick the right size and accessorize well with suitable jewelry and a little extra dash of confidence to slay with any outfit created using an oversized shirt.

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