How to Dress a Dramatic Classic Body

How to Dress a Dramatic Classic Body

The Dramatic Classic body type is characterized by a balanced yin/yang balance with a modest yang bias. It’s the overall effect of a little angular physicality combined with a calm, refined spirit. ‍

You are a Classic above all else. Although you have more sharpness than a pure Classic, you are still described as balanced, even, and symmetrical. Your dramatic qualities are merely the undercurrents of your personality.

How to Dress a Dramatic Classic Body

What are the characteristics of a Dramatic Classic?

  • The body type is slim and tiny. When you’re at your optimal weight, you’ll be slightly muscular.
  • The bust, waist, and hips are all quite straight and proportionate. It’s possible that they’re a tad short-waisted.
  • Legs and arms are either ordinary or significantly longer than usual.
  • The bones have a symmetrical structure with somewhat angular edges. Straight and little wider than average.
  • Shoulders are slender and tapered or somewhat square.
  • Their hands and feet are slightly squarish.
  • Face features that are slightly sharp, angular, or squarish (jawline, nose, cheekbones).
  • The eyes are normally moderate to big, while the lips are moderate.

How to dress a Dramatic Classic figure?

The Dramatic Classic Kibbe body type is symmetrical like the pure Classic form, but it has a little more angularity (yang influence). You must dress a Dramatic Classic body type according to your own lines. It means recognizing your balance and symmetry first, then sharpness second, for a Dramatic Classic like you.

  1. To emphasize your angularity, your clothing designs should focus on reproducing this symmetry through the trim and fitted lines with sharp edges.
  2. Choose lines that are simple, elegant, and straight. Structured shapes with a bit of sharpness, such as a square or V-neckline, will complement your body type’s little sharpness.
  3. The importance of detail in your appearance cannot be overstated. Maintain a clean, geometric look with sharp edges (eg, pleats, crisp cuffs).
  4. Choose high-quality, moderate-weight materials that aren’t too rigid.
  5. Neutrals and deep colors are your finest choices, and you should employ them to create strong color contrasts in your clothes.

dramaic classic

Tips to follow while picking outfits and accessories for a dramatic classic:

  • In them, romantic looks ideal, whereas you’d look like you are overdoing it. Wearing an extreme Yang attire, on the other hand, would make you appear desperate.
  • In addition to valuing your symmetry and evenness, you must honor your Yang and sharpness.
  • Your defining style as a Dramatic Classic is one that incorporates your Yang-influenced shoulders and Skeleton. To achieve this, use shoulder pads.
  • Your finest prints include stripes, zigzags, slashes, and sleek asymmetric.
  • You want your accessories to be clean, elegant, and crisply fitted with sharp angles, while your outfits should be most balanced with a little sharpness.

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