How to Dress a Natural Kibbe Body Type

How to Dress a Natural Kibbe Body Type

Soft yang defines the Natural body type, which is the general mix of a somewhat wide and angular physically, as well as a fresh and open attitude. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to dress a natural kibbe body type.

To get how a Natural seems, you must first comprehend what soft Yang is. Soft Yang’s body is wide, angular, and blunt. It’s mostly Yang, with a little Yin thrown in for good measure. Natural falls between the balance of the Classic and the sharp-edged Yang of the Dramatic on the Kibbe Yin-Yang spectrum.

How to Dress a Natural Kibbe Body Type

What are the characteristics of a Natural body type?

  • Straight and muscular body type.
  • Hips are flat, and the bustline is somewhat flat.
  • Arms and legs are a little long.
  • The bones structure is slightly straight. With blunt edges and a little angular shape (not sharp).
  • Slightly squarish in shape with board shoulders.
  • Hands and feet are squarish and medium to somewhat large.
  • The facial bones are angular and well defined (nose, cheekbones, jawline).
  • Eyes that are average to small in size.
  • Cheek muscles are firm.
  • Lips that are straight and slightly thin.

How to dress a Natural kibbe?

A Natural, like other Kibbe kinds, must maintain her own line. In other words, your ultimate objective is to put together an outfit that emphasizes/emphasizes your gentle Yang above anything else. The following suggestions will assist you in doing so. This is how you should dress if you have a Natural Kibbe body type.

  1. Your clothing lines should emphasize a looser silhouette to give the straight body shape some mobility.
  2. Maintain a comfortable and straight clothesline.
  3. The silhouette should be unconstructed and softly tailored. You want to produce a very thin and slender form, yet in a relaxed and casual fashion.
  4. Long components, particularly those that dangle from the body, such as long scarves and cardigans, will accentuate your long vertical line.
  5. To keep your ensembles unconstructed, incorporate asymmetrical components into the mix.
  6. Clothing can be somewhat large, but not excessively baggy, in order to avoid a widening of the form.
  7. To add beauty to your ensemble, choose textured fabrics and natural-feeling materials like linen, wool, and suede, as well as designs with soft-edged geometrics or asymmetric, irregular forms.

loose silhouette for natural kibbe

long cardigan sfor natural kibbe

Tips to follow while picking outfits for natural kibbe body type:

  • Wear clothes that allow ample room for your wide shoulders if you’re a Natural.
  • Naturals, like Dramatic, look fantastic in geometric forms. The main distinction is that the edges must be smooth and rounded rather than crisp and angular.
  • If you’re going to use clothes with shoulder pads, make sure they’re with soft edges.
  • As a Natural, pick your fabric that is dimensional enough to complement your Yang bones.

soft shoulder pads

What clothes look good on a natural body type?

Solid colors on loosely cut and unconstructed dresses, whether plain or printed, look best on a Kibbe natural body type. For a daytime appearance, matte fabric is also preferable to sheer cloth.

What body type is Angelina Jolie Kibbe?

Natural. Also described as ‘soft Yang’, the Natural type is one shared by a number of actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Priyanka Chopra, and Liv Tyler.

What is soft natural Kibbe style?

Natural Soft Kibbe body types are similar to Natural body types in that they are long and wide with blunt edges, but they have more softness and roundness (yin influence) to them. To re-create your natural lines, use unconstructed styles with shaping, especially at the waist, to give you a softer look.

What is SN Kibbe?

Soft natural is one of the original 13 Kibbe body types. The Kibbe types have three natural body types, soft natural, natural and flamboyant natural type. Height: Moderate to slightly small, up to 5 feet 7 inches.

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