How To Wear Oversized Flannel For girls

How To Wear Oversized Flannel For girls

Flannels are an essential wardrobe staple that almost every woman already owns. They’re soft, warm, and adorable items to wear. Adding an oversized flannel to your outfit is a fun and comforting way to change things up. The possibilities are limitless if you want to know how to wear oversized flannel for girls.

Wear it buttoned up, fully open, or layered over other pieces of your clothing. Hence, we have put together a few creative ways to wear oversized flannel for girls to style their large flannel items so you can appear smart and classy every time you leave the house.

Different Ways to Wear Oversized Flannel for Girls

Flannels are traditionally associated with the fall and winter seasons. However, depending on how you accessorize them, they may be worn in any season. The coming of the warmer months of spring and summer does not necessitate a six-month break from wearing your flannel. It’s only a matter of accessorizing it differently.

You’re sure to discover the fitting flannel shirt to fit your taste, from the classic plaid to floral designs and other basic styles. This is why we have compiled different ways to wear oversized flannel for girls to help you especially style your flannel.

Layer up your oversized flannel

Layer up your oversized flannel

The easiest and most creative way to style an oversized flannel top is to layer it. You can layer additional pieces over or beneath a flannel to create a different look each time you layer it.

You can layer your oversized flannel top over a finished outfit, such as a basic tee and denim layered with an unbuttoned flannel shirt, or make your oversized flannel the bottom layer and cover it with a vested duster to keep the flannel visible.

Wear shirt dress

Many oversized flannel pieces come down to approximately mid-thigh or just above the knee, making it a great piece to wear as a dress. Because it’s a looser top, you can layer it with a bodycon dress or biker shorts and complete the outfit with chunky sneakers.

A belt is a good option if you want to cinch your waist and add extra accessories. If you pick a belt, wear it just below your chest to lengthen your legs to make you look taller.

Pair it up with denim bottoms

Wear your oversized flannel shirt with denim jeans to create every girl’s style. You may wear it with a tank top or bodysuit underneath and distressed jeans, depending on the color of your flannel top. When wearing an oversized flannel, you might go high-waisted with the jeans to create a more dynamic style.

You’ll create a contrasting style with a casual sense thanks to the oversized top, but also a look that enhances your frame with denim that hugs your curves.

Wear it with leggings

When it comes to wearing an oversized flannel shirt, leggings are a perfect option for ultimate comfort. Grab a pair of your favorite leggings, a tank, and an oversized flannel shirt for a wonderfully comfy, relaxed look. Get some boots with long socks underneath and a beanie to round off the ensemble for a sophisticated but straightforward fall style.

Wear it as a jacket

Create a jacket or blazer out of your big flannel shirt. Crop shirts and flared or loose pants are good choices for this look. Wear your flannel shirt with a pair of statement pants in a bold color that complements your flannel top for an even more aggressive look. You can also put it over a midi or maxi dress as a blazer or jacket, which looks excellent as well.

Wear it with Co-Ord sets

One of the most stunning ways to wear a flannel is a sporty appearance. Wear your flannel shirt with matching athletic sports or Co-Ord set and pair it up with sneakers or boots.

Wear high-waisted leggings with a complementary crop top or sports bra in the cooler months, and then wear the oversized top open or partially buttoned up. Then, in the spring, you can vary it up by pairing your flannel with a matching cycling short set, which allows you to wear the top as a sweatshirt or jacket, buttoned or opened.

Knot it Up

Place on your flannel and button it up to the final few buttons, but leave them undone. Roll up the top sleeves and tie the dangling ends together in a double knot. Add a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt and kitten heels; else, make it more casual with a couple of cropped wide-legged denim and sneakers.

Tie it around the waist

You may create a stylish look by wrapping your oversized flannel shirt around your waist over any bodycon, midi, or maxi dress. With this effortless style hack, you can give a basic bodycon dress a dapper ’90s vibe. Complete your look with a pair of basic Converse high tops or white sneakers.

With knee-high boots

Put on a mid-thigh-length flannel and a pair of tall, knee-high boots to show off some skin. Wear a pair of cycling shorts beneath if you need a bit more covering. You may also add a primary black belt with a large buckle to the outfit to make a statement while cinching your waist and emphasizing your curves.

Add a pair of earrings and a few thin bracelets to complete the look.

There are various ways to make the flannel tops you currently own more interesting by incorporating them into glamorous outfits that are both elegant and trendy. Flannels are a wardrobe classic that you should not overlook.

Oversized flannels are great for highlighting your greatest features and concealing those you don’t want to expose. And so, now that you know how to wear oversized flannel for girls, you can effortlessly add them to your outfits to instantly amp up your look for the day!

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