How To Determine Your Body Type – Guide To Understand Male body types

The Ultimate Guide To Understand Male body types

Are you also curious to know which male body type do you have? Then, don’t worry! Do you know there are 3 major male body types? To get the most out of our exercise programs, we must tailor them to our male body types. Some men are muscular, while others are hefty; others are short and stocky; others are tall and slender. Men’s bodies may be classified into three categories depending on their individual physical qualities. In this article, we will go through the three most common male body types, as well as their distinguishing qualities.

What exactly do we mean when we say “body type”?

Let’s begin with the physical traits of the person in the first place. This is your ‘body,’ which is defined by your genetics. In other words, that is before physical activity or weight increase has altered it. Consider your adolescence and how you seemed at the time.

A mesomorph is a tall, well-muscled, and thin person with a narrow waist, and they are recognized for having a medium frame. They are generally neither overweight nor underweight.

Your body type would be described as endomorph if you were rounder, heavier, yet well-muscled, and had a huge frame.

Ectomorphs are people who are leaner, less muscled, lighter, and wiry in appearance.

Most guys will be a mix of these three body types, to some extent. For example, you may be an ‘echo-mesomorph,’ meaning dominant ectomorphic and mesomorphic characteristics.

Types of Male Body

The most important factor in your health and fitness is your body. American psychologist William Sheldon divided the male body into three body types as early as the 1940s: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs, based on their physical characteristics.

Although this categorization was only based on physical characteristics, Sheldon thought that persons with the same body shape shared certain psychological factors.

And despite the fact that we may regard this theory as old-fashioned now, Sheldon’s body types definition is still significant when it comes to nutrition and physical fitness.


Physicist Sheldon describes ectomorphs as skinny, with thin legs and limbs, a tiny chest and shoulders, and very little body fat on their bodies. They are often called cerebrotonic because of their tiny features and fragile appearance. It is difficult for Ectomorphs to acquire weight; no matter how much they consume, they maintain their slim physiques.

Ectomorphs, according to Sheldon, is quiet and frail by nature, which corresponds to their outward appearance. He considered them to be socially uneasy and self-conscious, and he said that most ectomorphs prefer to remain alone.


Their bodies are chubby and voluptuous, with narrow shoulders, broad arms, and slender wrists. We refer them to as viscerotonics. When combined with wide hips and excess fat on their thighs, their bodies take on the appearance of a pear.

Furthermore, in terms of their behavior, they are opposed to ectomorphs. Endomorphs, according to Sheldon, are fun-loving, even-tempered, and gregarious individuals.


Also known as somatotrophs, their muscular physique, which includes powerful arms and legs and a low body fat percentage defines mesomorphs. In most cases, they have a thin waist and a huge head that corresponds to their wide shoulders.

According to Sheldon’s categorization of the two types, Mesomorphs and endomorphs are fairly similar psychologically. They are daring, bold, and self-assured individuals. As a result of their willingness to take risks, mesomorphs are very competitive and seek to be in the driving seat in their relationships.

How To Determine Your Body Type

1. If You are an Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs have several characteristics in common, including the following: When there are a large number of individuals who sound like you, you have a larger chance of falling into this body type categorization:

  • The diameter of your shoulders is less than the circumference of your hips.
  • Because of this, your forearms are on the small side.
  • By default, your body tends to maintain its slimness.
  • Fitted jeans are usually loose about the buttocks.
  • Putting on weight is difficult for you, both in muscle and body fat.
  • If your chest circumference is 37 inches or smaller, you qualify.

2. If you are a Mesomorph Body Type

Check out the following steps to see whether your body type is one of these:

  • Your shoulders are nearly the same breadth as your hips, which is a good match.
  • Fitted jeans are often snug around your buttocks but not overly tight or constricting.
  • Your forearms have a decent amount of thickness to them.
  • By default, your body prefers to maintain a slender yet somewhat muscular appearance.
  • You may gain or lose weight without encountering too many difficulties.
  • Your chest circumference is between 37 and 44 inches in circumference.

3. If you are an Endomorph Body Type

Listed below are some of the characteristics that are most likely to suggest that you are an endomorph:

  • Your shoulders are more prominent in circumference than your hips.
  • Fitted jeans are often snug around the buttocks.
  • Because of this, your forearms are a touch too big.
  • Your body has a natural tendency to accumulate extra fat as a default setting.
  • Your physical appearance seems to be round and gentle.
  • You may put on weight quite quickly, but it is tough to shed it.
  • Your chest circumference measures more than 44 inches in circumference.

When it concerns aspiring to a specific body type, think about working with what you have. Recognizing that there is no “ideal” or “perfect” body type to strive towards can be difficult. It might be tough to overcome societal expectations about one’s body image.

Developing a little body confidence can go a long way toward helping you embrace your body type, regardless of whether you have difficulties gaining or losing weight. Consider your body type while choosing a diet and exercise plan. And strive to become the healthy incarnation of yourself that you can be.

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