Men’s dyed hairstyles

Men’s dyed hairstyles

Are you looking to dye your hair? Here are the top and trendy men’s dyed hairstyles that you can try.

Hair colors are trending in fashion. It is a great fashion statement that can be fun and stylish at the same time. Not only among women but they are also getting popular among men. Men are nowadays experimenting well with their looks and fashion trends. They are adopting new and out-of-track fashion trends and hairstyles.

The craze for dyeing hair is growing. As the products and service variety in the market is also growing, the confusion to choose the perfect hairstyle is also growing. We have listed a few trendy men’s dyed hairstyles that you can try for your perfect makeover.

Things to Consider Before Dying Hair

  1. Talking about the fact, not every hair color looks good on everyone.  You should choose your hair color according to your skin tone and hairstyle.
  2. Apply a good hair mask the day before dyeing to ensure proper dyeing if you are dyeing it at home or even at the salon. It will hydrate and prepare your strands for the grueling coloring process.
  3. After dyeing your hair, it is important to protect it from sun damage. You can use UV protection spray or avoid going in direct sunlight.

Balayage Side Swept Undercut men’s dyed hairstyles that you can try

Balayage Side Swept Curly Undercut
Balayage Side Swept Undercut

If you want a charming look with a cool mix this hairstyle is what you should try. Side swept undercut hairstyle is best known for giving a perfect shape to the face. To enhance the full look with this side-swept undercut, you can add striking hair color to it.

You can just color the middle long hair with balayage and leave the rest of the hair to a natural one. To give it a dashing look, you can either straighten it or curl it. Wear one simple accessory, like a pendant necklace, to not remove the focus from your face but enhance the look.

Dyed French Crop with Taper Men’s Hairstyle

Dyed French Crop with Taper Mens hairstyle
Dyed French Crop with Taper Men’s hairstyle

For the man who wants a cool textured hairstyle, this french crop is for you. It has a shortcut on the sides, back, and top of the head with a cropped fringe for a trendy look.  You can add a taper fade on the sides and back to contrast the short hair on top and give you a complete look.

You can even have a short crop top with a low to mid fade for a low-maintenance and sleek cut. For a versatile look, you can go for cropped fringe with longer hair and an undercut. To make it look more stylish you can color the fridge with the color of your choice. You can try dyeing the upper french crop and lower hair with two contrasting colors. Even if want to give it a monochrome look they take a little darker color for the upper fringe as compared to the rest of the hair.

Faux with Skin Faded Sides men’s dyed hairstyles that you can try

Faux with Skin Faded Sides
Faux with Skin Faded Sides

If you are not one who likes to highlight their hair with bold and bright colors, then you can go for this look. It is not necessary that you have to highly contrast your hair with colors. There are so many trendy ways to get and style a faux hawk. It is a cut in which both sides of the head are shaven and clean, leaving just a strip of long hair along the center. You can dye the faux with natural-looking tones. There is many color option to choose from brown to slighter grey shade for a natural look.

Dyed Bangs with Hard Undercut

Dyed Bangs with Hard Undercut
Dyed Bangs with Hard Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are on top when we talk about cool and stylish hairstyles that are evergreen trending. You can have this style for every profession from an artist to a businessman to a college student. This hairstyle is a good choice if you want a decent yet cool look.

Undercuts are very popular among celebrities and especially when we talk about musicians. It is a classic hairstyle that has a massive comeback. Although there are many styles that you can combine with an undercut if you want a cool look, you can go with bangs with a hard undercut.

You can fade highlights if you want a look at your professional life. If you are a music lover then go for a high-contrasting one. For a cool college look, you can even try a strong flashy color like neon green and you will light up the room with your cool hairstyle.

Half Dyed with Mid Fade men’s dyed hairstyles that you can try

Half Dyed with Mid Fade
Half Dyed with Mid Fade

Mid-fade hairstyles are easy-to-handle styles. You can have always a ready-to-go casual look with this hairstyle. It makes your face look bigger and highlighted and suits every face look. In this hairstyle, the fade stops halfway between the top of the head and the ear.

There are many types of mid-fade options that you can try. I’m listing some of them

  • Medium Taper Fade
  • Mid Bald Fade
  • Low Medium Fade
  • Mid Fade + Comb Over
  • Mid Drop Fade
  • Medium Pompadour Fade
  •  Medium Fade + Side Part

You can try high-contrasting two-tone colors from blonde to black to have an appealing look. It will be a rich color with texture which will be appealing to the eyes.

You can try many more options or even experiment by yourself. Coloring your hair will someway damage it if you do not take care of it properly. Make sure you follow all instructions given by the salon.

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