Men’s kurta

I never thought I would stitch something for men! Until one of my friends asked me to stitch one for him and I happen to stitch this men’s kurta.

I’ve experimented with a simple idea of men’s kurta, initially. It was all new for me from choosing the material to the very pattern making and stitching. There are a lot of little things to take care of.

men's kurta design

I’ve chosen this material from Ajio which had a separate men’s section making it easier for me to select the latest trend for men.

A cool retro car print all over a off white cotton cloth:

retro car print cotton cloth

I’ve to confess this.

It is a little funny; but yes!

Me being lazy at times get me to this weird ideas of making men’s kurta in reference to a women’s bodice. Of course, without the darts that are needed for women.

I started to compare the women’s bodice to men’s measurements and tried to finalize the adjustments.

Obviously, it didn’t work out!

I used to get these random imaginations of how the adjustments I thought of making are literally impossible.

This unacceptable idea actually helped me get a lot more clarity, after I’ve taken help of this video for the pattern making for men.

When you actually compare the above video thumbnail image to the women’s bodice pattern below, there are visible differences in both the patterns.

You can click on the image for the reference women’s bodice pattern making videos from my first post.

women's bodice pattern

I’ve cut the pattern following the video, gathering all the measurements for a medium size men’s kurta from various clothing brands and stitched it up.

After all the fight with the weird ideas, finally I was able to come up with a men’s kurta that actually looked like one. Until it was tried i wasn’t so sure about how it turned up with the fittings.

I think this isn’t bad for the first's kurta



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