My First Short Story- The Confused Tea

Well, No! This short story is not about tea or about tea leaves at all. I hardly know about tea to write something on it. This is an innocent love story.

This is about a girl. She is accompanied with tea, where the tea being family’s favourite companion all the time in India.

We all have that other side of us unnoticed, sometimes even by ourselves consciously. The Tea in the story puts those unnoticed matters forward for us.

This was an attempt to explore a girl’s mind about marriage when she din’t had a thought about it.

The concept of making ‘Tea’ as main reveler was the first idea, then added the theme of marriage proposal for the girl.

It was summer evening, my sister making tea for the relatives, me wandering around doing nothing but instructing her when she actually can make better tea than me.

My intruding has its reasons as she was very much confused with the proportions she’s putting in, that the tea itself would get confused with its taste (Hypothetical). Then occurred the title The confused Tea with a later tag line ‘A piece of Ginger helped!’ as ginger solves the tea’s confusions on what’s going on in the girl’s life and this is the short story created from the title.

You can check the preview here and go for the full shortstory on Kindle.






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