Natural Hair Care – Signs And Tips For Healthy Natural Hair

Natural Hair Care – Signs And Tips For Healthy Natural Hair

Natural hair is one of the ingenious hair textures from in and around the African continent. One of the most famous hairstylists of all time, Andre Walker, categorized different hair types into groups using numerical. Among them, “type 4” is allotted for natural hair. Also, there are gradings for different textures in Type 4 hair. So, we are here to tell you some hair care secrets and natural hair care tips for black hair. Read on to know more about the features of natural hair, natural hair care, and various methods to style your natural hair. Also, check out these natural hairstyles for kids.

Signs Of Healthy Natural Hair

Here are some signs of healthy natural hair. Check them out and test if your hair is healthy!

1. Soft to touch: Although natural hair seems to be with a rough texture, one can determine its health just by touching it. The health of natural hair is considered good when it feels soft as you touch it.

2. Strong hair: Well, the simplest test if your natural hair is healthy, is to hold a strand from the hair and see if it breaks easily. If it doesn’t, it’s healthy. If it snaps easily, then you got to start a hair care regime for protecting it from future damage.

3. Bounce in curls: It goes without saying that bouncy hair is healthy hair. For you to check if your natural hair is hale and healthy, all you need to do is to pull out a strand from the hair. Now stretch it and release, to see if the hairsprings back without any problem.

4. Shining Hair: Your natural hair needs to be shiny if it is healthy. The term “Shiny” totally depends on the type and texture of the hair. For testing, if your hair is healthy, wash your hair and keep it natural until it is totally dry. Check if there is natural shine in your hair.

5. Reasonable Shedding: Shedding of hair is a quite natural phenomenon. You do not have to worry about it if there is reasonable shedding of hair. If you think, your hair is shedding too much than usual, you might need to start following a proper hair care routine to fix it. In some cases, unreasonable shedding of hair can be one of the symptoms of different health issues.

6. Moisture Retention: In the case of all hair types and textures, moisture retention plays a very important role. More moisture rendition capacity of the body and hair can lead to the healthy growth of hair and shine.

Natural Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Natural hair needs extra care and love for keeping it hale, healthy, and beautiful. Here are some tips to follow!

1. Washing Once A Week: In the case of natural hair, one needs to keep in mind that it is not necessary and not advisable to wash hair more than once a week. Washing your hair frequently can remove the hair care products and some sebum from the scalp leaving it dry and rough.

2. Using a conditioner: Every time you wash hair, do not skip using a deep conditioner or moisturizing cream for natural hair. To achieve the best results, have a shower, apply conditioner to the hair thoroughly and wrap the hair with a warm towel. Other moisturizing products like jojoba oil, emu oil, etc, work the best.

3. Combing Only When The Hair Is Wet: Natural hair can get tangled very easily while it is completely dry. To resolve this, make sure to comb the hair when it is a little wet. Well, for making it wet, use natural oils and moisturizer to the hair and let it set. Take sections of hair and start combing.

4. Less friction while sleeping: Get rid of all the fancy accessories and headbands when you go to bed. Make sure to use silk or satin pillowcases to facilitate less friction while sleeping.

5. Hot Oil Treatment for natural hair: Hot oil treatment benefits are many. These oil treatments can add moisture and elasticity to the hair.

6. Use Ceramic Combs: Using ceramic combs instead of wooden or plastic combs is a more reliable and healthier option to comb and press your natural hair.

7. Loose Cornrows And Weaves: By loose, we mean not too tight. Make sure to keep your cornrows and weaves a little loose to avoid breakage and pain near the scalp.

Natural hair is a gift and you need to treasure it for life. We hope this article on natural hair care could help you with various aspects like signs of healthy natural hair, and natural hair care tips.

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