Oversized Jackets Trend – Styling Tips With Reference Pictures

Oversized Jackets Trend

The trend of oversized jackets started as grunge looked popular in the early 2000s. This oversized trend got a lot of attention because it was different from anything seen before. The trend is not going away anytime soon because of its cool style and function. One such trend is the oversized jackets trend. Here are some most important tips for styling your oversized jacket with different garments.

Fashion designers have been making some innovative designs with an oversized silhouette. These are proving to be hugely popular in both men’s and women’s fashions right now.

Wear solid colors – Both for the jacket and other pieces of clothing

Solid colors are a great way to infuse some vibrancy and personality into an outfit without going all-out on patterned or textured garments. There are a few ways to go with solid colors, and combining true neutrals like blacks and white with solid colored oversized jackets is always the safest bet!

solid colors

Roll your sleeves

Your hands may be covered if your sleeves are too long. To expose your arms and balance out your attire, roll them up a couple of times. Wearing a long-sleeve underneath your jacket and displaying the ends of your sleeves when you cuff them creates a fun new aesthetic. All oversized jackets, including blazers, overcoats, and denim jackets, look unique with this trick.

Roll your sleeves

Wear accessories that accentuate your waist

You can constrict your waist if you’re getting lost in your jacket. To show off your form, wear a leather or cloth belt around the outside of your jacket. This looks best with an oversized jacket, trench coat, or overcoat. Make a statement with a broad black belt, or opt for a cotton belt in the same color as your coat for a more seamless approach. Use a waist belt instead of a belt if you’re striving for a streetwear look.


Pick short bottom wear with oversized jackets.

The combination between oversized jackets and shorts is striking. Dress in a stylish halter top and denim shorts or biker shorts, then layer on your jacket. This might be a great approach to dress up for date night if you’re working with an oversized blazer. Bring a little purse and a pair of strappy heels or ballet flats with you. Denim shorts and a denim jacket are usually a good combination. Pair your clothing with chunky sneakers and thick socks for a fun, informal style.

Short bottom wear

Combine long oversized jackets with contrasting undershirts and bottom wear

This simple method is to design an oversized jacket trend that always looks excellent. Put on a pair of skintight jeans or leggings to create a unique appearance from head to toe.
Use leggings to construct a faux-suit out of an oversized jacket for a fun take on the casual work appearance. Make a statement with denim on denim if you’re sporting a long oversized denim jacket.

long oversized jackets

Wear body-hugging tops under oversized jackets

The halter neck top is a stylish garment that you’ll want to wear with your favorite jeans, shorts, or dress pants for the perfect laid-back look. They are more comfortable and practical than other types of tops. It looks fantastic under an oversized denim jacket or any other oversized overcoat.

body hugging topwear

Wear your oversized jacket over a dress

A woman wearing an oversized jacket over a dress is often considered the flamboyant style. It is seen as too much, but sometimes it can be better than underpacking. Keep the style over the top by picking a bodycon dress or a mid-length slip dress. Pick a not too long jacket, so it does not overpower your beautiful dress.

oversized jacket with dress

Pair your oversized jacket with oversized bottom wear

Oversized pants are a popular trend this season. But they were not always accepted as fashion statements by society. To stand out in a crowd, choose a more contemporary look. Put on your large jacket over your broad or straight-legged jeans for a stylish, edgy style. Try and match the wash of your jeans to your jacket if you’re wearing a denim jacket.
Jackets that are somewhat more fitting, such as blazers and trench coats, work well with this style.

oversized jacket withoversized pants

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