Rose Tattoo Ideas In Rose With Name Tattoo & More With Rose Tattoo Placement

Rose Tattoo Ideas – Rose With Name Tattoo To Real Rose Tattoo & Rose Tattoo Placement

Choosing amongst various ideas for tattoos is a tough job. If you wish to have a rose tattoo anywhere on your body, you are at the right place. Here is an article about some of the most popular and unique Rose Tattoo Ideas that are classified according to the rose tattoo designs and the rose tattoo placement on one’s body. Read on to find the exclusive rose tattoo ideas in rose with name tattoo and more, some with meanings, etc and Rose Tattoo Placement. In case you’re in search of more tattoos with meaning, check out more meaningful tattoo ideas.

Rose Tattoo Ideas

Inking or tattooing is one of the most unique ways to flaunt one’s personality to the outside world or even to remind oneself about a few things that are relatable to one’s life. Make sure to check out our list of rose tattoo ideas, and we are sure that you will be able to make the right choice when you finish reading it.

Rose Tattoo Designs

Here, is a list of rose tattoo ideas depending on the design, shape, elements, etc in the tattoo. Although, there are many rose tattoo designs,  below is the list and detailed explanation of each tattoo design. Make sure to go through all of them. To summarise, there are tattoo ideas, pictures for each type are also available for you to choose from and make a decision about your body art. Dive in!!

1. Classic Rose Tattoo

A classic rose tattoo is the most common and popular rose tattoo design. Here is a traditional rose tattoo design with deep red and green inks used for giving it a colorful look. Try this rose tattoo style if you are a creative person and planning to have a medium size rose tattoo.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

2. Rose Name Tattoo Ideas

A rose tattoo with name on hand is quite an interesting option for a rose tattoo idea if you are looking for a simple rose tattoo. Here is a rose tattoo with name stem. Try this rose tattoo design if you love to consider inking your loved one’s name on your hand. However, this tattoo design is suitable for any place on the individual’s body depending on the area available for inking and the choice of the individual.

Rose Name Tattoo Ideas

3. Skull And Rose Tattoo Ideas

Here is an example of a tattoo design that is meant for the quirky side of you! The skull and rose tattoo design are some of the best tattoo designs to try if you wish to have a medium size rose tattoo and to showcase your strong personality. This is also suitable for different areas of the body depending on one’s choice. Some people also consider a skulls and roses tattoo sleeve.

Skull And Rose Tattoo Ideas


4. Red Rose Tattoo

There are many red rose tattoo designs but a red rose tattoo on hand or a red rose tattoo with name is the most popular tattoo design for youth as well as adults. Here is one such red rose tattoo. Try it to flaunt your artistic personality in front of the world.

Red Rose Tattoo

5. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Well, a rose doesn’t have to be red to be beautiful. A yellow rose tattoo or gold rose tattoo is one of the most unique rose tattoo designs. Here is a traditional yellow rose tattoo but you can also consider a simple gold rose tattoo, black and gold rose tattoo, or a pink and gold rose tattoo as options. The outcome depends on the inking and the size of the tattoo. So, make sure to take the right decision.

Gold Rose Tattoo

6. Realistic Rose Tattoo

A realistic rose tattoo involves inking the shadows, and groves or a rose in the right way. A realistic rose tattoo on hand is one of the best options if you wish to have this type of tattoo design. You can also consider having a realistic rose tattoo sleeve if you want your body art to be a little more interesting and visible to the world.

Realistic Rose Tattoo

7. Cross With Rose Tattoo

A cross with rose tattoo is the best choice of body art if you are an ardent follower of Lord Jesus. If you ask us the cross with rose tattoo meaning, the answer is that a rose represents a lot of things like purity, joy, etc according to Christianity. Check out more meaningful tattoo ideas.

There are rose and cross tattoo designs but here is an example that shows a rose wrapped around cross tattoo. Choose this rose tattoo idea to remind yourself often about a lot of things about Christianity.

Cross With Rose Tattoo

8. Money And Rose Tattoo

Want to know what does a rose and money tattoo symbolize? You are at the right place. If you are someone who believes in the power of love, passion, and, the beauty of different things that happen in the world and also in the importance of wealth and currency then this money and rose tattoo is for you.

Also, if you think time is more important than money, or time is money, then you can consider a “money rose and clock tattoo”. Here is an example that shows a “money rose tattoo design”.

Money And Rose Tattoo

9. Compass Rose Tattoo

Want to know the compass rose tattoo meaning and its history? Well, the sailors of the old times think that a simple compass tattoo or a compass rose tattoo can bring them good luck. This belief of them is because of the unpredictable water bodies, the malnutrition and other life taking hazards that might happen. Consider trying this as one of the most common and popular compass rose tattoo ideas if you love to have a compass tattoo.

Compass Rose Tattoo

10. Rose Outline Tattoo

The rose outline tattoo is one of the cutest rose tattoo designs you will ever come across!! For this, there no complex inking procedures, filling up and shading. There is just the outline of a rose. A rose flower outline tattoo is available here as an example. You can also consider having a rose and face outline tattoo if you wish to give it some more uniqueness.

Rose Outline Tattoo


11. Watercolour Rose Tattoo

A lot of artists and people who work in creative fields often choose a watercolor tattoo. This watercolor rose tattoo design on the shoulder is here as an example. You can also consider a small watercolour rose tattoo if you wish to have a small and simple tattoo.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo

12. Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

Want to know what does a rose and butterfly tattoo mean? You are at the right place! The rose and butterfly tattoo designs represent the process of metamorphosis depicting a full circle of life. Also, you can consider having a rosebud and butterfly tattoo to represent the birth. A rose and butterfly tattoo on forearm is also a great option!

Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

13. Dead Rose Tattoo

A dead rose tattoo represents your grief after you lose someone in your life. There are man dead rose tattoo designs. Here is a picture that shows a dead rose tattoo on hand. However, we also recommend having a dead rose tattoo behind ear or anywhere one’s body as an interesting option.

Dead Rose Tattoo

14. Rose And Thorns Tattoo

A rose tattoo represents several things like promise, love, hope, passion, new beginnings, etc. On the contrary, rose thorn tattoo designs represent sadness, thoughtlessness, loss, and defense. You can consider this rose and thorns tattoo as an option if you relate to any of the emotions that a thorned rose tattoo represents.

Rose And Thorns Tattoo

15. Geometric Rose Tattoo

A small geometric rose tattoo is one of the cutest yet unique tattoo ideas. A geometric rose tattoo involves inking a rose and a geometric figure of an individual’s choice. Here is a geometric rose tattoo design featuring a rhombus as the geometric figure. You can also consider a triangle or an open triangle which represents change or one’s quality of being open to change respectively.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

16. Heart And Rose Tattoo

A rose is a representation of emotions like love, peace, passion, joy, new beginnings, etc. Though there are many Heart Rose Tattoo Designs, here is a Heart and Rose tattoo that is cute yet classy to the eye. You can also consider a Rose and Heart forearm tattoo to make your body art more visible to the world. Also, try checking our other Heart shaped rose tattoo designs.

Heart And Rose Tattoo

17. Small Rose Tattoo Designs

One small rose tattoo on hand, and you feel so good and cute about yourself!! Here, is an image of one of the most beautiful small rose tattoo designs. There are many simple small rose tattoo designs to choose from. This is one of them.

Small Rose Tattoo Designs

18. Origami Rose Tattoo

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes and sizes to form a meaningful craft object. An origami tattoo is perfect for creative people and someone who loves to craft and do artwork. Also, consider this origami rose tattoo to flaunt your passion for art and craft.

Origami Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Placement

Here, is a list of rose tattoo ideas depending on the placement of the rose tattoo on an individual’s body. Our motive is to help you with the rose tattoo placement ideas and suggesting your a suitable rose tattoo design. Check them out!

1. Rose Ankle Tattoo

An ankle tattoo is quite popular amongst young women. On one hand, women’s wardrobes are filled with different types of clothing. On the other hand, men do not have more choices in clothing! A rose ankle tattoo could be the cutest tattoo design to consider and here is an example for it.

Rose Ankle Tattoo

2. Rose Thigh Tattoo Ideas

A rose thigh tattoo is perfect to have a hidden tattoo and to flaunt your secretive side. Therefore, the choice of showing it off depends on the choice of an individual. Here is one of the unique Rose Thigh Tattoo Ides. Consider trying it.

Rose Thigh Tattoo Ideas

3. Rose Foot Tattoo Ideas

A rose represents many emotions. The first thing that an individual observes in the opposite person is their feet. Hence, inking your foot with a rose tattoo is the best thing you can do to flaunt your personality and of course your body art in a unique way. Consider trying one of the most interesting rose foot tattoo ideas here!

Rose Foot Tattoo Ideas

4. Rose Forearm Tattoo Ideas

The most common types of tattoos are forearm tattoos. Nevertheless, the choice of which hand to be inked depend on one’s personal choice. Here is a Rose Forearm tattoo idea for you to consider.

Rose Forearm Tattoo Ideas 

5. Rose Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

Wrist tattoos are always perfect who is a beginner in terms of body art. There are many Rose tattoo ideas on wrist, and here is a picture of the most popular yet interesting rose wrist tattoo as an example for you to consider.

Rose Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

6. Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo Ideas

A half sleeve tattoo is a group of smaller tattoos depending on the choice of an individual, that typically covers almost the first half of one’s arm. If you wish to ink yourself with a rose tattoo consider merging some more elements that are important to you and relatable to your life with a rose to give it a quirkier look. Here is an example of a simple half sleeve rose tattoo.

Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo Ideas

7. Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoos are one of the most common placements for a tattoo. Consider inking a rose on your shoulder and flaunt it with confidence. Here is a unique Rose Shoulder Tattoo idea waiting for you to take a look at!

Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

8. Rose Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are underrated for their level of pain and the area available for inking. Rose neck tattoo is the perfect option if you wish to have a neck tattoo and it is definitely worth it for its unique nature and visibility. Here is an example waiting for you!

Rose Neck Tattoo


Choosing a tattoo design is a difficult job if you are a beginner. Above, is the list and details of every popular rose tattoo idea like a small rose tattoo, skull, and roses, geometric rose tattoo, yellow rose tattoos, etc on different areas of the body like the neck, thigh, wrist, ankle, etc. We hope this article about the rose tattoo ideas, rose tattoo designs and rose tattoo placement helped you to make a decision on what to choose and how to choose.

Remember! The choice of inking yourself on any part of the body should be solely your choice depending on the ideas you take from others and the internet, and the research you do about it!

What does a rose tattoo mean on a guy?

A rose vine tattoo is symbolic of love and devotion, but it can also represent strength or luck. There are many interpretations, so you can find the meaning that best suits you.

What does Black Rose tattoo Mean?

The most common meaning for a black rose tattoo is grief and death.

Is a rose tattoo girly for a guy?

A rose tattoo was considered a very feminine thing. … Compared to other tattoos, like a wolf tattoo for men, rose tattoos for men is more flexible and looks great on all the body parts.

What does a knife and rose tattoo mean?

The rose stands for beauty, love, friendship, and vitality, whereas the dagger signifies death, betrayal, destruction, and insidiousness.

What do dead roses symbolize?

The dying red rose tattoo represents and dying love or love that is no longer strong.

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