Scrunchie Hairstyles For Short Hair With Steps

Scrunchie Hairstyles For Short Hair With Steps

Short hair is one of the best picks for a stylish, comfortable, and easy to go hairstyle. Well, making it to a certain length that is suitable for you is important. Styling your short hair with different braids, ponytails and accessories is equally important. Well, if you are thinking about how to wear a scrunchie with short hair, here is a list of scrunchie hairstyles for short hair. Take a look at each of these cute scrunchie hairstyles for short hair and try them on with your favourite and colorful scrunchies. Also, check out these Scrunchie Hairstyles For Thin Hair.

Scrunchie Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Half Up Pony

A half up pony for short hair is quite tricky but cute at the same time. All you need to do is gather the hair from the temples towards the back, and secure the ponytail with a transparent elastic. Add your favourite scrunchie to it. Make sure to pull out some strands from the temples and loosen the crown a little for making it look messy.

Half Up Pony For Short Hair

2. Low Ponytail For Short Hair

Low ponytails are only for long hair said no one ever. They look prettier and more beautiful with short hair when accessorised in the right way. Here is a low ponytail for short hair with a scrunchie. Untangle the hair thoroughly and gather it towards the back of your head and tie it into a ponytail. Add a colorful scrunchie to the ponytail and loosen it up a little from above the ears and temples.

Low Ponytail For Short Hair

3. Crown Knot With Scrunchie

Crown knots are easy to make and are the best picks for a comfortable summer hairstyle if you have short to medium hair. Well, you can pick this crown knot with scrunchie hairstyle if you are looking for a sweat free hairstyle with cute accessories.

Gather all the hair towards the crown and roll it into a small bun. Secure the bun with elastics and add the scrunchie. You might need to use a hairspray to secure the hair in the back of your head right on the crown if you have very short hair.

Crown Knot With Scrunchie

4. Low Knot For Short Hair

Similar to low ponytails, low knots also work the best for short hair. In fact it is easier to make a low knot for short hair. All you have to do is to gather all the hair towards the back. Use an elastic, twist it once and stop it halfway for the second twist in order to make a knot. Use another elastic for securing it well and add a scrunchie to it.

Low Knot For Short Hair

5. Cute Space Buns

For having cute space buns, you need to have a certain length of hair to secure the buns in place. Making them for yourself is quite easy and we are sure you will look the cutest with this! Starting with a messy middle partition from the forehead all the way towards the back, gather one side on the partition into a ponytail towards the crown. Tie it into a space bun and add a scrunchie to it. Repeat the steps on the other side of the partition.

Cute Space Buns

We hope these Scrunchie Hairstyles For Short Hair With Steps helped you with some cute hairstyles for short hair with scrunchies. Try them all and flaunt the cutest side of you!!

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