15 Vibrant, Adorable Scrunchie Hairstyles In Different Styles

Adorable Scrunchie Hairstyles In Different Styles

Scrunchies are back! Those 90s colorful hairdos with scrunchies are just vibrant and adorable. Scrunchies are known for their customizations with colors, fabrics, styles in different varieties such as basic scrunchie, bow scrunchie, scarf style scrunchie, etc. Also, in different fabrics such as velvet scrunchies, leather scrunchies, satin scrunchies, etc. Want to make scrunchies by yourself? Check out how to make scrunchies, the DIY scrunchies. Let’s get into some vibrant and adorable scrunchie hairstyles also more scrunchie hairstyles for short hair

Basic Scrunchie Braid

easy scrunchie hairstyle

This easiest braid hairdo is better not taken lightly. It can add much style than one can ever think of, just by adding some changes like puffing, messing it up.

Just braid your hair, as usual, puff it up a little bit and conceal the braid with a scrunchie. Here, it is a velvet scrunchie, you can use some vibrant colors or pastel as per your outfit.

Also check out some cute hairstyles for long hair.

Top Half Ponytail

satin scrunchie half ponytail

Half ponytails are the goto hairdos for any hair, be it curly, straight, wavy. These top half-ponytail are chicer than any other easy hairdos. A satin scrunchie hairdo in a casual look.

Pigtails Scrunchie Hairdo

chiffon scrunchie braided hairdo

Pigtails are even cuter. Braided hairdos have got a new twist in messy and puffy styles. And pigtails french braid in satin scrunchies is a must style.

Braided Hairdo

braided hairdo

Pigtail style low pony gives you that stylish look that goes with almost all western clothing. The leather scrunchie makes it more appealing to jeans outfits.

Low Ponytail

polyester scrunchie low ponytail

A low pony is another simple yet elegant and poised hairdo. Any scrunchie is as effectively beautiful for this hairdo.

Scrunchie Top Bun

satin scrunchie updo

Updos are the most comfortable hairdos. A good face comes out to be a more beautiful featured face with an updo. A satin scrunchie could only add more to your hairstyle.

Beautiful Bow Scrunchie Hairdo

velvet bow scrunchie hairstyle

Bow Scrunchies are cute and chic at the same time. Any hairstyle is just beautiful with a bow scrunchies.

Messy Half Up Ponytail

messy half ponytail

Jeans paired with a casual t-shirt is a goto style and a top half-ponytail with a big scrunchie is chic.

Elegant Scrunchie Low Bun

piping detail floral print scrunchie low bun

Floral print scrunchies give a more feminine vibe, elegant spring summer look. This maroon floral scrunchie is a step more beautiful with leather piping detail.

Hair Tie Top Bun

updo bow scrunchie hairstyle

Here’s another updo, a bow scrunchie updo in a different way. Take all your hairs, all the way up conceal it with a band. Start braiding the ponytail to the end, conceal it. Pull the hairs out a little, puff the braid up. Twist the braid into a bun and conceal with a beautiful black and white checks bow scrunchie.

Scarf Scrunchie Half Ponytail

scarf scrunchie messy half ponytail

Scarves are classy, be it adorned to your neck, wrist or as hair ties. Here’s a beautiful pastel pink floral scarf tying a messy half ponytail.

Scarf Hair Tie

scarf hair tie

This simple scarf scrunchie is a classic workwear hairdo. Any pastels or vibrant color scarf scrunchies can add a great swagger to your outfit.

Scrunchie Updo

velvet scrunchie updo

A messy updo with double velvet scrunchies, a cool at-home hairdo to keep the boy next door on his toes.

Scrunchie Chic Half French Braid

Scrunchie Chic Half French Braid

Easy breezy loose half french is the easiest and a go to hairstyle for most of the girls out there.

Bob Cut Half Updo

Bob cut half updo

This half updo gives you varied looks depending on your personality. Mostly half updos are cuter, but the above image says something else. It gave her a little rugged look and chic at the same time.

I hope these scrunchie hairstyles helped you step up your style. I’ll see you soon.

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