7 Different Types Of Boots For Men

Types Of Boots For Men

types of boots for men

Your complete entire can turn into fashion faux pas with the right pair of boots. Don’t let this choice be miscalculated as boots are the best form of a fashion statement. The wrong or ill-fitted pair of boots can distress your well-calculated attire and no man should suffer from this embarrassment. Thus, today we are going to discuss the types of boots for men that can instantly change your outfit’s look. So. get prepared to switch off those loafers and slip onto these stylish pairs of boots from types of footwear. Today there are various styles and types of boots for men coating the racks in shoe stores.

Truly, the motivation behind wearing boots was to secure the feet from the cold. While they clearly fill a similar need today, the truth of the matter is that stylish boots have got to a greater degree of style explanation. Despite the fact that the common picture that springs up in one’s brain when they hear “boots” is a shoe that covers the foot and the lower leg, stretching out up to the calf (or even knee).

What are the different types of boots for men?  

1. Chelsea Boots 

Despite the fact that these boots were worn by celebrities during the Swinging Sixties, Chelsea boots had more glorious beginnings – head back to the Queen Victoria Era. These boots look stunning when paired with well-coordinated denim and shirts. 

The boots are available in many different styles, such as with ankle zips, decorative detailing, and straps. They are also available with elastic gores and loops. Thus, they complete your winter outfit with practical style sense.

2. Oxford Boots 

Not all boots are five-pound clunkers loaded with specialized highlights and metal accents enveloped with a Dales-prepared plan. There are Oxford boots for those who lean toward a style streak with what they put on their feet. 

They were initially called the ‘Balmoral.’ However, these types of boots for men are made from two distinct materials, leather and calfskin. These high-ankle pairs of boots are the most well-fitted boots that perfectly suit men or boys with a tall and slim build. Also, they are considered an ideal pair for winters.

3. Desert Boots 

Like many of menswear’s works of art – chinos, plane coats– desert boots began in the military. The more easy-going variety of these chukka boots (including a stiff calfskin sole) is presently a menswear staple. Keeping in mind that this material provides a waterproof covering, they can be worn in all seasons. 

They are best paired with a pair of denim jeans and a T-shirt or even a turtle neck sweater with formal pants. You can also style the pair of stylish boots with chinos for an elevated look as they add a nerdy fashion look to your outfit. 

4. Trekking Boots 

Trekking/hiking boots are the best deal for those who love to travel a lot. This is not for those who would wear it while partying. Trekking and hiking boots are only meant for excursionists. These boots are durable, easy to maintain, rough, and sturdy. While they cannot satisfy your style quotient to the fullest, they are created with such a view that they can be maintained easily and offer durability for months. 

These types of boots for men have been promoted and explicitly designed to manage hiking and traveling. Along with durability, comfort is also the main feature of these types of boots for men. After all, you have to keep your feet well-supported and relaxed even while wearing these shoes. Any semblance of Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Bally followed, exhibiting extravagance and taking on hiking boots, will soar high for its utility for trekking.

5. Safety Boots 

Safety boots assure the utmost safety against the odds faced in a dangerous working environment. Moreover, they also offer comfortable walking. They are the perfect pick for those who work in an industrial area, and the advanced features such as shock absorption, anti-skid, steed midsole, oil-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and steel toe-cap make them an ideal choice for men at work.

The waterproof pair of boots also provide extreme durability and comfort. Available at many brands today, these types of boots for men are lightweight and an easy choice for days off the job tasks, built with high-quality leather.

6. The Jodhpur Boots

Similar to the Chelsea boots, these boots are set to get lots of love from those who love wearing ethnic outfits. The Jodhpur boots are also called the Chukka boots and have a long history. These boots are primarily available in black suede leather and dark brown leather. They also have a soft, thin sole inside, whereas it goes up to ankle length, keeping you warm and cozy. 

Apart from ethnic outfits and wedding attire, these types of boots for men can also be styled with many shirts and a pair of chinos. You can add a leather jacket to the look in the winter season to achieve the ultimate style quotient. Or can be adorned with formal attire to add a touch of elegance.

7. The Harness Boots

The Harness boots are tough and durable. You can figure out the durability and its features by its name. These are also known as riding boots and can easily withstand any tough environment. The sturdy pair of shoes protect your feet from rain, dust, dirt, or anything else and are specifically designed for those who are hardworking or have to be on the to and fro or labor mode.

The leather shaft and taped down side seams make it an ideal choice for the winter season and can be easily styled for parties. The sturdy and tough quality adds a stylish biking look to your attire. As they are available in many styles, materials, closure types, and colors, there is a pair for every occasion.

Now, you know an entire range of boots from which you can choose your kind. All the types of boots for men are available by various designers and in different styles keeping in mind the necessities and requirements of all other categories of men. You can mix and match your outfits with every kind and buy the pair of boots that would suit you and fit your budget well. 

What boots do men need?

The 5 Types of Boots Every Man Needs

  • Hiking Boots. Hiking boots aren’t just a style statement — they’re also functional shoes that men can wear on the trail, on the job, or even for casual weekends.
  • Duck Boots. Every man also needs a pair of duck boots in his footwear collection.
  • Snow Boots.
  • Slip-on Boots.
  • Low Boots.

What do you call short boots?

Booties are shorter in height and should ideally end right at your ankle, while ankle boots will end one to four inches above your ankle, like a Chelsea boot, combat boot, or work boot. Pretty simple, right? With this knowledge, you will easily spot which short boots are booties and which are ankle boots.

Can I wear boots with a suit?

The short answer: Yes, you can wear boots with a suit. However, not every boot is suited appropriately. Your bulky winter boots will never compliment your highly tailored attire. Only a classic style and quality material will keep you looking sharp.

When should I wear boots?

So like you can wear white after Labor Day, wear boots at any time of the year if it makes sense for your climate, environment, and style. Fashion doesn’t dictate the correct season for boots. I typically wear my boots in Autumn, Winter, and early Spring.

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