Types Of Hair Accessories And How To Style Hair Accessories

Be Fancy and Show Your Style Aesthetics with these Various Types of Hair Accessories!

Every woman is entitled to feel like a queen. Hair accessories are here to help you achieve that feeling by knowing about different types of hair accessories and how to use them! I’m not just referring to tiaras. Whatever the reason, there is a wide variety of hair accessories to choose from! Hair accessories are an excellent way to spice up your hairstyle. The days when hair products were just for children are long gone. Check out types of headbands, the hair accessory to up your style instantly.

Types Of Hair Accessories

Below are some of the most trendy and exciting hair accessories names with pictures that you can play with to stand out from the boring crowd! 

Unique Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can be anything from simple, to complex to unique and popular! This list of unique hair accessories is all yours to explore and pick the one that suits you the most or try all of them!

1. Unique Hair Slides

Hair slides are quite common. They are usually back in colours or similar to the color of one’s hair. And there are these unique hair slides that are available in different patterns, shapes and themes. You can choose them for different occasions based on the outfit for the complete look.

unique hair slides

2. Unique Hair Claw Clips

Claw clips, also known as butterfly clips, are very common. They have two combs with very wide teeth connected in the center by a strong spring. You can try to push open the two combs by keeping them together from the claw clip’s mouth, and when released, the clip will snap shut, securely keeping your hair in place. These clips aren’t just about keeping your hair out of your face when you’re styling or trimming it. Larger claw clips can also be used on their own to keep your messy bun in place or to create a modified ponytail by sweeping all of your hair up and giving you a more voluminous hairstyle. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to get a few different sizes of claw clips in your coveted collection to style your hair however you like quickly.

Unique Hair Claw Clips

Hair Accessories For Adults

Women’s hair is like an ocean! Well, an ocean when left loose. And something as beautiful as an ocean needs different things to adorn itself with more beauty. Here are some hair accessories for adults to check out and choose between letting the hair loose in style or tucking it with a clip. Take a look.

3. Quirky shaped clips

These hair clips give you the fashion faux pass as they can make the overall look very experimental and daring. Many celebrities incorporate this hair accessory to come across as making bold, creative, and extra-glam style statements to the paparazzi. They are usually suitable for fine hair, and the claws of the clip make a great accompaniment for cute frame-friendly selfies. It will suit any casual outing like a date or a nice sunny picnic look where you can flaunt your inner child in your choice of quirky shaped clips as hair accessories.   

Go for it; let your fun avatar come out through a beautiful hairstyle!

claw clips

4. The Elegant Hair Comb

Hair comb pins have been used for centuries, possibly dating back to the Stone Age. Yes, even back then, women had an aesthetic fashion sense! Hair comb pins are extremely chic and will elevate your hairstyle to new heights. The hair comb is one of the most antique types of hair accessories that you can find. They are believed to be the first idea of a hair accessory that ancient people invented in modern-day Shanghai. Jade and ivory hair combs are the most beautiful hair accessories a woman can have in her lifetime.

Pick up the hair comb and give a vintage touch to your hairstyle!

hair accessories - hair comb pins

Must Have Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are quite an important factor in a women’s life, especially if she has long hair. If you are a woman and looking for some daily used accessories, these must have hair accessories can help you safeguard your beautiful hair with grace, style and elegance.

5. Banana clips

banana clips

The banana clip is another common hair accessory. Since they are very wide and weigh around 6 inches in length, they are usually only used by people with long hair who need to keep it under control. They have teeth on both sides of the clip and will lock into place at the base of the neck to secure the hair in place. They are quite common among hairstylists because they create the illusion of hair being more voluptuous and longer than it actually is. 

Banana clips come in various types and designs, with some being very plain and in a tortoiseshell pattern and others being much more complex. 

If you are trying to pull off the fancy look and want your hair clip to match the rest of your outfit, go for a banana clip with pretty embellishments.

6. Scrunchies


Who can ever go wrong with this life-saving hair accessory? If you are trying to slay the VISCO girl aesthetic, then scrunchies are a must. They are the best and look so good in pictures. They are luxurious to touch, and the versatility found in scrunchies is just phenomenal! Every girl really needs a good scrunchie to tie up her hair. They are literally lifesavers when you want to go all candid with your look and tie your mane up into a messy bun.  Scrunchies are the new hit in recent runaways, and they have every right to be. 

Scrunchies are easy to carry, and they look pretty slipped on as a hand accessory too.

Types Of Hair Accessories For Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are quite unique and are usually adorned by people from different origins based on some stories from the holy book of the Bible. However, accessorising them with different types of beads and jewelry is no exception. Make sure to check out this list of types of hair accessories for dreadlocks and see if they work for you.

7. Hair Tubes For Dreadlocks

Here is an interesting hair accessory for your dreadlocks. These hair tubes for dreadlocks come in different patterns and designs engraved on them. Hair tubes are adjustable and come in different metals, and good quality plastic as well.

Hair Tubes For Dreadlocks

8. Metal Beads For Dreadlocks

Metal beads are small clips that can be attached to your dreadlocks separately. They look quite similar to hair tubes but the difference lies in the closure technique of both of them.

Metal Beads For Dreadlocks

Types Of Chinese Hair Accessories

Unlike any other region or country in the world, where hair clips and bands are mere accessories, Chinese hair accessories play a very important role in Chinese history and cultural heritage. Here are some of the types of Chinese hair accessories for you to know about and choose one from the list to explore Chinese culture in style!

9. Hanfu Hair Comb

Hanfu hair combs are an integral part of Chinese traditional outfits. They are very colourful, unique and easy to adorn your hair with. These combs are made with different materials and elements like leaves, pearls, feathers, flowers, butterflies , etc are the most prominent designs.

Hanfu Hair Comb

10. Zan Hairpin

Zan hairpin is one of the types of Chinese accessories that are used by most women living out of China as well. This is due to its ease of use and the purpose behind it. These pins are usually for tucking a hair bun or an updo. All you need to do is to tie your hair into a bun and slide this pin from the centre of the bun in the downward direction.

Zan Hairpin

Types Of Indian Bridal Hair Accessories

Well, Indian weddings are nothing without different varieties of jewelry and accessories for the bride. And, different types of hair accessories and jewelry elements can add to the beauty of the bride. Here are some bridal hair accessories for you to look at and we are sure you will fall in love with them.

11. Dainty Pins

Dainty pins are a type of pins that are attached to the hairdo of the bride with the help of a safety pin disguised under the actual design of the pin. Some brides like them to be large and some like them simple, small, and subtle. Well, you can choose from different sizes according to your choice.

dainty pins

12. Hair Vine

This is one of those types of hair clips that top all types of hair accessories. It is often sold in bright colors and beautiful patterns to liven up a hairstyle, making it popular with women of all ages. One of the biggest advantages of this type of hair clip is that you can easily tuck this into the hairdo, giving you a wider scope to use and style your hair.

Also, Hair vines are available in various sizes, making it simple to find ones that fit every type of hair type and aiding various hairstyles.

 hair vine

That’s what there is to it! There’s an accessory for every cute hairstyle and makes it even cuter. Many of these trendy and exciting types of hair accessories are available at a flea market or online. Enjoy your haul of fancy hair looks to score glam points and Instagram likes with all types of hair accessories.

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