Types of pedicures you should know

Types of pedicures you should know

Types of pedicures you should know. Do you want your feet to be soft, smooth, and dead skin free? Go for a pedicure.

Pedicure is one of the most relaxing skincare treatments. It is an easy way to pamper the feet. Having a good pedicure session will lift your day and give you a gift of happy and healthy feet. Pedicures are of different types and choosing which one you should go for depends on you. To make this decision easy, we have listed down different types of pedicures with their benefits and all process involving this. From a basic pedicure to a fish pedicure, You will get to know about all this.

Basic benefits of a pedicure

  1. Nicely groomed feet are all we want while wearing open-toe footwear and it can be achieved through a pedicure.
  2. It will take out your dead skin cells and make your feet soft and crack-free.
  3. It promotes good blood flow to the feet and nails resulting in good nail health. Good blood circulation is needed to carry nutrients to every part of the body.
  4. It lets you feel good and relaxed. It will give relaxation from stress during the sessions.
  5. The process involves pedicures to help in treating insomnia and anxiety.

1. Basic pedicure

Basic pedicure

A basic pedicure is the most common type of pedicure that people opt for. This type of pedicure is for those who want budget-friendly pedicures. It takes around 35 minutes to complete this pedicure.

The pedicure process starts with soaking feet in lukewarm water followed by exfoliation and a quick massage. There is cleaning, clipping, refilling and shaping of toenails. After removing dead skin, there is application of nail polish.

2. French pedicure

French pedicure

The only difference between a basic pedicure and a french pedicure is the style of application of its nail polish. In a classic french pedicure, a white polish is applied on the edge of the toenails before applying translucent nude or pink colour. It is a very natural and classic-looking pedicure.

3. Hot stone pedicure

Hot stone pedicure

A hot stone pedicure is a very unique style of pedicure treatment. As the name suggests, the massage of the feet is done with hot stones. These stones are made of basalts. It takes around 1 hour to a complete pedicure. Stones are placed on key points on the feet for 30 minutes. Then they trim the nails and apply the nail polish of your choice. It will give you a good time for yourself and your feet.

4. Gel pedicure

Gel pedicure

It is one of the most expensive and luxurious pedicures. They use UV light technology for long-lasting nail colour. The basic process is the same as other pedicures. While applying nail polish in three layers, basic base, colour and top coat, there is the use of led lights to settle it. It can last up to 3-4 weeks. If you want a long-lasting pedicure then you can go for this.

5. Fish pedicure

Fish pedicure
Fish pedicure

If you want a different experience, You can go for this fish pedicure. They use the fish Garra Luffa which feeds on dead skin cells. The process involves soaking your feet in a pool or bucket that is having this kind of fish. This pedicure results in smooth and shiny feet.

Along with this, they have many other benefits too. It helps in the reduction of Psoriasis. The process of soaking takes place for fifteen to twenty minutes during which these fish feeds on your feet. After rising off, the normal procedure of pedicure continues.

One should avoid this pedicure if he has any cut or wound on his feet.

6. Spa pedicure

Spa pedicure
Spa pedicure

A spa pedicure is a luxurious version of a basic pedicure. Almost all processes are the same but the products they use for the treatment will let you feel more relaxed. They use special treatments like paraffin wax dip, aromatic exfoliation, mud masks, and seaweeds.

They will wrap your foot with a paraffin slipper or give you a paraffin foot bath. It reduced stress and lets you relax. The exact treatment differs from spa to spa.

7. Mini pedicure

If you want a pocket-friendly spa, then you can opt for this one. It is a mini version of a Spa. You will get the same relaxation as a basic pedicure in this pedicure. The main focus of this is your toenails. There will be no massage in this pack and it will not provide sole care.

There will be only Soaking your feet for a short period of time followed by cleaning and shaping of the nails. The last step would be applying a coating of nail paint. If your feet do not have any issues then you can go for this for relaxation.

8. Waterless pedicure

Waterless pedicure
Waterless pedicure

It is a newly popularised pedicure. It is a sustainable alternative to regular pedicures. There is no use of water for this. This is an eco-friendly type of pedicure. There is no soaking of feet in the water as in regular pedicures.

They use a special spray before wrapping your feet in towels which keeps the heat and moisturizes your feet. It involves cleansing, smoothing, and shaping nails just as it is there in normal ones. There is no expansion of the nail which is its plus point. The last step is the application of nail polish.

9. Athletic or sports pedicure

athletic pedicure

An athletic pedicure is specially designed keeping in mind the feet of an athlete.  It is also beneficial for someone who has a rough lifestyle. Someone having ingrown toenails or callouses can have this pedicure. This is for the person who needs extra care for the feet.

It involves some extra skin-repairing methods for overused feet. It focuses on resolving muscle tension by massaging soles. Foot massage involves pressure points thus increasing blood flow. This foot massage is usually longer compared to normal pedicures. There is also a long process for cleaning and shaping the toenails.

10. Rose pedicure

Rose pedicure

If you are an organic lifestyle lover then this rose pedicure is for you. They involve products made from rose petals for their treatment. It could be moisturizer or oils. Rose has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and that’s why they have it for their treatment.

All processes are the same as of basic pedicure but with rose as the main ingredient. First, they soak your feet in water having rose petals which are followed by exfoliation with rose petal scrub. They use rose oil for massaging as it has relaxation properties.

Just like roses, there are many substances that are used for pedicures such as chocolate, salt, honey, wine, and many more. These are the types of pedicures available in the market. You can choose anyone from them as per your requirement. Keep your feet happy and healthy by including pedicures in your grooming sessions.

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