Types Of Rings

Different Types Of Rings

Rings refer to a piece of classic jewelry item. They are beautiful, fun, and elegant. Almost everyone has at least one part of this jewelry item, and some even have more. But not everyone is very aware of the various types of rings available. For every different kind of occasion, you will end up finding a specific ring meant for the experience. They make your hand look prettier and aesthetic. In this particular article, we will be concluding the different types of rings that you should try out if you haven’t already.

Types Of Rings

Many of us wear different rings that have different styles. But mostly, we do not know the exact type that we are wearing. Since there are various ring types, it gets pretty complicated for an individual to remember all the classes.

Therefore, to reduce your complications, the list given below will help you identify the types of rings and then match them according to your taste and outfit.

Antique Rings

An antique ring refers to a 100-year-old call. It can be older as well. Some antique rings even come from the Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, and Art Deco Era.

People who own these rings purchase them from estate sales, antique shops, auctions, but they don’t always buy them. They may receive it as their family’s traditional jewelry as well.

They are very ethnic, beautiful and require proper maintenance to preserve them.

Antique Rings

Birthstone Rings

These rings use metal bands for their structure. The band holds a specific stone that states the birth month of the wearer. It may also signify the birth month of the wearer’s family member. They are unique and beautiful.

One can use them as a personalized jewelry item and as a reminder for their family member’s birthday. Wearing this ring will help them in not forgetting birthdays. There are twelve stones, each representing a birth month.

Birthstone Rings

Only the placement of one stone in one band is possible.

The twelves stones are:

  1. Garnet representing January
  2. Amethyst representing February
  3. Aquamarine representing March
  4. Diamond representing April
  5. Emerald representing May
  6. Pearl representing June
  7. Ruby representing July
  8. Peridot representing August
  9. Sapphire representing September
  10. Opal representing October
  11. Citrine representing November
  12. Blue Topaz representing December

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is rather historical since there is quite a bit of history behind it. In Ireland, the use of this ring was for engagement and wedding purposes. This was during the medieval period.

This ring represents loyalty, love, friendship and is extremely beautiful. The structure of the Claddagh ring consists of three main shapes; a heart, a crown, and a pair of hands. Nature epitomizes love, the crown signifies loyalty, and the team of hands indicates friendship.

Usually, these rings are a modest metal band, but sometimes it has jewels on them for decoration.

Claddagh Ring

Cocktail Ring

During the beginning of the 20th century, it was the prohibition era. In those times, the cocktail ring got its name. This ring signifies wealth and power, and it was considered that every woman wearing this ring during that time was wealthy and powerful.

The cocktail ring is not an everyday jewelry item. Women wear these exclusively during special events where the dressing is glamorous. Made with various materials and stones like diamonds, rubies, and turquoise, women prefer wearing the cocktail ring on their right hand.

Cocktail Ring

Bridal set

Oh well, the name says it all. It refers to a set of rings that brides wear during their engagement and wedding. Also known as a wedding set, this set consists of an engagement ring for the bride and a matching wedding band.
People can even solder them together so that neither of them gets lost. The pair of rings and bands can either be a simple solitaire and a modest metal band or a gorgeous diamond ring along with a diamond band.

These are extremely elegant, extravagant and show the love between two individuals.

Bridal set

Promise Ring

Promise rings are given to someone with whom you want to commit. The person you are presenting the ring to can be anyone, your best friends, your soulmate, or even your parents and siblings.

Many people use this ring as an engagement ring to show commitment, but people can also wear or gift it to show their love and faithfulness.

Promise Ring

Puzzle Ring

These rings are kind of an enigma to those who wear it. They are a piece of jewelry as well as a puzzle that you can solve if you want to. The puzzle ring uses interlocking bands for its structure and hence making it easily detachable.

If an individual wants, they can take apart the bars and then again reassemble them in any order they want. These rings usually consist of two bands even though there are many puzzle rings with six bars; the puzzle ring is a unique, fun, and exciting piece of jewelry that many people love.

Puzzle Ring

Mother’s Ring

This ring is a reworking of the birthstone ring. The mother’s ring consists of the birthstones of the children or grandchildren of the person wearing it. People usually gift these to their mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.
The birthstones that one places on the ring can be of both living and deceased children. Mothers and grandmothers wear this ring either as a single band with stones or as a stackable band.

It is a stunning and unique ring that sometimes even includes the name of the children beside their respective birthstones.

Mother's Ring

Mood Ring

Among all the various types of rings, mood rings are the most fun since they display your mood. People sometimes may not believe it, but these rings consist of a special liquid crystal that allows the ring to change color based on the temperature of the wearer’s fingers.

The liquid crystal is right at the center of the ring, and it is the unique item that makes the ring so cool and quirky.

Mood Ring

Posy Ring

During the 17th century, the exchange of the posy ring was typical between courting couples in England and France. They are straightforward and modest gold finger ring that consists of some inscription.

The inscription can either be inside the band or outside of it. The note is something significant and precious to those who wear the ring.

Posy Ring

There are various other types of rings, and each of them is equally interesting, fun, and quirky. You may want to try out all the different kinds after learning about them and that is absolutely fine.

Rings are a beautiful and minimal piece of jewelry that can make you look gorgeous, fun, and interesting, depending on your type.

What is a infinity ring?

An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a woman’s ring comprising a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) to symbolize neverending love.

What is a halo ring?

The halo setting is a ring of small accent stones, typically pavé diamonds, that encircle a larger center stone. Halo settings can be the same shape as the center stone.

What does a 5 stone ring mean?

Five stone rings can be seen to be representative of five years in a relationship.

Can you wear eternity ring if not married?

You don’t have to be married to wear an Eternity Ring. In fact, you don’t even need to be in a relationship!

Should you take off rings at night?

It may be better to keep your ring on while you sleep, so that you don’t forget where you put it the night before. When you do take your ring off, always store it in a safe place. A ring dish, jewelry box or pouch will help prevent your ring from getting bumped or lost.

When should you get an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are usually given to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship: a special wedding anniversary, the birth of a new baby.

Is a promise ring bad luck?

Promise rings do not conjure good or bad luck. They’re just a way to make a promise between two people in a relationship. Sometimes in life, promises are broken, but it’s not caused by bad luck.

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