Types Of Wallets – 30 Wallet Types for Men and Women

Types Of Wallets – 30 Wallet Types for Men and Women

One of the most valuable accessories that one carries with them daily is their wallet. Wallets are used for carrying daily essentials like identification cards, cash, credit/debit cards, etc. so that one has these items handy whenever they need them. And these wallets are available in a vast array of styles, shapes, and colors. Wallets are also made out of several types of materials like leather, nylon, metal, etc., and often manufacturers try to make sure they are waterproof. In this article, we will discuss the different types of wallets in detail to find the best wallet choice for yourself.

The Different Wallet Types One Should Know About:

Here are different types of wallets for men, and women and the ones that both can use for various purposes. Take a look!

Types of Wallets for Men

Men usually like to be minimalistic in terms of wallets and luggage. Well, there’s a little work involved in picking the right wallet for the right purpose for men. Don’t you worry! Here is a curation of different types of wallets and detailed information about their purpose as well.

1. Bifold Wallet

The bifold wallet is one of the classiest wallets you will find, for this standard design for a wallet is quite old. The bifold wallet’s simple design allows the wallet owner to easily access the contents inside it, be it cash, cards, or necessary receipts. If one likes classic yet bold wallet styles, then without any hesitation, one can go for the bifold wallet.

Bifold Wallet

2. Belt Type Wallet

One of the finest ways to secure a wallet in one place and keep it quite handy is to opt for the Belt wallet. This wallet is very trendy looking, and it also is big enough to carry all the required stuff that one needs near to them while traveling, like, cash, cards, passport, cheque book, keys, IDs, etc.

The Belt Wallet can be attached to the bearer’s worn belts or concealed inside one’s trousers for even more safety. These leather wallets are very durable which makes them last longer. This type is travel friendly and easy to carry. 

Belt Wallet

3. Hybrid Slim Wallet

The hybrid slim wallets are a modern take on the minimalistic wallet designs that have been around for several years. The low profile design of these wallets makes them favorable for everyone. An example of such a hybrid slim wallet is manufactured by Radix that features a silicon strap that secures a polycarbonate body. This type of wallet is great for those who wish to store their cash and cards compactly while keeping them very flat.

Hybrid Slim Wallet

4. Taxi Wallet

A classic taxi wallet is a wallet falling under the small wallet category with two pockets for currency notes. It can also make sufficient room for a credit card or a business card. It is easy to carry and can work great for carrying small amounts of money. There are many type of taxi wallet. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a taxi wallet in blue color.

Taxi Wallet

5. Leg Wallet

You might be having a lot of valuable but small things to carry like house keys, a little cash, credit cards, and some change. A leg wallet is a right pick for you if you do not want to use a sling bag or a handbag. Also, this wallet is unisex. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a classic black leg wallet. You can pick the right kind of leg wallet while making sure that it is not too heavy.

Leg Wallet

6. Titanium Wallet

Titanium wallet is one of the most premium and stylish minimalist wallets for men. Others like aluminum wallets and small leather pouches are fine but a titanium wallet has its place in class and elegance. There are different designs and sizes of titanium wallets. You may have to choose one according to your choice. For example, here is a titanium wallet with a clip on the back for it to hold onto your pocket.

Titanium Wallet

7. Stainless Steel Wallet

Steel wallets look quite similar to other metal wallets like titanium wallets. The difference lies in the size and width of the wallet. A steel wallet has different sections allotted for different purposes like holding cards, cash, and coins. The width of it is slightly more than other metal wallets. Make sure to check out the image below featuring a steel wallet. And do not miss out on using a stainless steel wallet.

Stainless Steel Wallet

8. Money Clip Wallet

A money clip is a type of wallet that typically hold cash in a minimalistic and sleek fashion. It is easy to carry and serves the sole purpose of storing a few currency notes. A classic money clip wallet is available as a strip of strong metal. However, there are other types manufactured with carbon fiber, good-quality plastic, etc.

Money Clip Wallet

9. Minimalist Wallet

Here is something interesting for minimalism lovers. As the name reveals, a minimalist wallet has only one opening with a simple button. Well, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using this wallet. Using it just for holding your house keys so that they do not get lost in your handbag falls under advantages. The disadvantage is, it has no room for anything else than something as small as housekeys or a little cash.

Minimalist Wallet

10. Magic Wallet For Men

A magic wallet actually works like magic if you wish to keep your important bills and credit cards safe. It is best when you are traveling to unknown places. It has different slots for different purposes like keeping a currency note, and credit cards, without them being visible outside.

Magic Wallet For Men

11. Denim Style Wallet

Basic bifold wallets for both men and women come in different sizes and colors. A denim-style wallet is a perfect choice for someone whos looking for a stylish yet comfortable and portable wallet other than those with leather or faux leather. Similar to a regular wallet, a denim wallet has different slots for cash, cards, and some change. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a denim-style wallet. Please take a look.

Denim Style Wallet

12. Alligator Wallet

Here is something for the gentleman in you! An alligator wallet with the right choice of color is the epitome of class and dignity. Well, a few men can also choose it for screaming out that they are rich enough to afford an alligator wallet!! We do not recommend you use wallets and accessories that are not animal friendly. You can also use fake alligator leather if you are keen on just the purpose of it.

. Alligator Wallet

13. Aluminium Wallet

Like any other metal wallet, an aluminum wallet is easy to carry. It has different slots for various purposes like holding a little cash, credit cards, and debit cards. They are available in different prints and colors on the outer side. The inner side of it is usually black. To illustrate, here is an image featuring an aluminum wallet.

Aluminum Wallet

14. Men’s Breast Pocket Wallet

A men’s breast pocket wallet is for gentlemen with too many responsibilities of carrying chequebooks, cash, credit cards, debit cards, and business cards. It is bifold wallet with many horizontal slits on the sides for cards and bigger slits for some cash and a cheque book. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a men’s breast pocket wallet in brown color. Make sure to choose classy colors.

Men's Breast Pocket Wallet

Types of Wallets for Ladies

Well, women have an entire world in their handbags! While ladies usually have a wide range of accessories as compared to men, like handbags, totes, satchels, etc. there are a few types of wallets that may help in carrying things in an easy way. If you do not want your coins, cards, house keys, or phone to disappear in your handbag, take a look at the curation given below and thank us later!

15. Zippered Wallet

As the name suggests, these types of wallets come with the facility of a zip closure. The wallet can be made of various materials, and among them, the leather zipped wallet with a leather trim zip-pull is very popular.

This wallet is very stylish to carry and very safe to bear essential items because it doesn’t allow them to fall out of it. A hidden pocket/chamber is often added to the inside of the manufacturers’ zippered wallets, which comes in very handy for carrying loose coins or a few receipts.

Zippered Wallet

16. Cell Phone Wallet

Mobile phones have become an essential component that we need to carry with us among the daily necessities. Wouldn’t it be convenient to hold their cash, cards, receipts, and phone in one wallet? Cell Phone case wallets are one type of wallet that easily keeps track of the mentioned necessities in one commonplace. And the utility of the wallet is not the only impressive aspect of it, for it comes in various designs, colors, and shapes which gives one the benefit of several choices.

Cell Phone Wallet

17. Large Wallets

As the name reveals, a large wallet has more shelves and compartments to store a lot more things than we usually do with a regular wallet. It has a zip for fastening it and it can make a room for cards, cash, and even your phone.

Large Wallet

18. Coin Pocket Wallet

A pocket wallet is one of the most affordable, compact, and portable wallets you can ever try for carrying some change. It looks like a box, when opened, made with leather or faux leather. A coin wallet has a zipper on the top side of it as a closure for the purse. It has enough room for some coins and a key. Also, there is a slit on the front to pull out just one coin at a time. Make sure to check the image featuring a coin pocket wallet.

Coin Pocket Wallet

Unisex Wallet Types

19. ID Card Wallet

Do you wish for a place to store your Id card and never lose track of it? Well, then surely opt for the convenient Id or credit/debit card wallet. These wallets have a transparent sheath on the upper side to easily see or flash someone else their ID card whenever required, without having to take out the wallet card all the way. This will make it convenient for an individual to carry your Identity card and is a stylish yet practical and slim wallet choice.

ID Card Wallet

20. Trifold Wallet

This wallet variant is an improvisation on the bifold type of wallet, and it can accommodate several vital things in one compact space. Similar to the bifold wallet, the type of wallet is also rectangular in shape. The only visible distinction between the two types of wallets is that two flaps fold over each other in the trifold wallet and create three sections.

It is very convenient to carry coins, cards, cash, and receipts because there are about ten slots in the tri-fold wallet. However, while using this type of wallet, make sure not to overfill it to get pick-pocketed.

Trifold Wallet

21. Wrist Wallet

Wrist wallets are one of the coolest wallets available in the market. As the name suggests, these wallets are worn on the wrist and look similar to a bracelet or cuff. The wrist wallet is the safest way to carry your cash, card or key. The hidden zip inside the wrist wallet allows one to store their secret stash and find it easily when they need it.   

Wrist Wallet

22. Travel Wallet

Those who often need to travel for business or leisure can surely opt for the exclusive travel wallet specially designed to fulfill all one’s travel essential carrying requirements. This type of wallet has several slots to hold various cards, passports, cheque books, pens, tickets, small paper pads, etc. The travel wallets are commonly tall, slim, and made from genuine leather, and it often comes with an additional key holder inside.  

Travel Wallet

23. RFID Wallet

The RFID type of wallet is specially designed with a lining to protect the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips present on one’s credit/debit/metro/etc., cards from getting unauthorized scanning. This wallet keeps an individual’s information safe and looks very trendy while being carried. This is referred to as a ‘Secure Wallet’ for it blocks unwarranted RFID, BLE, and NFC scans.

RFID Wallet

24. Credit Card Wallets

Well, a credit card wallet is meant for a specific purpose! They are for carrying your credit and debit cards without much hassle to find them in a messy handbag. There is usually a zipper or a pair of strong magnetic pins on each side of the wallet. The advantage of using this wallet is not only portability but also visibility, i.e; as you open the wallet all the cards are clearly visible. The price of this wallet type depends on the quality.

Credit Card Wallet

25. Neck Wallet

Of the wallet types, people can use a neck wallet irrespective of gender, and this is the current trend. This wallet can make room for your basic necessities like your phone, a little cash, your house keys, and a card. Although they are available in different sizes and colors, a typical neck wallet is small in size. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a classic black wallet for you.

Neck Wallet

26. Shoe Wallet

Typically, a shoe wallet is a small wallet you can attach to your left or right shoe to carry small things like house keys, some cash, or a watch, while you are on the go. This type of wallet is the best if you are out for a walk or cycling or some other minimal activity. It is a long patch of tough cloth with small pockets. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a shoe wallet.

Shoe Wallet

27. Leather Chequebook Wallet

Here is something for cheque books. As the name reveals, a classic leather wallet is long for holding a cheque book safely so that the leaves of it are not damaged. It contains two compartments for holding the cover of the checkbook on both sides and a few horizontal slits for holding important contact numbers, email ideas on paper, etc. You can also choose to have a faux leather cheque book.

Leather Chequebook Wallet

28. Keyholder Wallet

Here is something special for the most important things in everyone’s life, i.e; the keys! As the name reveals, a keyholder wallet is especially for keys. It is designed with a number of small hoop clips holding different keys in one place. This one is the right pick to get rid of the hassle of using different keychains for different keys.

Keyholder Wallet

29. Small Pocket Wallet

A small pocket wallet is for those who are on the go for something like quick grocery shopping. It falls under the category of small wallets and has only two slots with a little side difference. One of them is for some cash and the other is for a credit or a debit card. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a small pocket wallet in nude color along with a reference to a credit card in it.

Small Pocket Wallet

30. Passport Wallet

A passport wallet is a multipurpose wallet for holding your passport, some cash, and a few debit and credit cards. It is the perfect choice for travelers and people with busy international schedules. To illustrate, here is a reference picture featuring a classy passport wallet for you.

Passport Wallet


As you saw in the article, there is an option for a particular type of wallet for everyone to grab in the end. All you need to do is explore the selection of wallets we have mentioned in this article and find the one(s) that best suits you. We hope this article helped in educating you more about the types of wallets out there.  

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