Types Of Watchbands And Their Application

Different Types Of Watchbands And Their Application

Watchbands are extremely important and play a vital role in watches. If you’re buying a watch, you need to make sure to get the right watch band or strap that will complement your watch perfectly. Without a watchband, the watch is simply a pocket watch. Watchbands secure the watches properly to your wrist, and the right one will also reflect your style. Only by swapping an old watchband with a new one will allow your watch get a brand new look.

There are different types of watchbands, and not many are aware of all of them. Having a wide range of watch bands is more affordable than having a collection of watches. The bands make your watches look stylish and therefore knowing the right type for your watch is also very necessary. Let’s get into the types of watchbands.

Rally Watch Band

The rally watch band came into being around the 1960s and is famous for its extensive and circular perforations. They have a streamlined appearance but provide an exceptionally aesthetic look. These bands have various holes, including large and small ones, and you can use the one you desire.

The contemporary watch wearers love these watch bands, and they go along perfectly with vintage watches.

Rally Watch Band

Aviator Watch Band

During World War II, the German Air force commonly wore the aviator watch band. The sole purpose of these watch bands was to allow the pilot to know the exact time while they were in war zones. These watchbands, during that time, were extensively longer because they had to fit the jackets of the pilot.

There was an addition of rivets around the lugs for securing the watch properly. The aviator watch bands are still trendy, and pilots use these extensively. They are very comfortable, but the use of rivets is no longer a thing.

Aviator Watch Band

Oyster watch band

The introduction of the Oyster watch band was around the 1930s by Rolex. They have a gorgeous and chunky design of a three-piece link, and they flaunt it wonderfully. These watch bands brought a change in the watch industry and gave it an upgrade.

The Oyster watch bands are beautiful and have great functionality as well. It only has a few links, and even they are super strong. The wearer may feel stiff and uncomfortable while wearing these bands, but they are a perfect choice regardless of these.

Oyster watch band

Zulu Watch Band

The Zulu watch band came into being after they took inspiration from the NATO watch bands. They even resemble each other in their appearance. The straps of the Zulu watch band use thick materials like nylon and leather for their construction. As a result, they have higher durability, strength, reliability.

They are perfect for large dimensions, chunky, and possess a round buckle and keeper.

Zulu Watch Band

Jubilee Watch Band

The brand Rolex did the introduction of the jubilee watch band on their 40th anniversary in 1945. Initially, they were only available in two single colors, namely stainless steel and gold, but more and more variations came in overtime. The two-tone types like silver and blue came into being and instantly became popular.

The jubilee watch bands have comprehensive side links that have three unique links present in between them. They enhance the appearance of the watch and make the one wearing it look fancier. The jubilee watches are sleek, shiny, and lovely.

Jubilee Watch Band

Waffle Watch Band

The credit for inventing waffle watch bands goes to Seiko. These watch bands are highly successful, especially among the Vietnam servicemen, and they consist of rubber straps. The waffle watch bands are breathable and waterproof, and as a result, they constantly gain the attention of many people.

The bands are breezy, flexible, and do not require much effort while cleaning. They require minimal maintenance and have various textures, colors, and styles. Unfortunately, these watch bands are no longer available in the market since their manufacturing has come to a stop.

Waffle Watch Band

NATO watch band

The NATO watch band is highly trendy and has been in fashion for ages. Almost every watch enthusiast loves and adores these watches because of their modest and all-pervasive watch bands. One can remove them easily without having to snap the spring bars.

Getting hands-on with a NATO watch band is also easy since they are available both offline and online. NATO watchbands are slim, sturdy, and perfect for small watches.

NATO watch band

President Watch Band

One can refer to the president’s watch band as a better and luxurious version of the Jubilee and Oyster watch band. The Rolex brand did the construction of this watch band. As a token of appreciation and respect, the Rolex brand presented this watch band to the president of the US.

The president watch band is a perfect blend of Oyster and jubilee watch bands but are pretty expensive. This band uses platinum and gold for their crafting and is extraordinarily lush and gorgeous.

President Watch Band

Tropic Watch Band

The tropic watch band is an affordable version of the metal watchband. The introduction of this watch band was during the 60s, and since then, they have been quite popular. The metal watchbands were extremely expensive and heavy, but then the tropic bands were just the opposite.

They have rubber straps and are easily attachable to any watch. They have a soft texture and are pretty breathable, waterproof, and comfortable. These watch bands are very durable and best for complementing vintage timepieces.

Tropic Watch Band

Perlon Watch Band

The person-watch bands became popular during the 60s. The use of thick nylon makes them distinctive, and these bands don’t have pre-punched holes. They are very durable since the nylon threads are woven together very intricately and are breathable.

Since pre-punched holes are not available in these bands, size alteration is possible, making them suitable for a wide range of wrists with different sizes. One can even wear these straps underwater since they don’t expand and are also resistant to abrasion.

Perlon Watch Band

So, now that you are more aware of the various types of watch bands select a style that suits your taste and preferences. There are a few more watch bands, and each has exceptional qualities and techniques. Watchbands are incredibly classy and can up your entire look.

What is the metal watch strap called?

Link Bracelet Most commonly made of metal (stainless steel being most popular material), link bracelets give off a formal look and ensure that the watches they’re usually paired with look dapper and eye-catching.

What is a bracelet style watch?

A bracelet watch is simply one with interlinking metal pieces instead of the typical leather/plastic strap. Some women find these watches more elegant, so there is an element of personal taste here. Knowing your wrist measurement size.

What are stretchy watch bands called?

Expansion watch bands (flexible metal bands) are very practical and comfortable to wear. Due to their elasticity, expansion bands can be taken on and off easily without the need for a clasp.

What is a NATO watch strap?

The NATO watch strap is a single piece of material that slips between the watch face’s lugs, under the caseback, doubling back on itself, and secures by way of a buckle closure. Because of the “caseback double-back,” the watch stays centered and secure on the wrist.

What is the band of a watch called?

watch strap A watch strap, watch band, watch bracelet or watch belt is a bracelet that straps a wrist watch onto the wrist. Watch straps may be made of leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, or metal, sometimes in combination.

What are the parts of a watch band called?

  • Watch Straps
  • Spring-bar-attachment.
  • Case-pin-attachment.
  • Screw-attachment.
  • Buckle.
  • Fold over clasps.
  • Butterfly clasps.
  • Crown stem.
  • Second hands.

What is a lug watch?

What is a Watch Lug? A watch lug (or horn) is where a watch strap, band, or bracelet attaches to the watch case.

What is Jubilee strap?

Jubilee bracelets are more elegant, with a “five-piece link” design that forms a series of small X-shaped patterns. The bracelet was originally released in 1945, along with the first Datejust watch, and is seen as the dressier alternative to the Oyster. The other two Rolex bracelets are used more sparingly.

Why is it called NATO strap?

The NATO strap wasn’t developed by the defense alliance of the same name but rather the British Ministry of Defence. (The NATO name came from its stock number.) It also means the strap will stay on the wrist even if a spring bar pops out. The real beauty of the NATO is its simplicity.

Are NATO straps cool?

That’s no surprise because the NATO strap has come to be associated with cool, understated functionality over the years – and probably the coolest of movie spies too. This cool factor is the fifth reason for owning a NATO…

What are wide watch straps called?

Engineer Bracelet Specifically designed to be exceedingly heavy, Engineer bracelets are famous for their wide wrist presence. Created by Seiko, Engineer bracelets have five chunky links that make the width of the bracelet quite dense and large.

What is a Perlon watch strap?

A Perlon Watch Band is a replacement watch strap that is made out of the synthetic fibre nylon. … Often, the straps are plaited, so that their buckle can simply be inserted anywhere through the strap rather than through pre-cut holes, providing a greater range of sizing options.

What are the different types of watch pins?

Those three individual kinds of pins comprise the regular release, lever, and screw type. The regular release type pin that fastens the watch band to the wristwatch is long enough to be slipped in through the looped ends of the band.

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