What To Plant With Salvias

What to plant with perennial salvias?

Here are some clay-loving companion plants that you can plant with Salvia. Poppy Mallow (Callirhoe involucrata) Evening Primrose (Shimmer) Oriental Poppies (Papaver orientale) Day Lilies (Hemerocallis) Yarrow (Achillea)

Where is the best place to plant Salvias?

Choosing a Location All salvias thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Many varieties (typically those with light-colored flowers) will also do well in part-shade, but flowering will be reduced. A south-facing location is ideal. Salvias look great when planted in groupings of three or more.

What can I plant with lavender and salvia?

Salvia pairs well with Blanket Flower, Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflowers, and more. It is a great plant to fill in space because it gets so big. Prune old flowers of Salvia to encourage continued blooming. Varieties at Bucks Country Gardens: Blue Hill – true blue flowers, tough, perfuse grower.

What can I plant with Hot Lips Salvia?

Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’ Botanical Pronunciation SAL-vee-uh my-kroh-FIL-uh Water Needs Low Watering Needs Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat or containers. Companion Plants Switch Grass (Panicum); Coneflower (Echinacea); Russian Sage (Perovskia); Gayfeather (Liatris); Sedum (Sedum)

What grows well with Russian sage?

Companion Plants: Because of the wispy nature of Russian Sage, it is fabulous planted with a flower that can pick up the violet-blue of its many flower panicles, and ‘grow through it, such as Coneflower (Echinacea spp.), globe thistle (Echinops ritro) or tall verbena (Verbena bonariensis).

How do I use salvia in my garden?

What do you do with Salvias in the winter?

Protecting salvias in winter In colder areas, lift them as you would dahlias, and overwinter them in pots indoors. Don’t cut salvias back in autumn – wait until late spring, as the foliage gives a degree of protection from winter frosts.

Should you deadhead Salvias?

The savvy gardener knows it’s essential to deadhead salvia plants to get the most out of them because their flowers tend to dry up and die. Doing so encourages plants to grow thicker and makes them look better. The process is an easy one, though it can be time consuming.

Do salvia and lavender grow well together?

Lavender, Catmint and Salvia mixed together is one of the prettiest summer combinations.

Can you plant Russian sage and lavender together?

Russian sage attracts butterflies and bees and is dramatic as an unsung cut flower. Combines perfectly with other low water plants like lavender, sedum, and ornamental grasses, even pairs nicely with bold leafed succulents like large agaves and aloes.

Is Salvia Hot Lips annual or perennial?

Noted for its pretty bicolor flowers, Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ is an evergreen perennial that will reward you with a profusion of eye-catching, brilliant red and white flowers from early summer to frost.

Are salvias perennial UK?

Salvia sylvestris is an extremely hardy perennial which can be grown anywhere in the UK. Violet blue flowers appear in early June and last through to late July.

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