Where is the expiration date on Bailey’s Irish cream? How to store Irish cream?

Where is the expiration date on Bailey’s Irish cream?

Irish cream can be used as a dessert or a beverage. This rich, creamy liqueur can be used to enhance mixed drinks and coffee, as well as making a delicious chocolate sauce. Keeping the basic things aside, imagine you are lucky enough to find a bottle of Bailey’s Irish cream in your bar cabinet behind your new collection!

Now it’s time to check for the expiry date! But, where is the expiration date on Bailey’s Irish cream? This article will help you with the same along with the Irish cream shelf life, storage techniques, and the signs of spoilage for Irish cream.

Where is the expiration date on Bailey's Irish cream

  • Baileys Irish Cream will last for around 2 years before starting to spoil. Even if the liquor has been stored correctly, the milk in the alcoholic beverage will begin to turn bad 2 years after it is opened. This is the time when you have to toss it away.
  • The date will be located on the left-hand side of the back label. Baileys says that code 11 20XY means we guarantee that the product will taste great until November20XY (XY refers to the year 2 years after the date of manufacture).
  • After Baileys Irish cream has passed its best-before date you can still enjoy it. It should keep for several weeks, maybe even months. We don’t recommend drinking Bailey’s if it has curdled or expired for too long.

Shelf Life Of Irish Cream – Does Irish cream go bad?

Does Irish cream go bad

Some people may be surprised to learn that Irish cream can go bad. Not just Irish cream! Find more on how to store food. Although many liqueurs can be stored for a long time, Irish cream has a limited shelf life when compared to other cream-based liqueurs. However, since it contains a dairy component, in the form of heavy cream, it will spoil for sure. But don’t throw away the bottle!

  • While the freshness of Irish Cream does not depend on how the bottle was opened, it is important that the container be kept tightly sealed.
  • Although Irish cream will not start spoiling right after two years, it is likely that the quality of the product will begin to decline. You should inspect cream liqueurs for signs of spoilage.
  • Most Irish cream manufacturers recommend a two-year shelf life to preserve its quality. However, it is best to consume Irish cream within six months of purchase. Cream liqueurs that are less than six months old are considered “young” and are generally the most delicious.

Storage Tips And Techniques For Irish Cream – How to store Irish cream?

How to store Irish cream

Irish cream should always be kept in a sealed container in a dark, cool place. Although Irish cream can be kept at room temperature, as long as the bottle is tightly sealed.

The bottle of Irish cream should not be stored in direct sunlight or in warm areas. To prevent any spoilage, it is a good idea to store the Irish cream in the fridge if your home’s temperature is often above 70 degrees.

Can you freeze Irish cream?

irish cream ice cream

  • We do not recommend freezing Irish cream, contrary to the common belief that is doing rounds!
  • The cream may form small crystals or lumps while freezing, which will cause the texture to change after thawing.
  • However, this doesn’t mean Irish cream cannot be used to make ice-cream. The churning prevents the formation of large crystals and keeps the ice cream from separating.
  • Although ice cream made with alcohol melts faster than other ice creams, the flavor is well worth it!

Signs Of Spoilage For Irish Cream – How to tell if Irish cream is bad?

How to tell if Irish cream is bad

  • In terms of spoilage, the first thing to check is the smell. If the Irish cream smells unpleasant or sour when you open the container, it is most likely spoilt.
  • The next indicator is appearance – any kind of separation or curdling means that Irish cream is spoiled and should be avoided. It may get darker and thicker as Irish cream begins to spoil. It may be bad if the Irish cream isn’t flowing well.

If the Irish cream smells and looks good, it is likely safe to drink. If you are unsure if the Irish cream is spoiled and the Irish cream has been stored in your pantry for a long time, it is best to throw the liqueur out.

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