Bachelorette Party Games Ideas

Bachelorette Party Games Ideas

We all love playing any type of games when we are with our best friends. A bachelorette party is no exception where best friends come together to celebrate their friend’s last day single. There are a large variety of games to choose from, to play at parties like this. This adds to the fun and excitement and helps people make fond memories before the bride-to-be’s marriage ceremony. This specific article has made an exclusive compilation of bachelorette party games ideas for your increased convenience. 

 Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

1. Drink If Game

This game is a very fun game, people can enjoy in any situation. A bachelorette party is where the bride-to-be and her friends look forward to a lot of excitement, hence this is a game you must try at such a party. 

There are a bunch of options available on the internet, or you could even customize these statements yourself. Usually, a statement is chosen and if someone among your group has done it before, they will need to have a sip of their drink.

drink if game

2. Girl’s Night Jenga

This is another extremely popular game, seen at bachelorette parties worldwide. The game is similar to a normal Jenga, where blocks are balanced and you need to take a piece out and maintain the balance. This Jenga however, has customized dares for players, which they need to follow to keep up the fun.

Girl's Night Jenga

3. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunting

This is a very desirable game to play for the adventurous or a group of best friend searching for action. Scavenger Hunting in general is a very entertaining game and for bachelorette, the miscellaneous items are usually related to wedding or the bride-to-be.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunting

4. The Bachelorette photo game

This is another fun game to organise during a bachelorette party to play with friends. It is a sort of photo booth, where the players are shown a picture and they need to recreate it in a fixed time limit. 

It is fun especially because it may involve baby pictures of the players or a memorable picture from down memory lane.

photo game

5. Photo proof game

This is an extension of the scavenger hunting game. It involves, taking a picture with the miscellaneous item when found, so that the team members can keep a record of it, and decide on the winner.

6. Ring Hunting

This is a classic hunting game for the game lovers. This game is quite opted for in bachelorette parties for everyone to enjoy their time together. The ring hunt game or ring hunting is a game of locating rings that are hidden away before the guests arrive at the venue. 

It can be played in a hotel or any such venue for fun. The ring has to be found within a certain time, for people to win the prizes.

Ring Hunting

7. What’s on your phone game

This is a truly great game to play with your best friends, especially in a gathering with lots of people, such as a bachelorette party. 

This involves revealing a series of things based on a song by Lady Gaga. People may ask for alternative questions to spice things up and make it extra fun by giving it their own touch.

What’s on your phone game

8. Finish the sentence

This is a popular game consisting of cards or a blank piece of paper where an option is given, or written to answer a question about the bride. This is to get closer and have fun in a simple way.

The winner is chosen based on the answer, and the one who the bride chooses as the person who gave the best answer, wins the game.

Finish the sentence

9. Truth and Dare

Truth and Dare or, Truth or Dare is among the most common games played at any party, which has a lot of people coming together to celebrate an occasion. 

In this game a person is basically asked to pick between truth or dare and the person sitting opposite to them asks them a question or gives them a dare to do. It is fun and exciting; it is a great bachelorette game.

Truth and Dare

10. Kiss the Lips

This game has been developed from the game known as ‘tail the donkey’. In this game, the player will have a blindfold over their eyes and given a time limit within which, they need to put on lipstick and kiss an individual on a poster on their lips. 

The one who kisses on the lips wins the game and the ones who fail need to undergo penalty.

Kiss the Lips

11. Bachelorette Balderdash

This is similar to finish the sentence, but instead in this the bride asks questions about themselves to the players and they have to answer correctly or make up a witty or creative answer to win the game. The bride-to-be has the privilege to choose whose answer they like the most.

12. Bachelorette Roulette

Bachelorette parties are incomplete without spin the roulette-themed games that give players a sense of curiosity and excitement. While the bachelorette roulette may not be one’s typical game that needs skill, it still can be fun for those who enjoy drinking with friends at parties. 

First, you will need an online bought spinner or one that is a DIY spinner and then select an order of guests who will take turns to see spin the roulette and choose who takes a drink or the type of drink they will consume (depending on the option the spinner lands on). 

You can switch this up, and instead of using a spinner, you can also use a dartboard.

Bachelorette Roulette

13. Drinko party drinking game

Your bachelorette weekend always calls for a drinking game that will boost your enthusiasm. If your own girl gang is looking for a game that helps them enjoy their drink without missing out on fun and games, try the Drinko party game is a must-try option.

You need to fill a series of shot glasses with a beverage of the bride’s choice and ask the guests to drop tokens down the pegs; in this way, they have to the drink they choose.

Drinko party drinking game

14. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is another common and pretty popular drinking game, played at almost every bachelorette party. 

For this game, all you need are red solo cups or glasses, a few ping pong balls near your hands, and one or some beverage of your or choice of the bride-to-be. You will need to arrange your gang into teams and show off your best trick shots for an enjoyable night in.

beer pong

This list of games we have compiled to help you select what to play during your bachelorette party, as a duty of the maid of honor to make the event enjoyable for everyone pleasant and spend the day well.

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