Best Haircuts For Curly Hair To Try

Best Haircuts For Curly Hair To Try

Here is a list of the best haircuts for curly hair. The article includes different options for different face shapes and hair lengths. Make sure to check them out and we hope to see you in the best-est version of yourself!!

Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

1. Shoulder Haircut

A shoulder haircut suggests between the chin till shoulders lines along the hairline but you can have it by experimenting with several layers and finishings for end-use that can give you surprises and unique looks that you haven’t attempted before. Maintaining it is a little messy but the look is all worth it!

Shoulder Cut

2. Layered Curls

Layered curls create a weightless shape while lending volume and movement to the hair. It’s perfect if you don’t have defined curls and want to create the illusion of volume without the bulkiness. Layered curls usually work great with medium to long length hair. In the reference image below, the curls are not well defined. Therefore, the cut looks beautiful

Layered Curls

3. Bob Cut

Women with short to medium hair choose to have a bob cut depending on the hair type. Well, for curly hair too, a bob cut looks great. The curls stop right above the shoulder and the haircut is quite comfortable and maintainable. If you have a round face shape and curly hair, you can absolutely go with this. Also, check out these Haircuts For Fat Faces.

Bob Cut

4. Fringe And Fro

The shape of your hair in a fringe and fro is quite unique from different viewpoints. The curls are anyway there, but the haircut and the curls are reasonable tight to give it a more afro look. You can also choose this hairstyle if you are looking for a zero accessory haircut for your curly hair. This one works as the best and easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

Fringe And Fro

5. Diametrix Cut

Diametrix cut is one of the most complex yet beautiful hair cutting methods. This method involves chopping off the voluminous hair from the bottom for perfectly framing the face cut in a certain way to look beautiful and accentuate the face shape. The detailing of every strand is perfect.

Diametrix Cut

6. Center Parted Curls

Centre partition or basic middle partition is one of the most common hairstyles for women with any hair type. These are perfect for accentuating your face cut and for making a middle partition look perfect you need to style it really well!

Center Parted Curls

7. A-Line Bob

An A-Line bob is a dream for almost every woman. For getting a perfect A-line bob, one needs to grow the hair to a certain length, and then cut it accordingly. A-line bob for curly hair is a little tricky but the outcome is perfect. This suits best for oval and square face shapes.

A Line Bob

8. Tousled Curls

Tousled curls are cute and versatile. If you are looking for a cute haircut with curly hair without compromising on the length os your hair or committing to tight curls, tousled curls are the best option for you. You can always choose to experiment with different streaks or highlights to accentuate the look.

Tousled Curls

9. Long Curls With Fringes

Long curls are ideal due to their versatility and different look when coupled with different outfits. Also, Long curls with fringes are the cutest haircut you can rely upon. Just a little chop-chop at regular intervals can make this look even cuter and picture perfect!

Long Curls With Fringes

10. Medium Cut With Highlights

Curls with medium length hair is a go to option for everyone with moderately loose curls. Also, in the case of curly hair, a medium cut with highlights works the best for accentuating the already existing curls in a more innovative and creative way.

Medium Cut With Highlights

11. Side Parted Short Curls

Unlike the middle partition, the side partition is more on the cute and flirty side of a haircut. Side parted short curls are the best for someone who is looking for a shortcut with a no-nonsense and zero accessory hairstyle. Just a little untangling and a bit of shine serum can change the entire look.

Side Parted Short Curls

12. Stacked Curls

Although the usual curls in one’s original hair color are beautiful, stacked curls are on a more creative and accentuating side for a curly hair type.

Stacked Curls

If you have curly hair, well, we call it a blessing. All you need to do is to style your curly hair in a certain way to look good and confident. We hope this list of best haircuts for curly hair helped you choosing the right kind of haircut for yourself depending on your face shape and prefereces.

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